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2022 Easton Alpha ALX BBCOR bat review

The Easton Alpha ALX is gaining a lot of popularity among college hitters. It’s a one-piece alloy bat that features a solid swing weight and light weight performance.

Featuring a soft knob and Flow-Tack grip, this bat is designed to be comfortable in a hitter’s hands.

2022 Easton Alpha ALX BBCOR bat review
2022 Alpha ALX BBCOR baseball bat | Image credit: Easton

Our verdict on the Alpha ALX BBCOR 4.4

The Alpha ALX is a one-piece alloy model that comes in at a reasonable price. It offers premium features like high exit velocity, a soft knob and great grip tape.

Unfortunately, that exit velocity can be inconsistent and the comfort pre-swing disappears unless you make perfect contact.

This is a border-line top 10 bat. By the time we finish all of our reviews, it will probably fall outside of the top 10. See our final list.

Build 4.6

The Alpha ALX is built with R5 alloy which is designed to provide good barrel response and performance without weighing the bat down too much.

It seems to offer good durability and pop. We like the comfort features that have been added.

Comfort 3.5

Comfort is where the Alpha ALX struggles more than any other bat that we’ve reviewed. We added points for the Flow-Tack grip tape and the soft knob. As you approach the plate, this bat feels great in your hands.

Unlike most of the BBCOR models that we’ve reviewed, this bat has a lot of negative feedback on bad hits. In fact, you’ll get negative feedback when you hit “short” on the barrel.

One thing we wanted to point out is that this bat has a ton of sound. It’s a much louder ping than we expected. If you’re a player bothered by a loud ping on contact, this probably isn’t the bat for you.

Durability 4.6

This bat didn’t start the season as a must buy, so it’s not as common as some of the competition. We’ve seen that it handles a ton of swings without much issue.

The comfort adds some level of durability concerns. When the bat has such a significant amount of vibration, we’re concerned with how it will stand up over time.

We haven’t seen a ton of issues, but keep an eye out if you’re buying this bat.

Pop 4.6

This bat provides great pop. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to see that pop consistently.

The sweet spot is toward the end of the bat, so it’s harder to make perfect contact with this bat than some of the other models we’ve reviewed.

In other words, the max exit velocity is going to be among some of the best options on the market. Unfortunately, the average exit velocity will probably come in a bit lower on that list.

Pricing 4.7

At first glance, this bat shines through because of its price tag. At $350 it seems like an absolute steal.

However, you have to consider that it’s a one-piece alloy model. You’ll find that most of the expensive models are composite or hybrid.

There are only four bats that are more expensive and, for the most part, they’re among the best bats on the market.

With that in mind, it dropped the pricing grade a few points. Ultimately, we think this is a good value.

Compared to other BBCOR bats

Here are a few alternatives to consider in comparison to the 2022 Easton Alpha ALX.

Easton Alpha ALX vs. Victus Vandal

The Victus Vandal is a pure contact hitters bat and it really doesn’t offer much pop at all. While the Vandal is a quality bat, it doesn’t quite measure up.

The Alpha ALX is able to provide better pop while still offering quality contact. We’ll take the Alpha for its exit speeds and price.

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Easton Alpha ALX vs. DeMarini Voodoo One

The Voodoo One is one of the most popular bats on the market. Some call it the best bat on the market.

We’ll offer our opinion on that later. But, the Voodoo One is a one-piece that provides outstanding pop while still having plenty of barrel control. We’ll take the Voodoo One.

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Easton Alpha ALX vs. Stinger Nuke

The Stinger Nuke is a one-piece alloy model that is designed for power hitters. They have a slightly different profile.

The Nuke is much more comfortable. It doesn’t have the same negative feedback when a hitter gets jammed. It’s also cheaper.

Overall, the decision comes down to the bat profile. The Alpha ALX allows for more bat control while the Nuke allows for more power. So, that may be a key factor.

All things being equal, we’d probably opt for the Nuke.

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Who is the 2022 Easton Alpha ALX best suited for?

This bat is a great combination of pop and control. If you’re looking to get into the one-piece alloy market, this is a great option.

We’d recommend it to anyone who wants a high-quality bat without paying the premium price tag.

If you’re a hitter who struggles to handle negative feedback, this isn’t the bat for you.

  • Pop.
  • Price.
  • Comfortable grip/knob.
  • Negative feedback on bad hits.
  • Loud ping on contact.


The Easton Alpha ALX is a great bat. You’ll find that it does everything well, even if it doesn’t blow you away.

It’s a reasonable price given the market and it grades well in pop and durability to this point.

It’s not the best one-piece alloy BBCOR bat on the market, but it has a place in the discussion.