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The 10 best baseball gloves for 2024

In 2024, there is no shortage of baseball glove reviews available for players to read and analyze. It takes a lot of time to find that perfect baseball glove or mitt.

Luckily, we’ve made the job a little easier with this guide. We’ve collected 10 baseball glove reviews of the best models for each position and play style.

The list is organized in no particular order and we’ve included options for different positions, price ranges, and other player preferences.

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Seth is a baseball expert and professional writer. You can find him testing new gear or debating questions like, how good would Ken Griffey Jr have been without any injuries, or whatever happened to Bobby Thomson’s home run ball.

best baseball glove buying guide

These are the best baseball gloves to buy for the 2024 season:

  1. Wilson A2000 1786 11.5-Inch Glove
  2. All-Star Pro-Elite 11.5-Inch Glove
  3. All-Star Pro-Elite CM3000 Catcher’s Mitt
  4. Rawlings HOH Anthony Rizzo First Base Mitt
  5. Shoeless Joe 1300MT 13-Inch Glove
  6. Rawlings HOH 13-Inch Bryce Harper Glove
  7. Easton 11.75-Inch Alex Bregman Glove
  8. Mizuno PowerClose 11.5-Inch Youth Glove
  9. Marucci Cypress 15K2 12-Inch Glove
  10. Marucci Capitol 65A3 12-Inch Glove

Wilson A2000 1786 11.5-Inch Glove

The best glove for infielders

It’s hard to argue that the Wilson A2000 1786 is the best baseball glove for infielders, especially when you consider that the game’s top-tier athletes choose this model over and over again.

Wilson A2000 1786 11.5-Inch Infield Baseball Glove (WTA20RB201786) Image credit: Wilson Check Price on Amazon

MLB infielders love Wilson’s A2000 1786 baseball glove. It is easily one of the most popular baseball gloves on the market. In 2024, Wilson continues to innovate and improve the 1786 design by putting the player first.

The glove features an H-Web and 11.5-inch pattern. Both are favorites of infielders at all levels of play. For added performance, Wilson built the 1786 model with flat finger bindings and double lacings at the bottom of the glove. This creates an extra shallow pocket for fast and easy transfers from glove to throwing hand.

The Wilson A2000 1786 is made from blonde and black Pro Stock Leather that delivers an impressive look and offers exceptional durability and feel.

Other features of the 1786 pattern include a thin heel pad and a dual welting pocket. Together, these provide a more customizable break-in. You can really shape how this glove breaks in to get the closure and pocket you want.

What we like

  • One of the most popular infield gloves, even at the MLB level.
  • Customizable break-in for the shape and pocket you want.
  • Shallow pocket is made specifically for infielders to make quick plays around the horn.

What we don’t like

  • This is an expensive, top-end baseball glove.
  • No version for left-handed throwers available.

All-Star Pro-Elite 11.5-Inch Glove

Runner-up best glove for infielders

With its lower price and premium materials, the All-Star Pro-Elite baseball glove is one of the best gloves on the market in terms of value. You get more than what you pay for, which makes it a very good choice as a runner-up to the best infield glove.

All-Star Pro-Elite 11.5-Inch Infield Baseball Glove (FGAS-1150I-CSB) Image credit: All-Star Check Price on Amazon

If you don’t want the same Wilson A2000 model as all of the other infielders, or you just want a more affordable baseball glove, the All-Star Pro-Elite 11.5-inch glove is the answer. It has the appropriate size, I-Web, features, pocket depth and more to make you a standout infielder, but at a fraction of the cost.

The glove is a great alternative because of its extended pocket and profiled toe design. These features make it easier to scoop ground balls, even when they’ve taken an unexpected hop.

And, with the shallower pocket, you’ll quickly move the ball to your throwing hand and make the play. This pocket undergoes rolled welting to ensure that it keeps its shape and integrity for seasons to come.

All-Star didn’t hold back with the materials that went into this top-quality baseball glove. The majority of this product is made from Japanese Tanned US Steerhide, which is known for its durability and quick break-in. The palm lining is made from renowned Pittards Leather that has an unbelievably soft feel to it for supreme comfort.

What we like

  • An affordable baseball glove compared to more popular models on the market.
  • Extended pocket and profiled toe design improve your ability to field grounders.
  • Premium materials make for a high-quality baseball glove.

What we don’t like

  • Not available for left-handed throwers.
  • Arrives stiff and requires a thorough break-in.

All-Star Pro-Elite CM3000 Catcher’s Mitt

The best catcher’s mitt

If you’re a serious catcher playing at the top of your game, the All-Star Pro-Elite CM3000 catcher’s mitt should be the first thing on your shopping list. It has quality, performance, and strength.

All-Star Pro-Elite 33.5-Inch Catcher’s Mitt (CM3000SBT) Image credit: All-Star Check Price on Amazon

When it comes to the best baseball mitt of choice for the game’s elite catchers, many choose the All-Star Pro-Elite catcher’s mitt, even at the professional level. Why is this the catcher’s mitt on the hands of so many big leaguers?

It starts with the luxurious materials used in the construction of this mitt. Japanese Tanned US Steerhide leather is both soft and durable, which is a hard-to-find combination in glove materials.

The softer pocket of this mitt is carefully shaped and sculpted for the absolute best performance behind the plate and it gives out an impressive pop sound every time the ball hits the leather. Your pitcher will love it.

Also aiding in the performance aspect of this top-rated baseball catcher’s mitt is an extended pocket with profiled toe design. A bigger pocket not only makes catching easier, but it also provides a huge target for your pitcher to hit and adds more overall strength to the glove.

When the pitcher does miss their mark, however, the profiled toe feature springs into action and makes scooping balls in the dirt much easier. Runners won’t even think about advancing!

The All-Star Pro-Elite catcher’s mitt adjusts across the back with a finger loop closure and a velcro strap that can easily be made tighter or looser, even in the midst of play.

What we like

  • A pocket that is designed to help catchers and their pitchers.
  • Profiled toe design wrangles balls in the dirt with ease.
  • One of the highest-rated catcher’s mitts on the market.

What we don’t like

  • Designed for ultra-serious players, which means it carries a very high price.
  • It takes a while to break this high-quality catcher’s mitt in.
  • Not available for left-handed catchers.

Rawlings HOH Anthony Rizzo First Base Mitt

The best first base mitt

It’s hard to argue with the veteran wisdom of a player like Anthony Rizzo. That said, the Rawlings Heart Of The Hide Anthony Rizzo first base mitt is our choice also because of its size and design features.

Rawlings Heart Of The Hide 12.75-Inch Anthony Rizzo First Base Mitt (PROAR44) Image credit: Rawlings Check Price on Amazon

We love pro-inspired gloves like the Rawlings Heart Of The Hide Anthony Rizzo first base mitt. It’s hard to argue with the game day model of an all-star first base player like Anthony Rizzo.

Not to mention, this is a Rawlings Heart Of The Hide glove! This means that it is handmade from only the top 5% of hides that enter the Rawlings’ manufacturing facility. You can’t beat that quality and attention to craftsmanship.

Also impressive with this glove is its 12.75-inch size, which is rarely found in other first base mitts. And, your infielders will love that extra quarter-inch to the target, especially, when they are throwing across the diamond.

The pocket of the glove is made from Deer-Tanned Cowhide in an orange-tan color, so it is easy to spot and makes a nice pop-sound when the ball hits the pocket. Thanks to the Horizontal Web with X Lacing, the first baseman can watch the ball all the way into the webbing of the pocket. These laces are made from Tennessee Tanning Rawhide to ensure strength and structure.

The inside of this mitt features soft, gull-grain finger linings for exceptional comfort on the hand.

What we like

  • Pro-inspired model based on Anthony Rizzo’s actual game day model.
  • Handmade from 5% of top hides in Rawlings for exceptional quality.
  • A large pattern for more catching surface and a huge target.

What we don’t like

  • Some players may want an even larger 13-inch first base mitt.
  • Arrives stiff and requires some effort to break-in.

Shoeless Joe 1300MT 13-Inch Glove

The best outfield glove

On looks alone, the Shoeless Joe Professional 1300MT baseball glove would be worth a mention, but considering its price, design features and overwhelmingly positive reviews, it’s an easy winner as the best baseball glove for outfielders.

Shoeless Joe Professional 1300MT 13-Inch Outfield Baseball Glove Image credit: Shoeless Joe Check Price on Amazon

If you’ve never heard of or seen a glove made by Shoeless Joe, it is really something you should experience. Shoeless Joe hand makes their gloves and rubs the leathers with “Old Time Ingredients.” This method softens the leather, so the glove already feels like it’s been worn in a game, and it provides a vintage look, smell and feel to the glove.

If you want a crisp looking glove like a Wilson A2000, this isn’t the pick for you. But, if you like baseball history and the vintage style, you will fall in love with this top baseball glove for outfielders.

The Shoeless Joe Professional 1300MT baseball glove, however, is not just about looking cool. With a 13-inch pattern and modified trapeze webbing, the outfielder can really open the glove up wide, which is crucial when you’re tracking down fly balls to the farthest parts of the field.

Even though Shoeless Joe gloves have a game worn look and feel, they still require the player to break them in. In fact, the Shoeless Joe Professional 1300MT comes unstructured. The player has complete control over the shape of their glove.

Finally, the Shoeless Joe 1300MT is extremely affordable compared to other top of the line models and has extremely positive consumer reviews.

What we like

  • A look, feel and even smell that you won’t find from any of other product.
  • Modified trapeze webbing and 13-inch pattern improve outfielder performance.
  • Each glove is unstructured, so you can give the glove a personalized shape and form.

What we don’t like

  • There is not a lot of padding around the palm of this glove.
  • Some players may not want to shape an unstructured glove.

Rawlings HOH 13-Inch Bryce Harper Glove

Runner-up best glove for outfielders

If you don’t like the vintage, worn look of Shoeless Joe gloves and you want a modern, high-quality outfield glove, the pro-inspired Rawlings Heart Of The Hide Bryce Harper 13-inch glove is the perfect alternative.

Rawlings Heart Of The Hide 13-Inch Bryce Harper Outfield Baseball Glove (PROBH34) Image credit: Rawlings Check Price on Amazon

The Rawlings Heart Of The Hide Bryce Harper baseball glove is a superb alternative to the Shoeless Joe 1300MT for the same reason that the Anthony Rizzo model is the top first base mitt on the market. Pro models like this one come straight from the top and you can’t argue with big leaguers like Bryce Harper.

As a Heart Of The Hide glove, quality is a guarantee for all 13 inches of this glove because this is Rawlings premier series and every glove is handmade from only the highest tier hides that Rawlings gets in. The Tennessee Tanning Company’s rawhide laces are also built to last for seasons to come.

This Rawlings Heart Of The Hide model has a Pro H-Web for a strong, retentive shape that offers excellent visibility when tracking fly balls. The Deer Tanned Cowhide Plus Palm Lining provides the hand protection that you don’t find with the Shoeless Joe 1300MT.

Apart from the padding inside this glove, Rawlings also includes a number of comfort features, such as full-grain finger back linings. Paired with the traditional, open-back design, these linings provide an unbeatable fit and feel that players love.

What we like

  • A pro-inspired model based on the actual glove that Bryce Harper takes the field with.
  • Made from only the top 5% of leather hides used by the Rawlings company.
  • Added padding that gloves like the Shoeless Joe 1300MT don’t offer.

What we don’t like

  • A higher price point that is on par with the most expensive baseball gloves.
  • Not all outfielders like the H-shaped webbing featured in this model.

Easton 11.75-Inch Alex Bregman Glove

The best third base glove

Alex Bregman gets a lot of credit for what he does with a bat, but his defensive capabilities are definitely worthy enough for him to be called one of the best third basemen in the game today. The Easton Professional Reserve Alex Bregman baseball glove deserves the same credit for baseball gloves.

Easton Professional Reserve Alex Bregman 11.75-Inch Infield Glove Image credit: Easton Check Price on Amazon

Rawlings isn’t the only top baseball glove brand using MLB players to inspire their designs. Easton also offers the same and the Professional Reserve Alex Bregman baseball glove is a perfect example – it’s also arguably the best baseball glove for third base.

The Alex Bregman third base glove is constructed with Easton’s Premium Reserve Leather and held together with professional-grade lacings. The Premium Reserve Leather is designed to hold up during rough play, while the laces ensure that the glove doesn’t lose its shape. This glove uses an 11.75-inch pattern.

Third base is not-so-affectionately referred to as the “hot corner” because hitters have a tendency to blast line drives towards this position. To ensure that these hard-hit balls stay in the glove and don’t fold the top back and escape into the outfield, this Easton glove has a sturdy single post webbing that is reinforced at the top.

Despite this tough webbing, the Easton Professional Reserve Alex Bregman glove maintains a shallow pocket that is great for making those fast transfers before gunning a runner out at first.

Easton also thought about the comfort and protection of the player’s hand. Padded thumb and pinky stalls protect either end of the hand, while the sheep wool liner guarantees a soft, comfortable feel.

What we like

  • Influenced by the same model that Alex Bregman uses in the MLB.
  • Reinforced single post webbing stands tough against hard hit balls down the line.
  • Shallow pocket for quick transfers that always make the throw to first in time.

What we don’t like

  • Some third base players prefer a larger 12-inch pattern, or a smaller 11.5-inch size.
  • Not available for lefties.

Mizuno PowerClose 11.5-Inch Youth Glove

The best youth baseball glove

With an exceptionally affordable price and amazing features that help young players learn to play with more confidence, the Mizuno PowerClose 11.5-inch youth glove is clearly the best baseball glove for Little League.

Mizuno Prospect Series PowerClose 11.5-Inch Youth Baseball Glove (GPP1150Y3) Image credit: Mizuno Check Price on Amazon

You can find youth baseball gloves with the same top-quality materials and features as the adult models, but they also have the same lofty price tags. What most youth players need is a simple glove that teaches them the fundamentals of playing baseball. That is exactly what the Mizuno PowerClose youth baseball glove delivers.

The 11.5-inch model is perfectly sized for the majority of youth players. It is optimized with Mizuno’s PowerClose Technology, from which the glove gets its name. This technology makes the glove easier to close, which can really help young players that haven’t developed that hand strength yet. The V Flex Notch at the heel of the youth baseball glove also helps by creating a more natural crease in the glove.

The Mizuno PowerClose youth baseball glove has an ultra-comfy ButterSoft Palm Liner that has an unbeatable feel on the player’s hand. It’s further enhanced with a ParaShock Palm Pad to eliminate any unwanted sting from the ball.

The exterior of the glove is constructed from PigSkin Leather that is tough enough to stand up to youth baseball. If the 11.5-inch model is too large, there is also an 11-inch pattern that is better suited for younger youth players.

What we like

  • PowerClose Technology and V Flex Notch make it easier to catch and build confidence.
  • ParaShock Palm Pad removes the concern of sting caused from catching the ball.
  • ButterSoft Palm Liner feels amazing.

What we don’t like

  • Lacks some of the more advanced features that older youth players may desire.
  • May not be as durable as more sophisticated models.

Marucci Cypress 15K2 12-Inch Glove

The best glove for pitchers

With a closed webbing, added padding and moisture control technology, the Marucci Cypress Series 15K2 baseball glove is ideal for any player standing on the mound.

Marucci Cypress Series 15K2 12-Inch Baseball Glove (MFGCY15K2) Image credit: Marucci Check Price on Amazon

Pitchers need a glove that will stand up defensively, but they also need one that won’t impede their ability to strike batters out. The Marucci Cypress Series 15K2 baseball glove achieves these goals with ease.

For fielding, Marucci built the glove from durable Steerhide leather and Tennessee Tanning Pro Grade Lacings, so you don’t have to worry about durability. Just in case a batter sends one back up the middle, the thumb and pinky fingers are wrapped in padding for additional protection. Finally, the 12-inch pattern has more than enough real estate to field balls hit your way.

In terms of performance, this glove has a two-piece, closed webbing that is perfect for masking your pitches from hitters. After all, you don’t want to accidentally tip your pitches! There is also a mesh lining around the wrist. Not only does this provide comfort and sweat control, but it also ensures that your mind is 100% on the batter and not thinking about discomfort.

What we like

  • Closed webbing is the exact style pitchers need to hide the ball from hitters.
  • Durable materials and a large pattern to make fielding a second thought.
  • Moisture wicking mesh liner makes sweat a non-factor.

What we don’t like

  • Requires break-in out of the box before it is ready to take the mound with you.
  • Light colored leather is hard to keep clean, even as a pitcher.

Marucci Capitol 65A3 12-Inch Glove

The best glove for utility players

If you find yourself shifting from infield to outfield and back again, you want a glove that can handle both duties. That glove is the Marucci Capitol Series 65A3 12-inch baseball glove.

Marucci Capitol Series 65A3 12-Inch Baseball Glove (MFGCP65A3) Image credit: Marucci Check Price on Amazon

Brock Holt, Marwin Gonzalez, Enrique Hernandez and others have made a strong case for the importance of utility players – baseball players that play all different positions in the field. If this sounds like you, then you need a glove that can handle the responsibilities of both the infield and the outfield.

The Marucci Capitol Series baseball glove, with a 12-inch pattern, is a perfect option because it is one of the few gloves specifically made for both infield and outfield responsibilities. Its moderate size is not too small for the outfield and not too large for the infield. And, its H-Web offers advantages to both styles of play. It also has a medium-sized pocket for fielding ground balls or snagging a fly ball.

This glove is built from Japanese Kip Leather, which is known for its soft feel and easy break-in. The shape of the Marucci Capital is held tight with Tennessee Tanning Pro Grade Laces. Durability is not even a question!

While the Japanese Kip Leather is easier to break-in than most, this glove arrives stiff and will take some work before its game-ready. Once it’s ready, however, your hand will enjoy the soft sheepskin finger linings and moisture-wicking wrist lining.

What we like

  • Web, pocket size, pattern and other major design components appease both infielders and outfielders.
  • High-quality leathers and lacings create a durable, long-lasting glove.
  • Sheepskin finger linings and mesh wrist lining offer incredible comfort.

What we don’t like

  • Not a true infield or outfield glove.
  • Arrives stiff and will take some effort to prepare before it is ready to see game play.


These top 10 baseball gloves are picked to help you navigate baseball glove reviews and find the best glove for your preferences, position, and budget.

There are plenty of other options available on the market and new baseball gloves are coming out all the time. However, we’ve done our best to only include the best baseball gloves for 2024 in this list. It’s not about finding the coolest glove, but the best for your position.

Good luck this season!