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Stinger Nuke BBCOR review

Stinger is known for their wooden bats. They’ve made their way into the BBCOR game and the Nuke has become a social media staple. Players seem to love this one-piece alloy bat. Players rave about the grip and claim that it has great pop.

Stinger Nuke BBCOR bat review
Nuke BBCOR baseball bat / Image credit: Stinger
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Nuke: General Impression

Stinger is new to the BBCOR game. Their first introduction is a great one-piece alloy that delivers the goods. It’s an end-loaded bat that offers a pretty large sweet spot. The end-load design means that it’s made for older players who already have a solid power game.

Our general impression has been that this bat is not a good option for players who can’t generate their own power. The Nuke may be one of the more end-loaded options.

This is a brand new model from a company who has never made BBCOR models before, so it’s safe to say that everything is new.

2021 Stinger Nuke BBCOR Overview

Build 4.0

This bat has a solid but unimpressive build. They don’t claim to have the specialized metals or ringless technology that you’ll find in some other bats. Instead, Stinger simply lists the bat as a Power Loaded barrel. While there’s nothing that stands out about the build, it offers consistency and solid durability. We can’t give it a perfect score, but we can’t really knock it either.

Comfort 5.0

Hitters have told us that they love the feel of the grip. Its tape is tackier than most of the competition meaning that the grip will help keep your hands in place through your swing. The Nuke also features a ‘soft feel grip’ which has some padding so that It’s a bit more forgiving. Stinger developed this bat with what they call a “pro inspired handle”. That means that the taper is slightly different and is designed to be more ergonomic and comfortable in your hand.

Durability 5.0

Players are telling us that this bat has no issues. Some players have tested it on thousands of hits without issue. Knowing that this bat is durable while trusting it to provide added power is the ultimate bonus.

Pricing 5.0

It can be difficult to find a great bat with a $230 price tag. That’s exactly what this bat will cost you. It certainly isn’t going to break the bank. We believe this is one of the best value BBCOR bats on the market. With its consistency, pop and durability, we believe that Stinger could charge a lot more.

Get this bat while you can. We believe that they’ll increase their price next year.

Pop 4.0

A number of players have said that they’re surprised with how much pop this bat has. It consistently performs as well as other elite models like the B5 and the CAT9. While we mentioned this in the opening, we want to be sure that readers know that this bat is not for all players. This bat is very end-loaded and is not a good option for players who haven’t fully developed their strength yet.

Compared To Other BBCOR Bats

The Nuke is one of the biggest surprises on the market. It can compete with the B5 and is probably a bit better than the CAT9 and the 5150. Quite frankly, this bat is so much better than the Bonesaber that they just don’t compare.

Stinger Nuke vs. Easton B5

We’ve said that the B5 is the best bat on the market. We stand by that, but the Nuke gives it a run for its money. The B5 has a better reputation and Easton is a little more open about their technology. These two bats may finish so close in quality that it comes down to price. While we like the B5 more, we can’t argue with opting for the Nuke at $120 less.

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Stinger Nuke vs. Marucci CAT9

The CAT9 is a great bat. Both of these models are single-alloy models that come with ergonomic grips. We believe the Nuke has a bit more pop and a larger sweet spot. Combining that with a better price makes us prefer the Nuke over the CAT9. On quality alone, the Nuke just barely beats out the CAT9. The price makes this an easy decision.

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Stinger Nuke vs. Rawlings 5150

The 5150 offers premium durability, but we haven’t seen any issues with the Nuke. The Nuke offers better pop and a larger sweet spot. We also believe that the ergonomic handle and soft grip on the Nuke make the bat more comfortable. Throw in the Nuke being one of the best values BBCOR bats on the market and the competition isn’t even close. We’ll take the Nuke every time (and twice on game day).

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Our Verdict On The Stinger Nuke BBCOR

Stinger has blown us away with their first BBCOR bat. It’s easily the rookie of the year. The Nuke is appropriately named as it’s able to drop bombs pretty consistently. Players say it may have the best pop of any one-piece alloy model on the market. It has a huge sweet spot and an ergonomic handle that really seems to make a difference.

The B5 is the best one-piece bat on the market, but if we’re ranking models, the B5 is 1 and the Stinger Nuke is 1a. It really is the best value in baseball today. We expect the price to increase next year when Stinger has a reputation. If you haven’t figured it out, we absolutely love this bat.

Just remember, this bat is designed for power hitters. Between the end-loaded design and the ergonomic handle and different taper, you should consider testing this bat out in store before purchasing it.

Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon