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The 8 Best Slowpitch Softball Gloves 2022 for Men and Women

In this article, we will review the best slowpitch softball gloves of 2022. The purpose of this article is to explore slowpitch glove reviews to help you find the very best glove for your needs.

best slowpitch softball gloves

Having the right glove on your hand can really make the difference in a softball game! Our list of slowpitch glove reviews include options for all positions and price ranges. And, we give each glove an award, to help you know exactly what each glove is best at.

These are the best slowpitch softball gloves for 2022:

1. Wilson A2000 SP13 13″

The best infield glove

The Wilson A2000 Series has quickly become the most sought after glove model for baseball, fastpitch softball and slowpitch softball. Wilson has been annually pushing the A2000 to the next level and they work alongside top players to perfect the design.

This Wilson A2000 SP13 model is made from Pro Stock Leather that is known for its superb durability and great feel. The leather undergoes Wilson’s Gap Welting process, which further improves these qualities.

Wilson A2000 SP13 13-Inch Slowpitch Softball Glove Image credit: Wilson Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The SuperSkin coating on the backside of the glove pairs exceptionally well with the Pro Stock Leather and creates a water resistant surface that helps the glove maintain its overall ruggedness. Plus, SuperSkin is exceptionally lightweight for easier maneuvering!

The Reincored Single Post Web creates a shallow pocket that makes a great men’s softball infield glove. Unfortunately, the price of the Wilson A2000 SP13 is higher than many of the other top slowpitch infield gloves.

  • Pro-inspired design that delivers one of the most popular slowpitch gloves on the market.
  • SuperSkin coating improves both the glove’s performance and durability.
  • A very high-end price for this glove.

While the Wilson A2000 can effectively be used at any position, it is arguably the best slowpitch glove for shortstop because of its size and lightweight design.

2. Louisville Slugger TPS 13.5″

The best glove for third base

The Louisville Slugger TPS slowpitch glove is back. The 13.5-inch model with dual post webbing is a top men’s slowpitch softball glove in 2022. It’s a great utility glove that is perfect for players that bounce from position to position.

Louisville Slugger TPS 13.5-Inch Slowpitch Softball Glove (WTLP20135) Image credit: Louisville Slugger Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The Louisville Slugger TPS is made from Top Shelf Premium Leather that guarantees long-lasting quality. The secondary features (threads, inserts, laces, etc.) are also made from pro-grade materials.

To achieve a customizable fit, this top softball glove uses a Dual Cinch Strap that is easy to adjust. Each feature is carefully tested and made with the goal of enhancing performance.

While the TPS is designed as a utility glove, it is arguably the best slowpitch glove for third base. The size and webbing is perfect for the hot corner.

  • Quality materials and a design that is suited for almost every position.
  • Dual Cinch Strap adjusts easily for a snug fit.
  • As a utility glove, the TPS lacks features that help a specific position player excel.

The sturdy, reinforced dual post web and larger glove pattern makes the Louisville Slugger TPS slowpitch softball a great choice for third base.

3. Nokona Alpha S-3

The best first base mitt

Nokona’s softball gloves are easily the best slowpitch softball gloves on the market. They use exceptionally high-quality materials and every glove is hand-crafted. The S-3 first base mitt is the best product at this position.

Nokona Alpha S-3 12.5-Inch Slowpitch Softball First Base Mitt Image credit: Nokona Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

It starts with the leather material. Nokona only uses the best leathers and the Alpha S-3 uses Premium American Bison and Steerhide Leathers. Together, these materials make for an ultra-durable mitt that is lightweight, which is perfect for a first baseman that needs to quickly flash the leather to make tough picks and other defensive gems.

The glove is approximately 12.5 inches. Nokona doesn’t use precise numbers because of their hand-crafted quality. It may be a little smaller or larger than this measurement. The mitt has an H web and requires almost no break-in.

  • Outstanding leather materials for supreme durability and performance.
  • Hand-crafted product from one of the best glove manufacturers in the world.
  • Hand-crafted gloves can have certain irregularities.

The Nokona Alpha S-3 is easily the best mens’ softball first base mitt in 2022, as long as you have the budget for it.

4. Rawlings Renegade 12.5″

The best utility glove on a budget

When it comes to affordable slowpitch gloves, the Rawlings Renegade is a great option. It has the deep pocket and basket webbing that players need to catch any ball hit or thrown in their direction.

Rawlings Renegade 12.5-Inch Slowpitch Softball Glove (R125BGS) Image credit: Rawlings Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The Renegade is built from a combination of high-density leather on the palm-side and a Pro Mesh Shell on the back. This blend of materials adds padding and comfort on the hand, while the back can breathe and flex. It’s a lightweight design for fast movement and star plays.

  • Affordable utility glove made from quality leather materials.
  • Multiple features designed to improve durability.
  • Smaller, 12.5-inch pattern may not be large enough for some players.
  • Lacks some of the performance-enhancing features of more expensive glove models.

For players on a budget, the Rawlings Renegade is the best slowpitch utility glove, even though it has a smaller pattern than normal.

5. Miken Pro Series 13″

The best outfield glove

Miken is known for its potent slowpitch softball bats, but they also make top-rate softball gloves as well. The 13-inch Miken Pro is a cool slowpitch softball glove with a great looking red and white color scheme to stand out on the field.

Miken Pro Series 13-Inch Slowpitch Softball Glove (PRO130-WSN) Image credit: Miken Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The Miken Pro has a Full-Grain Leather Shell to maintain the structure and shape of the glove. Not only does this extend the glove’s overall lifespan, but it also preserves its performance. The Pro H Web further adds strength and performance to the glove, while also offering the fielder some visibility through the webbing.

For comfort and protection, the PORON XRD Palm Padding does a great job in cushioning the hand and defending against painful sting caused by sharp line drives.

  • Great looking slowpitch outfield glove made from durable leathers.
  • PORON XRD palm padding adds comfort and protection.
  • Not the cheapest glove.

If you want the best slowpitch glove for outfield play that won’t break the budget, the Miken Pro Series 13-inch glove is a great option.

6. Mizuno MVP Prime SE 14″

The most versatile slowpitch softball glove

For players that want performance and looks, the Mizuno MVP Prime SE 14-inch glove is a great option. With multiple color options to choose from, you have a good chance of finding a style to fit your personal preferences.

Mizuno MVP Prime SE 14-Inch Slowpitch Softball Glove (GMVP1400PSES8) Image credit: Mizuno Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Each Mizuno MVP Prime SE is made from BioSoft Leather. This material requires a shorter break-in period than other leathers, while still holding its shape and integrity for seasons to come. Pro-Level Laces add more stability to the glove and help hold its structure. And, the leathers endure a Roll Welting Process that offers a better looking and feeling glove.

The design of these gloves is very unique for a number of reasons. First, the center of the pocket is carefully sculpted and placed under the player’s index finger. This allows for a more player-unique break-in.

Next, the Mizuno MVP Prime SE features Plus Grip Thumb Padding Technology to extend the traditional protection of the glove for more complete padding protection.

This glove is available in other sizes if necessary.

  • Unique design features for a more customizable glove.
  • BioSoft Leather doesn’t require much break-in and performs well.
  • Placement of the center pocket may take some adjustment before it feels comfortable.

If you want a top-rated slowpitch glove that also looks great and has a range of options, then the Mizuno MVP Prime SE 14-inch model is an ideal choice.

7. Miken Player Series 15″

The best glove for players with big hands

The Miken Player Series 15-inch glove is the largest model on our list. The massive 15-inch pattern is great for outfield, especially in leagues that use the larger, 14-inch slowpitch softballs. It’s also the best slowpitch softball glove for big hands.

Miken Player Series 15-Inch Slowpitch Softball Glove (PS150-PH) Image credit: Miken Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Aside from being large, this Miken slowpitch glove has a comfortable fit that adjusts and tightens with a non-slip pull back strap. For added comfort, each finger stall is padded and the palm features PORON XRD technology to reduce sting and ball impact.

This high-density cushioning around the palm and index finger creates a protective layer that helps negate potential sting felt from a sharply hit ball. And, the H-shaped webbing is great for tracking pop flies.

  • Huge sized glove that is great for players with large hands.
  • H web is great for many positions around the field.
  • May be too large and heavy for infielders.

The Miken Player Series 15-inch glove is the best outfield softball glove for men with larger hands.

8. Shoeless Joe Professional 14″

The coolest-looking slowpitch glove

Shoeless Joe is one of the best baseball and softball brands for several reasons. If you want a high-quality glove, look no further; these gloves are individually cut and sewn to ensure impeccable quality.

Shoeless Joe Professional 14-Inch Slowpitch Softball Glove (1400BW) Image credit: Shoeless Joe Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Shoeless Joe gloves also look incredible. They are designed to blend vintage looks with contemporary performance. Each glove is hand-rubbed with Shoeless Joe’s proprietary mix of “old time ingredients” that soften the leather and make it feel, look and smell like a Golden Era glove.

The Shoeless Joe Professional 14-inch glove features a durable weaved webbing. The Tobacco Leather is aged and left unstructured, so you can shape the glove to your liking. XRD Extreme Impact Protection Technology ensures that you don’t feel any sting from hard hit softballs.

  • An overall awesome glove that looks and feels great.
  • Large pattern is big enough for all softball positions.
  • XRD Extreme Impact Protection Technology protects the hand.
  • Only available with one webbing style.
  • You have to shape and structure the glove yourself.

If you want to stand out on the field with the coolest-looking slowpitch glove, the Shoeless Joe Professional 14-inch model is a great pick. It isn’t just about the looks! It’s also one of the best gloves for slowpitch softball, period.


Finding the best glove for your needs comes down to three things: price, position and personal preferences. When you can find a top-rated softball glove that has all of these qualities, then you’ve found the right option.

We’ve done our best to present you with eight of the best slowpitch softball gloves for 2022 with the hopes that you’ll find an option on this list! If possible, try a few gloves out in the store before you buy.

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