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The Best Fastpitch Softball Bats 2022: Top 10 Bats Reviewed

Here you will find reviews for the best fastpitch softball bats for 2022. With every fresh season comes new, top-rated bats on the market. This page provides reviews for the hottest fastpitch softball bats of 2022.

best fastpitch softball bats

To make it easy to find the best fastpitch softball bat to buy, each bat review includes an award title that showcases its best quality.

These are the Best Fastpitch Softball Bats for 2022:

1. 2022 Louisville Slugger LXT

The overall best fastpitch softball bat

2022 Louisville Slugger LXT fastpitch softball bat Image credit: Louisville Slugger Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The Louisville Slugger LXT is the flagship model of this brand’s lineup of top fastpitch softball bats. The 2022 edition is packed with impressive features that remind us why this bat has been a favorite among players for years.

The 2022 LXT is approved for USSSA, USA/ASA, NSA, ISA and WBSC play.

The LXT has a Speed Composite Design that is built for speed and consistent contact. The Single-Disc PBF Barrel Technology expands the barrel’s sweet zone and produces an awesome sound on contact.

The size of the sweet spot is increased further with the COPA End Cap. Thanks to this large sweet spot, you’ll make solid contact even when you don’t hit the ball squarely. You’ll raise your average in no time!

Louisville Slugger considers this new fastpitch softball bat a 3-piece model because of the VCX2 Connection Technology. This puts a connector collar between the barrel and handle, allowing you to reduce bat sting and transfer energy back into the barrel.

Not only does this make each hit feel better on the hands, but it also adds pop to the bat.

  • COPA End Cap and Single-Disc PBF Barrel Technology produce a massive sweet spot.
  • VCX2 Connection Tech reduces bat sting and adds more pop to your hits.
  • A versatile bat with various drop weights and league certifications.
  • A high-end fastpitch softball bat with an expensive price tag.
  • Power hitters may prefer an end-loaded bat instead.

Thanks to the huge sweet spot and consistent hitting zone, the Louisville Slugger LXT fastpitch softball bat is arguably the best fastpitch bat on the market in 2022.

2. 2022 Anderson Rocketech

The best end-loaded bat for power hitters

2022 Anderson Rocketech (-9) fastpitch softball bat Image credit: Anderson Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The 2022 Anderson Rocketech is every power hitters dream. Not only do you have a heavier swing weight, but this new 2022 fastpitch softball bat also features an end load to give it that extra bit of power to really club the long ball.

Another feature that makes this one of the best fastpitch softball bats for power hitters is the 7075 alloy construction. Power hitters love the responsive, powerful feel of alloy bats. You can really feel it when you get all of the ball with this top women’s softball bat.

To produce even more power, the 2022 Anderson Rocketech has a Double Wall Design. This is an extra alloy coating on the outside of the barrel that enhances the barrel’s performance and even adds to its durability.

We also like the colorway of this ladies’ fastpitch bat. The red, white and blue pattern has a very clean look to it that players will love. Plus, it’s more affordable than many other high-end bats.

  • The best value fastpitch softball bat for power hitters.
  • 7075 alloy and Double Wall Design produce impressive durability.
  • End-loaded swing weight adds extra power to your hits.
  • Meant for strong hitters that can comfortably swing and control this bat.
  • Only available in a -9 length-to-weight ratio.
  • Alloy bats tend to produce more bat sting, especially without vibration dampening tech.

If you want the best end-loaded fastpitch softball bat, the 2022 Anderson Rocketech -9 model is the perfect option.

3. 2022 Axe Avenge Pro Power Gap

The best bat for contact hitters

2022 Axe Avenge Pro Power Gap fastpitch softball bat (L158J) Image credit: Axe Bat Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Every Axe bat, including the Axe Avenge Pro Gap, features an innovative handle that is a performance-enhancing feature in itself. Not only is it more ergonomic and reduces the risk of hand injury, but it also enables the hitter to shorten their swing and get to the ball quicker, especially on the inside part of the plate.

Aside from the Axe Handle design, the 2022 Avenge Pro Power Gap includes several other features of note. New this year is the Shock Suspension technology between the barrel and handle to negate unpleasant feedback. The barrel’s Endogrid tech also protects your hand from painful vibrations.

In 2022, the Axe Avenge has a new Charged Carbon-Plus composite material that claims to be one of the hottest and most responsive Axe has ever produced.

The barrel’s performance is further optimized thanks to Power Gap barrel technology. This gives the bat a thin gap between the barrel’s double walls to generate a springboard-like effect when you make contact.

The 2022 Avenge Pro Power Gap wraps up with the proprietary HyperWhip Composite End Cap that eliminates weight in the barrel end to give you extra swing speed.

  • Multiple features to reduce painful vibrations for complete confidence at the plate.
  • Double wall design produces tremendous pop on batted balls.
  • HyperWhip Composite End Cap improves swing speeds and reduces weight.
  • Unique design of the Axe Handle takes time to get familiar with.
  • The lightweight swing of the Axe Avenge Pro may not suit every hitter’s preferences.

The 2022 Axe Avenge Pro Power Gap fastpitch softball bat has a great design with lots of performance-enhancing features, especially for contact hitters.

4. 2022 Louisville Slugger Meta

The most expensive bat

2022 Louisville Slugger Meta fastpitch softball bat Image credit: Louisville Slugger Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Right off the bat (get it?), the 2022 Louisville Slugger Meta is the most expensive model on the list. It’s also the most expensive fastpitch bat of 2022 so far. This puts it out of the budget for many players.

That said, the Louisville Slugger Meta is packed with lots of features that help justify its high price.

This bat is all new, including the Mash Composite Barrel. Not only is the barrel exceptionally responsive and strong, but its dual layer walls work together to provide more consistent performance across the surface. This expands the sweet spot and leads to overall better hitting.

The 2022 Meta fastpitch softball bat has a balanced swing weight. The F2X End Cap actually removes weight from the barrel’s end to produce even faster swings. It’s perfect for contact hitters.

Plus, you can swing with complete confidence and zero concern for bat sting due to the VTX Connection Piece.

  • A high-performance barrel that is more consistent than other models.
  • VTX Connection System almost entirely eliminates bat sting for more hitting confidence.
  • Available in multiple different drop weights to accommodate all types of hitters.
  • An extremely expensive fastpitch softball bat.
  • A new bat model with lots of fresh features that lack lots of performance reviews.

If you can afford the 2022 Louisville Slugger Meta fastpitch bat, it’s a great bat, especially for college players that need the very best money can buy.

5. 2022 Anderson Rocketech Carbon

One of the best bats for high school players

2022 Anderson Rocketech Carbon (-10) fastpitch softball bat Image credit: Anderson Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

If the Anderson Rocketech alloy bat sparked your interest, but you prefer a composite, balanced bat, here is your answer. The 2022 Anderson Rocketech Carbon is a -10 fastpitch softball bat made from high-grade composite materials for peak performance.

As a two-piece, 100% composite bat, you get a fast, easy-to-swing model that will help you control the barrel through the zone.

While this is a new model and its performance still has yet to be fully tested, previous models of this bat were noticeably hot and responsive. So, expect the same with the newest fastpitch softball bat from Anderson.

  • Balanced swing weight is usable by all types of hitters.
  • Bright orange and yellow colorway showcases the explosive nature of the barrel.
  • A responsive composite construction that will generate impressive exit velocities.
  • Only available as a -10 length-weight ratio.
  • Not a ton of performance features compared to other models in this price range.
  • Power hitters may prefer a heavier swinging bat.

The 2022 Anderson Rocketech Carbon is a very standard model that is great for contact hitters. It’s definitely worth a look!

6. 2022 Mizuno F22-Finch

The best bat for under $100

2022 Mizuno F22-Finch (-13) fastpitch softball bat Image credit: Mizuno Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The 2022 Mizuno F22-Finch bat is a straightforward model at an extremely affordable price. It is one of the only fastpitch softball bats under $100, making it a great bat for girls just starting to play softball.

The bat is made from Mizuno’s MZ-2200+ alloy, a sturdy and responsive material that is also lightweight for better bat control. The lighter alloy material helps this bat achieve its ultra balanced swing and -13 length-to-weight ratio.

Mizuno gets inspiration for its Finch lineup from softball legend Jennie Finch. This pro-inspired design is a great confidence boost for young girls. Plus, the teal and white color pattern is one of our favorites.

  • A budget fastpitch softball bat that anyone can afford.
  • Ultra-lightweight drop and swing is ideal for youth softball players.
  • MZ-2200+ alloy is built to last and produces good results at the plate.
  • Older and larger players will want a heavier bat with a different drop weight.
  • Alloy bats are more susceptible to painful bat sting on mishits.

The weight and size of the one-piece, all-alloy 2022 Mizuno Finch make it one of the best girls’ youth fastpitch softball bats. It’s also the cheapest bat on our list.

7. 2022 Louisville Slugger Proven

The best bat for youth players

2022 Louisville Slugger Proven (-13) fastpitch softball bat Image credit: Louisville Slugger Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Another great girls fastpitch softball bat is the Louisville Slugger Proven. This bat features the same lightweight, ultra-balanced swing weight that is ideal for younger players that don’t have the size and strength for heavier bats.

The main difference between these two youth fastpitch softball bats is the material used. Whereas the Mizuno Finch is made from aluminum alloy, the Louisville Slugger Proven is built from composite materials.

As a composite bat, you can expect that this model will have limited bat sting and a good amount of pop. The hot barrel is more than powerful enough to produce some hard hits, even in the hands of a young player.

The Proven is another bat that showcases a cool-looking pattern. The white and pink color scheme makes it a great girls bat. It’s approved for USSSA, USA/ASA, ISA and other popular leagues.

  • An affordable youth bat with a cool color scheme.
  • Composite materials offer solid performance and less bat sting.
  • -13 length-to-weight ratio is exceptionally lightweight and easy to swing.
  • As a one-piece bat, you’ll still have some bat sting, even with the composite materials.
  • Not recommended for older players at higher levels of play.

While the 2022 Louisville Slugger Proven costs a little more than other youth bats, the composite materials make a significant difference.

8. 2022 DeMarini Spryte

The best bat for advanced youth leagues

2022 DeMarini Spryte (-12) fastpitch softball bat Image credit: DeMarini Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The 2022 DeMarini Spryte is a nice transition bat for younger players moving out of youth leagues. It still has a very manageable -12 drop weight that is balanced and easy to control in your swing.

The barrel is made from DeMarini’s Paradox Composite material. The fibers are carefully fine-tuned to produce ample performance that’s forgiving on mishits. It also has a nice feel on contact that hitters love.

As a two-piece, all-composite bat, DeMarini pairs the Paradox Barrel with a D-Lite Composite Handle.

The lightweight design of this handle adds to swing speeds. Moreover, it notably reduces painful vibrations on bad contact. Further removing any bat sting is the Big D End Cap.

Together, these features allow you to swing with complete confidence.

  • The best composite bat for removing bat sting.
  • Two-piece composite barrel offers multiple performance benefits at the plate.
  • A moderately priced bat for women transitioning out of early youth leagues.
  • Only available as a -12 model, which may not suit all players.
  • Reducing bat sting is great but makes it hard to feel where you’re making contact.

Whether you need a heavier bat for a new softball player or you want to transition a player out of the typical -13 drop youth bat, the 2022 DeMarini Spryte is a great pick.

9. 2022 DeMarini CF

The most versatile bat

2022 DeMarini CF (-10) fastpitch softball bat Image credit: DeMarini Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Similar to Louisville Slugger’s LXT model, the DeMarini CF series is a popular returning fastpitch softball bat that’s ready for 2022. The 2022 DeMarini CF could even be this year’s best fastpitch softball bat for contact hitters.

It starts with the Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel and its huge sweet spot. With a bigger hitting zone, you make consistently stronger contact at the plate.

Plus, the Type V Connection between handle and barrel will redirect energy back into the barrel for even more zip on batted balls. This feature will reduce negative feedback from mishits.

Topping off this all-composite fastpitch softball bat is the lightweight Tracer End Cap. By removing weight from the tip of the bat, the hitter is able to achieve an extremely fast whip through the zone. You’ll easily catch up to even the best pitcher’s heater and drive the ball into the gaps.

This balanced fastpitch softball bat comes in -11, -10, -9, and -8 drop weights. It has certifications for all major fastpitch league associations.

  • One of the fastest swinging fastpitch softball bats on the market.
  • Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel has a huge sweet spot that’s hard to miss.
  • Type V Connection Point adds pop and dampens bat sting.
  • Power hitters may want some extra weight in the barrel to add distance to hits.
  • An expensive fastpitch bat that may not fit every player’s budget.

The 2022 DeMarini CF is a versatile model with many available drop weights. It’s a perfect model for contact hitters.

10. 2022 Easton Ghost

The best sounding bat

2022 Easton Ghost Double Barrel fastpitch softball bat (FP22GH) Image credit: Easton Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Easton always delivers some of the best fastpitch softball bats each year. The 2022 Ghost Double Barrel is an all-composite, two-piece bat. It features stamps for all major fastpitch softball associations, including USSSA, ASA/USA and others.

The latest Easton Ghost is built from a brand new Sonic Composite Material that promises to perform at a high level, while still providing durability. The “Sonic” name comes from the great sound the barrel makes on contact.

With dual barrel walls, the bat is optimized for peak performance and a larger sweet spot.

Easton’s ConneXion Technology has also been refreshed this year. It gives this popular fastpitch softball bat a stiffer feel in the handle, while still limiting potential bat sting.

The handle is notably thin and has a cushioned grip to further reduce sting and improve your bat control.

  • A versatile bat with multiple drop weights available.
  • Updated Sonic Comp for added performance and durability.
  • Double barrel wall design improves pop and produces an awesome sound.
  • Early reviews suggest durability issues with this bat.
  • An expensive fastpitch softball bat for 2022.

The 2022 Easton Ghost should be an improved version of previous years. If you liked the Ghost Double Barrel in the past, take a look at this new version.

How We Picked the Best Softball Bats?

As with all buying guides and reviews on this site, there are several key factors that are considered when deciding what models to include in our list.


The price of fastpitch softball bats can range from less than $100 to over $400! That’s a significant difference.

We understand that bats on the higher end of the price range tend to be the “best” from a design and quality perspective. However, not everyone can afford a $400+ bat.

So, we include a lot of cheaper options that best suit players on a budget or in youth leagues that may not need a top-of-the-line bat.

Playing Style

In softball, there are many approaches to hitting. Bat manufacturers create models specifically for these different hitting methodologies.

For instance, there’s no question that the one-piece, end-loaded 2022 Anderson Rocketech is meant for power hitters. If that isn’t your style, this bat isn’t going to suit you. Every hitter is different!


Similar to budget, we also have to think about the age of every player. We want to include options for youth players all the way to professionals.

Cool Factor

Sometimes, a bat will make our review lists because it has something no one else does. It may be a unique design feature, like the Axe Handle, or a color pattern that sticks out.

We consider these factors, along with consumer review data, to produce and refine our lists of the best fastpitch softball bats.


This concludes our list of the 10 best fastpitch softball bats for 2022. We hope these reviews help you find the perfect bat for you to dominate the 2022 season!

Happy hitting!