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The 10 best infield baseball gloves for the 2024 season

Infielders need to carefully study infield glove reviews to find the best products to make those dazzling, highlight-worthy plays. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best infield baseball gloves you can buy for 2024.

Whether you play first base, middle infield or third base, there are gloves specifically catered for your position. We’ve carefully structured this list of infield glove reviews to provide options for all players. That means that we include infield gloves reviews for all positions, price ranges and age ranges.

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best infield glove buying guide

These are the best infield gloves to buy:

  1. Wilson A2K 1787 11.75-Inch Glove
  2. Wilson A2K 2820SS 12.25-Inch Mitt
  3. Marucci Ascension AS3Y 12.5-Inch Mitt
  4. Rawlings Prodigy 11.5-Inch Glove
  5. Easton 11.75-Inch Alex Bregman Glove
  6. SSK Black Line 11.5-Inch Glove
  7. Easton Hybrid 11.5-Inch Glove
  8. Mizuno MVP Prime SE 11.5-Inch Glove
  9. Rawlings HOH 11.5-Inch USA Glove
  10. Marucci Capitol 65A3 12-Inch Glove

Wilson A2K 1787 11.75-Inch Glove

The overall best infield baseball glove

Whether you need the best shortstop glove, a high-quality second baseman glove or any other type of infield glove, the Wilson A2K 11.75-inch baseball glove has a great pattern that offers advantages to all positions. It is arguably the best infield glove on the market in 2024.

Wilson A2K 1787 11.75-Inch Infield Baseball Glove (WTA2KRB201787) Image: Wilson

When it comes to the absolute best baseball glove for infielders, we needed to choose a glove that not only offers quality and performance but can also be used at almost every infield position.

The Wilson A2K has the performance and quality in spades. And, the 11.75-inch pattern is lightweight enough for middle infielders, but strong enough and large enough for a third baseman. The shape of the glove’s pocket is also designed to be versatile and the I-Web is perfect for quick plays around the horn.

These gloves use only the top 5% of Wilson leather hides, which practically guarantees the highest quality. To preserve this quality and protect against premature wear in the pocket, the 11.75-inch Wilson A2K features a Double Palm Construction.

To top it all off, Wilson’s Dri-Lex Wrist Lining offers a breathable, lightweight material on the interior that is extremely comfortable and effectively removes sweat.

What we like

  • Has noteworthy features for third base, second base and shortstop.
  • Made from only the top-rated leathers for exceptional quality.
  • Dri-Lex Wrist Lining removes the annoyance of sweat.

What we don’t like

  • The most expensive infield glove on the market.
  • Requires a break-in period before it is ready.
  • Not available for left-handed throwers.

Wilson A2K 2820SS 12.25-Inch Mitt

The best first base mitt

Aside from its price and the small break-in period, the Wilson A2K 12.25-inch first base mitt is faultless. It blends together strength and speed in a way that few products can.

Wilson A2K 2820SS 12.25-Inch First Base Mitt (WTA2KLB202820SS) Image: Wilson

Many of the most popular infield gloves come from the Wilson A2K series, and for good reason. As the Wilson A2K 12.25-inch first base mitt will demonstrate, these infield gloves are made with quality for superb performance.

It starts with Pro Stock Leather that is selected from only the top 5% of leathers that Wilson receives. The leathers in the mitt’s pocket undergo a Dual Welting process to create an optimal shape and surface. This pocket is further reinforced with a Double Palm Construction design. The Double Horizontal Bar Web adds yet another layer of resilience.

Next, the SuperSkin material has the strength and durability of traditional leather, but is carefully engineered to be half the weight. This adds speed and movement to the glove, without sacrificing anything else.

Inside the glove is the Dri-Lex Wrist Lining, which is another lightweight design feature. However, it also offers premium moisture wicking for improved player comfort.

The Wilson A2K series has been around for a few years now, but the craftsman continue finding ways to improve. This year’s model has a 2820 Pattern, which is based off of direct feedback from some of the game’s best first basemen. And, the glove is designed to be game-ready three times as fast as older models.

What we like

  • One of the best and most popular infield glove options at all positions.
  • SuperSkin material is lightweight so you can flash the leather to make those key plays.
  • Made from only the top leathers and materials available to Wilson.

What we don’t like

  • The most expensive infield glove on the list.
  • Still requires some breaking in before it is ready for the field.
  • Some first baseman prefer a 12.5-inch glove pattern for a little more real estate.

Marucci Ascension AS3Y 12.5-Inch Mitt

The best youth first base mitt

If you want the absolute best first base mitt for youth players, then there is no better option. This glove offers durability, performance, comfort and a sleek design. What more could you want from a top-rated first base mitt?

Marucci Ascension Series AS3Y 12.5-Inch Youth First Base Mitt (MFGAS3Y) Image: Marucci

The Marucci Ascension AS3Y is the best first base mitt for younger players that are playing at a high level. It uses top-quality materials and a great design but features a smaller hand opening for younger players to comfortably wear this 12.5-inch mitt.

The mitt is made from a steerhide leather shell with a tight grain structure for exceptional durability and the laces are made from rugged USA rawhide. Together, these two materials produce a mitt that will keep its shape and structure for seasons to come.

For performance, Marucci equips the Ascension Series AS3Y first base mitt with a single post webbing and a deeper pocket. These are ideal features for controlling the ball and providing other players with a large target. And, the top of the finger stalls is reinforced to ensure that a hard hit or throw won’t bend the top of the mitt back.

For comfort, players can enjoy a cushioned finger and palm lining that is protective and durable, yet lightweight for fast movement. Players shouldn’t experience any painful sting from a hard throw or a line drive. The glove has a moderately high price tag for a youth glove and has a sleek black-and-white color pattern.

What we like

  • Extremely durable and high performing mitt for youth first basemen.
  • Reinforced finger stalls help reduce errors and passballs.
  • Single post webbing offers good ball control.

What we don’t like

  • White leather dirties easily.
  • A high price for a youth glove.
  • Not recommended for players at higher levels of play (high school and above).

Rawlings Prodigy 11.5-Inch Glove

The best youth infield glove

The best youth infield baseball gloves are tools that help players learn better fundamentals. With the Sure Catch design and padding, the Rawlings Prodigy 11.5-inch baseball glove enhances the fundamentals and builds total confidence in the field.

Rawlings Prodigy 11.5-Inch Youth Infield Baseball Glove (P115CBI) Image: Rawlings

On the surface, a youth baseball glove may look like just a smaller version of an adult glove. However, the best youth baseball gloves are also learning tools that these young players use to grow and establish their fundamentals. That is exactly what young infielders get from the Rawlings Prodigy 11.5-inch baseball glove.

The Rawlings Prodigy features the company’s Sure Catch design, which allows the glove to open and close more easily. This is a great tool that allows young players to get comfortable with controlling their glove and closing it down on the ball. With better ball control, players are instilled with more confidence.

For comfort, the Prodigy utilizes a 3D Palm Lining that will wick away sweat, while also teaching young players where to place their hands. To protect the fingers and palm, this top youth infielder’s glove has palm and index finger padding, which will take away any sting from a hard throw or hit.

The leather itself is a softer, Full-Grain Shell that is designed to be lightweight, comfortable and strong. It will retain its shape better than other youth infield gloves. The softer leather also requires a shorter break-in, so the glove is ready for game play almost immediately.

The I-Web is ideal for infielders and is the same style that the pros use! The glove is also available with an 11.5-inch pattern for very young players or people with small hands.

What we like

  • Sure Catch Design builds confidence in the field.
  • Soft leather is both comfortable and easy to break in.
  • 3D Palm Lining and padding offer added comfort and protection.

What we don’t like

  • Softer leathers can have issues with durability.
  • Won’t stand up to higher levels of play.
  • Isn’t available for lefties.

Easton 11.75-Inch Alex Bregman Glove

The best third baseman glove

It’s hard to argue that the Easton Professional Reserve 11.75-inch Alex Bregman baseball glove is the best third base glove. And, if you do want to argue with it, you can take it up with one of the game’s best in the hot corner: Bregman himself.

Easton Professional Reserve Alex Bregman 11.75-Inch Infield Glove Image: Easton

Alex Bregman is one of the game’s most popular players. What he does with a bat often overshadows his prowess as a third baseman. Easton, however, paid attention to his outstanding defensive performances. Now, you can buy the same model that Bregman uses on the field.

The Alex Bregman Game Day Model features Premium Reserve Leather with Pro-Grade lacing. These materials combine for a durable, long-lasting glove that holds its shape well.

The integrity of the glove is further enhanced with a sturdy single post webbing that will hold strong, even after the hardest line drives. This webbing allows for fast transfers when you need to field a slow grounder and throw across the diamond quickly to make the out.

The player’s hands and fingers are comforted and protected with multiple features. A padded thumb stall and Pinky Loop Protection will keep either end of the hand safe. Meanwhile, sheep wool wrist liner is both soft and luxurious.

Oh, and did we mention it has a great color scheme inspired by the Houston Astros’ team colors?

What we like

  • Inspired by one of the game’s best players at third base.
  • A sturdy design that will stand up to the toughest of plays and still come out strong.
  • Awesome color pattern to match Bregman’s team.

What we don’t like

  • Some features and design elements aren’t as useful at other positions.
  • The 11.75-inch pattern may be too small for some third base players.
  • Not available for left handed throwers.

SSK Black Line 11.5-Inch Glove

The best infield glove for high school

With a unique spiraling pocket, a smaller glove size and exceptional quality, the SSK Black Line 11.5-inch baseball glove is arguably the best infield glove for high school players.

Many high school athletes are still developing, which means they need a glove that is sized slightly smaller than a pro-level model.

The SSK Black Line 11.5-inch baseball glove is the perfect model for this transitioning period. While it is larger and higher quality compared to a youth-sized glove, it has a size that is ideal for teenagers or athletes that prefer a snug fit from their glove.

The SSK Black Line is also noteworthy because of how it is made. SSK crafts its gloves in the traditional Japanese Shokunin style, which means they use uncompromising standards to deliver the best possible product. It is artisan craftsmanship at its finest.

Premium Japanese Steerhide is used to construct the majority of this glove. SSK uses Top Grain Leather in the laces because it is slightly more durable.

Also notable is SSK’s unique Spiral I-Web. Small indentations within the pocket and webbing form a spiral shape that is carefully engineered to better control balls in the pocket. For infielders, this means that the ball stays in the glove better and doesn’t ricochet away.

What we like

  • An ideal size for high school players.
  • Spiral I-Web enhances ball control inside the pocket.
  • Expertly crafted from high-quality materials.

What we don’t like

  • With a mid-range price, it is not the most affordable glove out there.
  • Not available for lefties.

Easton Hybrid 11.5-Inch Glove

The best value infield glove for the money

When you want the best infield glove for the money, there are few options that offer the quality of the Easton Professional Collection Hybrid 11.5-inch baseball glove at the same affordable price.

Easton Professional Collection Hybrid 11.5-Inch Infield Baseball Glove Image: Easton

Not every player can afford a high-end infield glove. Spending hundreds of dollars on a baseball just isn’t in the budget. These players need to find reviews for infield gloves that, while affordable, also offer the performance needed to excel in the field.

The Easton Professional Collection Hybrid is one of the best middle infield gloves for players that don’t want to overspend. This high-quality infield glove features an interesting hybrid design that pairs Horween Steerhide Leather in the palm and lining with a lightweight Japanese Pro Reserve Shell Backing.

This is one of the ways that Easton is able to offer such a top-rated glove at such a modest price. But, the combination isn’t just about cost cutting; it strategically enhances the performance of the glove.

The lightweight Pro Reserve Shell Backing provides a lightweight design that middle infielders can use to make quick plays, while the Steerhide in the palm and lining help preserve the glove’s structure and shape.

With a shallow I-Web pattern, players can make the fast transfers that are needed to turn a double player. The Rolled Leather Welting forms a more optimal pocket to further support the infielder and allow for a custom break-in.

What we like

  • Hybrid design to offer a cost-effective, lightweight and sturdy infield glove.
  • Mid-range price is more affordable than many of the other top-rated gloves.
  • I-Web is favored by most infielders.

What we don’t like

  • Softer and lightweight leathers can wear down quicker.
  • 11.5-inch size is too small for a good third base glove.
  • Arrives stiff and requires significant break-in.

Mizuno MVP Prime SE 11.5-Inch Glove

The most affordable baseball glove for infielders

If you just want a good middle infield glove for an affordable price, then you want the Mizuno MVP Prime SE 11.5-inch baseball glove.

Mizuno MVP Prime SE 11.5-Inch Infield Baseball Glove (GMVP1154PSE8) Image: Mizuno

Sometimes, players just want the most affordable baseball glove they can find. Maybe you need a cheap infield glove as a backup or practice glove. Or, you’re just playing recreationally and don’t need a high-end infield glove.

In any case, the Mizuno MVP Prime SE 11.5-inch baseball glove is a great option. It has a very affordable price for a new infield baseball glove. And, it isn’t completely void of performance-enhancing features or quality materials.

For example, the MVP Prime SE features Heel Flex Technology in the glove’s heel, allowing it to flex and perform better, which will moderately improve your ability to control ground balls. Also, the Bio Soft Leather that the glove is made from is both comfortable and lightweight.

This leather creates a center pocket design that places the center of the pocket under the index finger for a more natural break-in and catching surface. And, Mizuno even added professional level laces, which are the same quality they use in their high-end models. These laces maintain the glove’s durability.

Finally, the Mizuno MVP Prime SE baseball glove also looks great with a gold color pop design that will turn some heads on the diamond.

What we like

  • The cheapest infield glove on the list.
  • Good quality and some notable features for its price point.
  • An awesome looking design that will get noticed on the field.

What we don’t like

  • Softer leathers may show more wear and tear after a few games.
  • Lacks some of the other performance-enhancing features that high-quality gloves offer.
  • Not available for lefties.

Rawlings HOH 11.5-Inch USA Glove

The coolest looking infield glove

With its Olympic theme, the Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.5-inch baseball glove wins the award for the coolest baseball glove for infielders. It’s also a great option for players that want one of the best middle infield gloves at an affordable price.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.5-Inch USA Infield Glove (PRO204-2USA) Image: Rawlings

Rawlings gave its legendary Heart of the Hide series a special facelift. Each model carries a country flag (USA, Japan, Puerto Rico, Canada, Dominican Republic, etc.) that really adds an awesome and Olympic-worthy feel to the game.

But, the power of the 11.5-inch Rawlings Heart of the Hide glove isn’t just a flag stitched into the leather. This is one of the best Rawlings infield gloves that is made from only the top 5% of leather hides that the company receives.

This impeccable quality is matched with Tennessee Tanning Company’s rawhide lacings to add strength, protection and structure to the glove. The player’s hand is protected with a Deer Tanned Cowhide Plus Palm Lining and an extra-padded thumb sleeve.

The glove’s 11.5-inch pattern and Pro I-Web is perfect for middle infielders (shortstop and second base) that need to make fast, quick plays. This latest infield glove to join the Heart of the Hide series is available in larger patterns, which would better suit a third baseman.

This top-rated infield glove has a mid-to-low price compared to other models. This makes it a great option for players that are looking for the best value from their infield baseball glove.

What we like

  • Awesome Olympic theme gives the glove a unique look.
  • Made from only the best materials to hit the Rawlings factory.
  • 11.5-inch size and I-Web are popular choices for infielders.

What we don’t like

  • Not all countries are represented in the Olympic Series.
  • 11.5-inch size may be too small for third base.

Marucci Capitol 65A3 12-Inch Glove

The best infield glove for utility players

Utility players need a very special glove that can perform at any position. The Marucci Capitol Series 12-inch baseball glove is not the best infielder’s glove in 2024. Instead, it is a top-rated baseball glove for the middle infield and the outfield and third base.

Marucci Capitol Series 65A3 12-Inch Baseball Glove (MFGCP65A3) Image: Marucci

Utility players are becoming a popular commodity at all levels of play. These players can adapt to almost any position, whether in the infield or outfield. If this sounds like you, then you need a top infielder’s glove that can also serve you well in the outfield.

Enter the Marucci Capital Series 65A3 12-inch glove. This glove is specially made to serve players all over the diamond. It has a moderate size that function as a large middle infield glove, a solid glove for third base or a lightweight outfielder’s glove. And, the medium pocket size is great for fielding grounders or fly balls. The H-Web also offers advantages to multiple positions.

To build this glove, Marucci used Premium Japanese Kip Leather and Tennessee Tanning Pro Grade Laces. The laces offer the durability that a glove needs, while the leather offers a soft and amazing feel to the glove that is easy to break in.

The glove arrives stiff and needs to be fully broken in. While this takes time, it is done intentionally to give the player complete control over how their glove is shaped. For comfort, the player can enjoy High Grade Sheepskin Finger Lining and a sweat-reducing mesh wrist lining.

What we like

  • A good pocket, glove size and webbing for many different positions.
  • Quality materials offer a durable glove with exceptional feel.
  • Glove arrives stiff for a custom pocket shape.

What we don’t like

  • Not a true infielder’s glove or outfielder’s glove.
  • A very high price point.
  • Takes some time to wear in before it is ready to see play.


To find the best infield glove, you need to think about your position (or positions, if you’re more of a utility player) and your own personal preferences.

Do you want a small, lightweight glove for making fast transfers and throws. Or, do you prefer a larger, more stable glove that won’t bend under pressure?

We hope that you’ve been able to find the best glove for your unique preferences from our list of infield glove reviews.