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The 8 best outfield gloves in 2022

The best outfield gloves of 2022 are ready to make game-changing highlights. Outfielders cover the most ground of any position on the field, which means they need every advantage they can get. Whether you want the most popular outfield glove or just a budget option to get you through the rest of the season, this guide has you covered.

We’ll present reviews for 8 of the best outfield gloves of 2022 to help you decide the perfect model for you.

These are the best outfield gloves you can buy in 2022:

1. Nokona Walnut 12.75-Inch Glove

The classic outfield glove

Like a can of Coca-Cola, you just can’t beat a classic like the Nokona Walnut 12.75-inch outfield glove. It has great features and even a greater look.

Nokona Walnut W-1275 12.75-Inch Outfield Glove Image credit: Nokona Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The Nokona Walnut 12.75-inch glove is a classic-looking outfield glove made from Walnut Crunch Leather. This is Top Grain Steer Hide that offers stability, durability and an outstanding feel.

Nokona has been in the baseball glove game for 85 years. The classic Walnut model has been updated to match the game’s latest challenges.

The modified trapeze web, for example, allows the glove to open wider than other webbing styles. This is perfect when you’re ranging to track down a fly ball and need every inch of leather to make the catch.

All of Nokona’s products are made in America and come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • 12.75-inch pattern and trapeze webbing create a standard outfield glove.
  • Walnut leather offers a classic look made from top-quality leathers.
  • Made in the USA.
  • A high price tag that may be too much for some players.
  • May be a little stiff at first and requires some work to loosen.

2. Wilson A2000 SuperSkin OT7 Spin Control

The overall best outfield glove

The proof is in the popularity. As one of the best-selling outfield gloves on the market for several years, the Wilson A2000 SuperSkin OT7 Spin Control 12.75-inch glove has proven to be one of the best models out there.

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin OT7 Spin Control 12.75-Inch Outfield Glove (WBW1001561275) Image credit: Wilson Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The Wilson A2000 is easily the most popular outfield glove. In fact, it’s one of the best-selling baseball gloves at any position, even at the Major League level. It’s popularity is largely due to its innovative design and customization options.

Beyond the looks, this top outfielder’s glove has plenty of great features. With a 12.75-inch glove pattern, you have plenty of catching surface. This is a common glove size for outfielders.

Arguably the coolest part of the glove is the dimpled pattern on the catching surface. This Spin Control Technology keeps the ball from rolling out of the glove.

The OT7 pattern of the A2000 SuperSkin outfield glove has a 6-finger trapeze webbing. Not only does this protect your fingers when making those all-or-nothing plays, but it also allows the glove to open wider than other models. The OT7 pattern also features a deeper pocket than the previous OT6 model.

The glove is made from Pro Stock Leather and has SuperSkin Backing for extra protection and unbeatable durability. It also feels great on your hand and reduces the overall weight. Inside the glove is a super soft ComfortPro Lining that molds to the shape of your hand and a moisture-wicking Dri-Lex Wrist liner.

Each Wilson-brand glove undergoes a dual-welting process that helps shape and reinforce the pocket.

  • Large glove pattern and trapeze webbing offers ample catching surface.
  • Pro Stock Leather is durable, feels great and offers moderate protection to your hand.
  • Dual-Welting Process produces a resilient, perfectly-shaped pocket.
  • A moderately high price tag.
  • Adding custom colors or personalization details on the Wilson website will add costs.

3. Nokona X2 Elite 12.75-Inch Glove

The best outfield glove runner-up

Despite its price tag, the Nokona X2 Elite 12.75-inch glove delivers ample amounts of great design and outstanding materials. Reviewers have nothing but positive things to say about this model!

Nokona X2 Elite 12.75-Inch H-Web Outfield Glove Image credit: Nokona Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

If you like the Nokona Walnut glove, but want something with a bit more under the hood, the Nokona X2 Elite 12.75-inch outfield glove is the answer. Of course, added features result in a slightly elevated price (and the Nokona Walnut is already a high-end model).

The X2 Elite uses much higher quality materials than the Walnut. It strategically combines Top-Grain Stampede Steer Hide and Kangaroo Leather.

Kangaroo leather is one of the toughest, lightest leathers around. As an outfielder, this is ideal. It’s light enough that you can flash the leather on those tough plays, but strong enough to withstand even the roughest conditions.

This top-rated glove for outfielders has an H-shaped webbing. While not as popular as the trapeze, it is still a great style. It offers great visibility when battling the sun and makes for easier transfers to your throwing hand.

Whereas the Nokona Walnut has a 1-year warranty, the higher quality X2 Elite carries a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. Again, all Nokona gloves are made in the USA.

  • Two types of high-quality leathers combined for one amazing glove.
  • H Web is sturdy and great for fast throws from the outfield.
  • 12.75-inch pattern is the ideal size for an outfielder’s glove.
  • This is the most expensive outfield glove on our list.
  • H Web may not suit every player’s preferences.

4. Rawlings Pro Preferred 12.75-Inch Mike Trout

The best pro-inspired glove

The magnitude of a player like Mike Trout can’t be overstated. The pro-inspired design of the Rawlings Pro Preferred 12.75-inch outfield baseball glove makes it an automatic win.

Rawlings Pro Preferred 12.75-Inch Outfield Glove Mike Trout Pattern (PROSMT27B) Image credit: Rawlings Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Mike Trout is hands-down the best player in the league today. He’s so dangerous with a bat that it’s easy to forget his skills in the field. The Pro Preferred 12.75-inch Mike Trout outfield glove uses the same game day pattern as this superstar, which is reason enough for it to be one of the top gloves for outfielders.

Where do we even start with this glove? First off, it’s made from Full-Grain Kip Leather, which is one of the best looking and feeling materials on the market. This leather stretches across the Trap-Eze Six-Finger Webbing and is reinforced by Pro Grade Leather Laces. Together, these features form a durable, large-patterned glove (perfect for the outfield).

Also featured in the MT27 Pattern is a Single-Finger FastBack Backing. This is both a performance and a comfort feature. With this unique backing, your fingers are more strategically placed to receive incoming balls.

On the topic of fingers, each finger stall has a standard size. Both the index finger and thumb are padded for extra protection. Additional wool padding helps protect the bulk of your hand and also keeps the pocket’s shape for longer. The inside is lined with Pittards Sheepskin Palm Liner, which is extremely comfortable and controls sweat.

The black and gold color pattern is also worth mentioning. It gives the glove a sleek, yet flashy look.

  • Pro-inspired glove pattern of one of the game’s greatest players of all time.
  • Finger, thumb and palm padding produces extreme comfort and protection.
  • Single-Finger Fastback design allows your fingers to be in all the right places.
  • Some players may want a slightly larger glove.
  • No customization options because it is a pro-inspired model.

5. Rawlings R9 12.75-Inch Glove

The best outfield glove for the money

If you’re on a tight budget or just playing casually, the Rawlings R9 12.75-inch outfield baseball glove is your best option. It packs lots of features into an affordable product.

Rawlings R9 12.75-Inch Outfield Baseball Glove (R96019BGFS) Image credit: Rawlings Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The Rawlings R9 12.75-inch outfield baseball glove is notable for two key reasons. First, it is one of the best cheap outfield gloves on the market. It is packed with great features and has a very affordable price.

The other reason the Rawlings R9 makes the list is its protective and comfort features. Padded thumb loop, reinforced palm pad, padded fingerback liners and index finger pad all protect the most vital parts of the player’s hand. These protective features also add moderate comfort, especially the finger liners.

It’s worth mentioning that the Finger Shift Design of this glove places the pinky and ring finger in the same stall. The glove itself is made from a soft, durable all-leather shell and features a trapeze webbing. With Rawlings’ 12.75-inch 6019 pattern, you have plenty of surface to catch the ball and an extra deep pocket to ensure it stays in the glove.

The Rawlings R9 Outfield Baseball Glove is recommended mostly for high school or adult players, however it could be used as a youth outfielder glove as well.

  • Lots of padding and protective features to keep your hand healthy.
  • Trapeze webbing and deep pocket create an ultimate tool in the outfield.
  • One of the cheapest outfield glove on this list.
  • The Rawlings R9 lacks some of the high-quality leathers that other gloves offer.
  • Softer leather shell can have long-term durability problems.

6. Marucci Capitol M Type Glove

The most versatile outfield glove

With all of the various options and features, the Marucci Capitol M-Type outfield baseball glove is easily the most versatile product on the list.

Marucci Capitol M Type Custom Outfield Glove Image credit: Marucci Custom Glove Builder

The Marucci Capitol M Type glove is the brand’s most universal glove. It has tons of options and comes in all different styles and webbing types. You can even customize the colors and add personalized touches, like your name or jersey number.

If you want the best Marucci Capitol M Type for outfielders, we recommend a 13-inch pattern with an H Web or Full Trapeze webbing (there’s also a two bar post option). We also recommend the dual wide shape over the standard option, especially if you have larger hands.

The 2021 Marucci Capitol M-Type Outfield Baseball Glove is made from Premium Japanese-Tanned USA Kip Leather. This exceptional material maintains the glove’s structure well and has the lightweight feel that outfielders benefit from. The leathers are held together with Pro-Grade rawhide laces for maximum durability.

The inside of this best outfielder’s glove is also designed with top-quality materials. First, Cabretta Sheepskin Liner gives that ultra-comfortable feel. Next, moisture-wicking mesh ensures that sweat doesn’t become a problem. There is also dual-density foam to negate potential sting.

  • The Marucci Capitol M Type has tons of options to select the perfect glove for you.
  • High-quality materials create an overall top-notch glove.
  • An extremely durable glove that is still lightweight enough to make those tough plays.
  • All of the different style options may be overwhelming.
  • Not the cheapest outfield glove.

7. Shoeless Joe Professional 1300SB

The coolest outfield glove

The Shoeless Joe Professional 1300SB 13-inch outfield glove is one of the best budget outfield gloves out there. Not to mention, it looks absolutely awesome!

Shoeless Joe Professional 1300SB Outfield Baseball Glove Image credit: Shoeless Joe Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Any list of the best baseball gloves is incomplete without a model from Shoeless Joe Professional. These are some of the coolest looking, feeling and even smelling gloves on the market.

The unique quality of these gloves is that they are hand-rubbed with “old time ingredients.” This process is designed to give the gloves a game-worn, vintage look and feel. It also softens the leather for an exceptional feel. The leather itself is specially aged, antique tobacco leather, hence the great smell of these products.

Despite the old, worn look of these gloves, they are as strong as a brand new model, fresh from the manufacturer. Better yet, each glove is hand-cut and sewn, so the quality is actually higher than many other brands. Every glove is unique and can be structured to your exact liking.

The Shoeless Joe Professional 1300SB features a 13-inch pattern, which is larger than many models for an even greater catching surface. Inside the glove is XRD Extreme Impact Protection Foam, which absorbs impact and disperses the energy to eliminate any pain or sting.

The single post webbing is sturdy and allows for good visibility as you’re tracking fly balls, especially if you have to battle the sun. Plus, it can make glove-to-hand transfers faster for those times when you need to quickly throw out an advancing runner.

Shoeless Joe also makes the same model with a modified trapeze webbing. This glove has a very affordable price tag.

  • One of the coolest glove makers in the game; all of their products look and feel great.
  • Hand-cut and sewn gloves guarantee quality.
  • A very affordable price tag.
  • Old, worn feel may not be to everyone’s liking.
  • Trapeze webbing tends to be more popular among outfielders.

8. Easton Blackstone 12.75-Inch Glove

The best cheap outfield glove

Based on its price and design, the Easton Blackstone 12.75-Inch Outfield Baseball Glove is best used by casual players, or even youth outfielders with bigger hands.

Easton Blackstone 12.75-Inch Outfield Glove (BL1275) Image credit: Easton Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The Easton Blackstone 12.75-Inch outfield glove is another budget-friendly option that still delivers some noteworthy features and design elements.

All of Easton’s Blackstone series gloves use a Select Cowhide Leather, which is softer but still durable. To reinforce the shape and structure of the glove, the shell is held together with tough, rawhide leather laces.

Inside the glove is a comfortable leather palm lining that has plush material around the wrist. Together, these features deliver that great feel and comfort. They also offer some moderate padding to reduce any sting from a line drive.

  • This is the most affordable outfield glove on the list.
  • Cowhide leather and rawhide laces create a durable glove that will last for many seasons.
  • Lacks some of the premium materials that others gloves offer.
  • Doesn’t include any moisture-wicking materials in the liner.


Whether you’re a casual player or at the top of your game, having one of the best outfield gloves of 2022 is important to your development as an outfielder. This list has options for all price ranges and preferences. Any one of the 8 best gloves for outfielders on this list will be sure to improve your game and help you make those highlight-worthy plays!