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Batter’s Radar is a one-stop website for everything baseball.

Who we are, what we do

We offer reviews on all of the baseball and softball equipment you use.

Are you looking for the best exercise? You’re in the right place. Wondering what the best bat is? You’ll find that too.

We also write how-to articles to help you improve your own skills.

Our goal

When our writers start their research, they look for quality above everything else. Without quality, there’s no value.

Beyond that, we try to find a balance between price and value. A number of our articles actually doc equipment when they charge too much.

Ultimately, our goal is to find the best purchase you can find. Our hope is that if you follow our articles, you’ll be happy with every purchase that you make.

You’ll find that we are constantly updating our reviews and trying to stay at the front of the market.

Our team

We’re a community of enthusiasts who want to grow the sport that we love. We have writers who have played in college and even made it to a professional level.

Our resident experts have spent a lifetime immersed in the sport that they love. After finally hanging up their cleats, gloves, and clubs, they wanted to pass their passion on to readers.

So, if you’ve made it this far, we appreciate you taking the time to learn about who we are. We are just group of fans who want to learn, teach, and grow with fans just like us. We hope you come back often.

Fred Fontz

Fred Fontz, author and contributor at Battersradar

Fred is a diehard baseball fan who has been around dugouts and baseball fields his entire life. He has approximately 30 years of experience as a player, captain, and coach. More about Fred

Seth Brundage

Seth M Brundage, author and contributor at Battersradar

Seth is an avid sports fan first and professional writer second. When he isn’t watching baseball (particularly the Miami Marlins), he enjoys reading the latest sports news, researching sports products, testing new gear and writing about his findings. More about Seth

If you’re interested in learning more about our writers, click on the “about the author” pages so that you can learn each writer’s personal story.

Financial disclosure: How we keep the site running

We want to be up front with how we make money. Obviously no website or company can run for free.

Most of our articles include “check price” buttons that will take you to another site. These links are how we make our money. They’re called affiliate links.

Whether the link takes you to Amazon or another store, we typically get a small commission if you make a purchase. These links are how we pay our staff.

To that point, we feel that it’s important for you to know that we don’t have any contracts with any brands that we review. While we offer affiliate links, we’re not “on the payroll” of any of the big companies.

When we tell you that our favorite model comes from Easton, DeMarini, or Axe that is our honest opinion.

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