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The 10 best baseball glove brands on the market in 2024

Knowing the best baseball glove brands can help you make smarter shopping decisions about your sporting equipment. There are hundreds of models on the market, but only a handful of top baseball glove manufacturers.

By understanding which of these companies offer the best products for what types of players, you can quickly find the best glove for you. This article will explore the best baseball glove brands and some of their top offerings.

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best baseball glove brands

These are the best baseball glove brands on the market right now:

1. Easton

The Easton company emerged on the scene in 1972 with the first true aluminum bat product. Since then, the bat side of their baseball/softball line gets the majority of the attention, with innovative designs and features.

However, there is plenty to be said about the baseball gloves of this company. Easton brings quality designs to all of their products.

In fact, many of the engineers involved in Easton projects were also baseball players! They bring their skill and expertise to Easton baseball gloves.

2. Rawlings

When you think about the best baseball glove brands on the market, Rawlings is one of the first to come to mind. It is one of the most popular baseball brands out there!

Whereas Easton is known for their bat innovations, with gloves coming second, Rawlings is the opposite. The company continues to push the envelope on what’s possible with baseball gloves thanks to its cutting edge features.

Rawlings is best known for its Heart of the Hide series. This is one of the premier baseball glove models made by this company. Of all of the leathers that Rawlings receives, only the top 5% are used in these products.

This strict dedication to quality ensures that Rawlings best baseball gloves are the cream of the crop! Premium materials ensure that your Rawlings glove performs better and lasts longer than other companies and models.

Rawlings also delivers some of the best youth gloves in the game. For instance, their Sure Catch lineup has specific features to help younger players learn how to field and properly catch the ball.

3. Wilson

Next to Rawlings, Wilson is the other top baseball glove brand. It is arguably the most popular company on the market today. The Wilson A2K and A2000 are widely used by players at the Major League level.

Part of what makes these gloves so popular is the SuperSkin backing. This is stronger than normal leather, but exceptionally lightweight. With an overall lighter glove, it’s easier to flash the leather and make those highlight reel plays! And, you don’t have to sacrifice any durability.

Not only are Wilson gloves made from premium materials and feature a performance-enhancing design, but they also have lots of customization options. You can customize the colors of many Wilson gloves and add personalization touches to make the glove truly your own.

If you don’t feel like designing your own glove, Wilson has lots of awesome color schemes available on the market.

4. Mizuno

Mizuno has been around for over a century. During that long tenure, this baseball glove company found success in delivering simple, but effective products. While the other best baseball glove brands focus on flashy colors and patterns, Mizuno pays attention to quality and performance.

These are some of the best fitting and feeling gloves on the market! The high-quality materials used in the construction of these products guarantee that your glove will last for many seasons to come!

Mizuno also offers many pro-inspired designs. These models use the same patterns, colors and designs of a Major League player, like Michael Chavis, Kyle Seager or Brett Gardner. You can play just like your favorite pro!

For youth gloves, Mizuno’s PowerClose technology has been helping kids gain confidence in the field for years. PowerClose is a small notch in the glove that makes it more natural to open and close. For young players, this makes catching the ball and securing it in the glove easier than ever!

5. Marucci

Few companies deliver on pro-inspired designs as well as Marucci. Many of the game’s top athletes are on Marucci’s advisory board, including Albert Pujols, Francisco Lindor, Andrew McCutchen and others.

Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Marucci uses this all-star caliber advisory board to produce outstanding baseball products, including gloves. These players know exactly what is needed from a baseball glove!

Their products are individually handcrafted from quality materials, like premium Japanese Kip leather. This absolutely ensures that you’re receiving a top product from one of the best baseball glove brands on the market!

6. SSK

Of the best baseball glove makers, SSK doesn’t have the same reputation as Rawlings, Wilson and some of the other brands. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a place in the conversation.

SSK started as a sporting goods shop that transformed into one of the best baseball glove manufacturers in the game. They are one of the best innovators when it comes to baseball gloves thanks to their Dimple Sensor Technology.

This technology improves ball control in the pocket and produces an overall better feel and break-in. The dimples actually help corral the ball into the glove. It may just be the difference between an error and a putout!

All SSK products are produced in the Shokunin style. This is the highest level of Japanese craftsmanship. SSK goes above and beyond to ensure that their products are without equal!

7. Shoeless Joe

Of all of the best baseball glove companies, Shoeless Joe has to be the coolest and most unique. What makes these gloves standout? Their look, appearance and even smell! Shoeless Joe blends modern baseball glove design with vintage, old-time appearance.

Each glove is handmade in Hays, Kansas. They are built from tobacco tanned steer hide that has been rubbed with “old-time ingredients”. This is Shoeless Joe’s proprietary mix of secret stuff to get each glove smells, looking and feeling great.

Don’t let the vintage aesthetics fool you; these are high-quality products. Again, each one is handcrafted with all of the latest technology, like XRD Extreme Impact Protection Technology and modern webbing styles.

Shoeless Joe even makes replica models that use the same design patterns from the 20s, 30s and 40s! For softball players, check out Shoeless Jane gloves!

8. Nokona

Since 1934, Nokona gloves have been operating out of Nocona, Texas. This long-standing career as a top glove maker makes them one of the most experienced companies out there. They really know what the game’s top players need from the glove on their hand!

Of all of the top baseball glove companies, Nokona is the only 100% American-made brand, which says something about their integrity and dedication to quality, USA products.

Nokona uses top-grade, full-grain leathers from US farms. Each glove is handcrafted, from the cutting of the leather to the stitches and lacing. You can really feel the difference with these gloves!

Plus, legendary pitcher Nolan Ryan’s favorite baseball glove brand is Nokona. That says enough right there!

9. All-Star

For baseball catchers, the best baseball glove brand is arguably All-Star. This family-owned company focuses solely on creating quality catcher’s equipment, including mitts. They are so dedicated to the #2 position that they have created multiple innovations for these players, like lighter masks and more protective knee guards.

In terms of baseball gloves, All-Star uses top-grade Japanese leather that has an amazing, almost buttery feel. Despite the softer feel, these mitts are unmistakably durable and will continue to perform for years.

With such a dedication to catchers, these products have excellent structure and defensive features to improve performance. For instance, the profiled toe feature on many All-Star baseball gloves helps scoop low pitches in the dirt. Pro Guard Padding is another proprietary feature that protects the catcher’s hand from stinging.

10. Under Armour

Under Armour not-so-quietly came onto the scene in the mid-90s in the sports apparel and performance ware industry. As the business grew, Under Armour began producing sporting equipment as well.

In 2018, Under Armour expanded its offering of baseball gloves and players are taking notice! If you haven’t taken a look at Under Armour baseball gloves in a while, they are worth a second take.

These products use quality leathers and materials that are built to withstand the highest levels of play. You’ll be sure to have a glove for seasons to come.

Under Armour is a particularly strong baseball glove maker for youth players.


These are the best baseball glove brands on the market today. Each of these companies have baseball gloves for youth and adult players (and anyone in between). So, no matter what league or level you play at, you can find a glove that fits your needs from these companies!

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