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The 8 best slowpitch softball bats for 2022

This page is a collection of reviews for the best slowpitch softball bats of 2022.

Any softball player wants to perform at the plate. Having a top-rated bat is a key part to this pursuit.

best slowpitch softball bats tested and reviewed

Every year, new slowpitch bats hit the market, complete with fresh features and design elements.

Players need the knowledge to navigate slowpitch bat reviews to find the perfect model for their unique needs, budget and preferences.

Every bat on this list is selected for a unique type of player. Let’s start finding you the perfect slowpitch bat for the 2022 season!

These are the best slowpitch softball bats for 2022:

  1. 2022 DeMarini Nihilist Dale Brungardt
  2. 2022 Easton Comic WHAM
  3. 2022 Easton Resmondo
  4. 2022 Easton Comic ZZWAP
  5. 2022 Miken Ultra Gamer
  6. 2022 Axe Avenge Pro
  7. 2022 Worth AT18 Alan Tanner
  8. 2022 Anderson Flex

2022 DeMarini Nihilist Dale Brungardt

The best USA slowpitch bat for power hitters

This 2022 DeMarini Nihilist is the signature slowpitch softball bat of pro player Dale Brungardt. It features a short, 12-inch barrel with a potent full end-load in a two-piece design that combines alloy and composite materials. This overall design makes it one of the best end-loaded bats out there.

2022 DeMarini Nihilist USA (ASA) Dale Brungardt signature slowpitch bat Image credit: DeMarini

The handle uses DeMarini’s ZnX alloy, a sturdy material with a good amount of flex to increase your bat whip. With this type of handle, you get that stiff, responsive feel that many power hitters look for. In fact, the handle is actually heat-treated to maximize this stiff quality.

The 12-inch barrel is constructed from continuous carbon fiber that produce a noticeably large sweet spot. This design also allows the bat to be hot from the very first hit, so you don’t have to waste any time breaking in this model.

The 2022 DeMarini Nihilist Dale Brungardt carries the USA (ASA) certification stamp only.

  • A bat built for hungry power hitters that want to add distance to their hits.
  • ZnX alloy handle offers a stiff feel that many hitters love.
  • A larger sweet spot than other models and it’s hot from the day you get it.
  • Does not carry certification for USSSA leagues.
  • Not every player will appreciate the stiffer, alloy handle.
  • The full end-load is best used by power hitters only.

If you want a USA slowpitch softball bat for power hitting, the 2022 DeMarini Nihilist Dale Brungardt signature model is a perfect choice. It has all of the design elements you’d expect from a home run bat.

2022 Easton Comic WHAM

The best USSSA slowpitch bat for power hitters

When it comes to power hitting, you need a bat with a full end-load. That’s exactly what you get with the 2022 Easton Comic WHAM.

Its “Motherload” end-load is a full ounce for maximum mass in the barrel end. This will produce some mammoth hits for players that can comfortably control the swing of this bat.

2022 Easton Comic WHAM Motherload USSSA slowpitch softball bat Image credit: Easton

The 12.5-inch barrel isn’t as long as some models. However, the Ultra Elongated Composite Fibers tech creates a huge sweet spot that makes it feel like you’re using a longer bat.

Plus, the Fire Flex barrel is consistently hot, even from when you first take it out of the wrapper.

Finally, CXN MAX connection technology in between the handle and barrel acts like a cushion against unwanted feedback. All you feel is comfort each time you make contact!

This bat does not carry an ASA/USA stamp; it is only certified for USSSA, NSA and ISA leagues.

  • An extra long sweet spot leads to consistently solid contact at the plate.
  • Full end-load is perfect for power hitters.
  • Fire Flex Barrel means this bat is ready to go as soon as you get it.
  • A top-of-the-line slowpitch softball bat carries a more expensive price.
  • “Motherload” may be too heavy for players that aren’t “true” power hitters.
  • Not approved for ASA/USA slowpitch softball leagues.

With its potent end weight and super-sized sweet spot, the 2022 Easton Comic WHAM may be the best slowpitch softball bat for power hitters in USSSA leagues.

2022 Easton Resmondo

The best balanced slowpitch softball bat

The 2022 Easton Resmondo shares a lot of similarities with the Easton Comic WHAM. In fact, you could argue that they are nearly identical bats.

The only major differences are that the Resmondo has a balanced swing weight and a much longer barrel at 13.5 inches.

2022 Easton Resmondo 13.5-inch balanced USSSA slowpitch bat (SP22RESB) Image credit: Easton

Otherwise, this bat features the same elongated fibers to increase the size of the sweet spot, as well as the Fire Flex barrel technology that offers such responsive performance right out of the box.

The Resmondo also leverages Easton’s CXN MAX connection tech to eliminate feedback and offer that great swinging experience we talked about with the Comic WHAM.

Overall, it’s a nice Easton bat for contact hitters that want to consistently drive the ball. The longer barrel and extended sweet spot ensure continuous performance at the plate.

While this is one of the best men’s softball bats, it does not carry the USA/ASA stamp.

  • Elongated sweet spot and balanced swing weight help you hit for average.
  • CXN MAX connection technology offers one of the best hitting feels out there.
  • Fire Flex tech always stays hot, even right out of the wrapper.
  • Not approved for ASA/USA play.
  • Power hitters will want an end-loaded bat, like the Comic WHAM.

The 2022 Easton Resmondo is a great option for contact hitters that want to increase their average and consistently deliver strong hits at the plate.

2022 Easton Comic ZZWAP

The hottest slowpitch bat for 2022

With the 2022 Easton Comic ZZWAP slowpitch softball bat, zzwap is exactly what you’ll be doing to balls – electrifying them!

2022 Easton Comic ZZWAP ASA (USA) slowpitch softball bat Image credit: Easton

The Launch Comp barrel is one of the top-performing composite materials out there and produces an insane amount of pop that’s sure to give your batting the edge it needs.

For even more performance, the Easton Comic ZZWAP has a double barrel design, where inner and outer barrel sleeves work in harmony to maximize output.

Pair this design with a slight end-load and you may have one of the hottest Easton slowpitch softball bats on the market in 2022.

Like many composite slowpitch bats, this is a two-piece model. Separating the handle and barrel is Easton’s revolutionary ConneXion that is used in many of their models.

Not only does this help the bat feel amazing when contact is made, but it also eliminates potential bat sting. You can swing with absolute confidence!

  • Tons of power potential with the Launch Comp material and double barrel construction.
  • ConneXion reduces unwanted feedback and offers a great hitting experience.
  • 13-inch barrel length helps you extend for those pitches just off the plate.
  • A high-end bat with an expensive price tag.
  • Not approved for USSSA leagues.

The 2022 Easton Comic ZZWAP has tons of features focused on pop and performance. It’s sure to be a standout bat choice for 2022.

2022 Miken Ultra Gamer

The best value slowpitch bat

With a 14-inch barrel length and 0.5 ounce end-load, the two-piece composite 2022 Miken Ultra Gamer Series bat is one of the largest on the list.

It is designed specifically for senior slowpitch leagues and carries the SSUSA and ISA certification stamps. That said, it is one of the best men’s slowpitch bats out there!

2022 Miken Ultra Gamer SSUSA slowpitch softball bat Image credit: Miken

The barrel of this bat utilizes Miken’s C4 Carbon Fiber material. The fibers are specially arranged and angled to produce the best results off the bat.

This unique arrangement, known as the E-Flex 360 barrel design, also produces consistent performance and great flex across the barrel, which results in good for-average hitting.

When you make contact with this bat, you get more out every swing thanks to the F4P energy transfer technology.

This helps redirect lost energy from the handle back to the barrel and into batted balls. It may just give you the extra distance you need to get it over the fence!

  • One of the best value slowpitch softball bats out there.
  • C4 Carbon Fiber and E-Flex 360 increase performance, flex and durability.
  • F4P energy transfer tech ensures that every ounce of your power goes into the ball.
  • Not approved for all leagues.
  • This bat carries no warranty.

The 2022 Miken Ultra Gamer is a great budget slowpitch softball bat. It has good features that will enhance your performance at the plate and a price that won’t break the bank.

2022 Axe Avenge Pro

The most versatile slowpitch bat

The 2022 Axe Avenge Pro dual stamp bat is another versatile model that can be used across multiple leagues.

It’s also one of the best slowpitch bats period thanks to a stacked lineup of features, such as the 2nd Gen Axe Handle.

2022 Axe Avenge Pro ASA/USSSA slowpitch bat (L193J) Image credit: Axe

The bat itself is made from Charged Carbon +, a composite material crafted for performance and strength. Inside the barrel are two C-shaped discs at either end.

These optimize performance within the barrel and allow it to perform like a single wall bat. It’s worth mentioning that this is a balanced slowpitch softball bat.

To reduce bat sting, the 2022 Avenge uses Axe’s Vibration Canceling System. This combines a collar connector piece with the Endogrid Tech in the handle to stop any unpleasant feedback from reaching your hands.

When buying this year’s Axe Avenge Pro, pay close attention to the model type. There are USA- and USSSA-specific models that look similar but do not have dual stamp status.

  • A dual stamp balanced bat can be comfortably used by all hitters.
  • A reasonably affordable composite bat.
  • Charged Carbon + material will produce ample results at the plate.
  • Axe’s unique handle design takes some getting used to.

This is an all-around great choice for contact hitters that play in multiple leagues and need a bat with dual stamp certification. The lightweight swing also makes it one of the best women’s slowpitch bats.

2022 Worth AT18 Alan Tanner

The best senior league slowpitch bat

If you’re looking for an excellent senior league slowpitch bat, take a look at the 2022 Worth AT18 Alan Tanner. This 12.5-inch barrel bat features a slight, half-ounce end-load that is sure to pack a notable wallop all the plate.

The Worth AT18 is a two-piece composite bat that features the senior league USA stamp (as well as ISA certification).

2022 Worth AT18 Alan Tanner senior league slowpitch bat Image credit: Worth

The barrel is made from Worth’s X434 composite material that is specially engineered for two things. First, the fibers are stretched and angled in ways that extend your sweet spot.

With a larger sweet spot, you’ll make more consistent contact at the plate. Even if you’re a little off from the normal sweet zone, this bat will still respond.

The X434 composite is also made for out-of-the-wrapper performance so you’re ready to hit from day one with this bat.

Rounding out this bat’s list of features is a Flex 75 handle. Here the composite material changes to produce excellent flexibility for supreme whip through the zone as you swing.

The handle is also lightweight to help with swing control and gives the bat a unique hitting experience when contact is made.

  • A slight end load with a shorter 12.5-inch barrel is sure to produce some power.
  • X434 composite material is responsive, hot out of the box and makes a big sweet spot.
  • Flex 75 handle optimizes flex, removes unnecessary weight and produces a great feel.
  • This is a senior league slowpitch bat that may not be permitted in other leagues.
  • There is no warranty available for this bat.

If you need a solid bat for senior league play, the 2022 Worth AT18 Alan Tanner is a great option. Its slight end-load makes it a top slowpitch softball bat for a wide range of players.

2022 Anderson Flex

The best cheap bat

The 2022 Anderson Flex has a unique design with a number of features and elements that are hard to come by in men’s slowpitch bats. For instance, this is the only one-piece bat on our list. It’s also one of the few alloy, single wall models.

2022 Anderson Flex single wall one-piece alloy slowpitch bat Image credit: Anderson

The Anderson Flex is made from AB-9000 aerospace aluminum alloy, which has all the typical properties: durability, responsive feel and awesome sound on contact, stiffness, etc.

The end-loaded swing weight will add additional pop to your hits for an all-around powerful slowpitch softball bat.

This bat is dual stamped, meaning it is one of the best ASA slowpitch softball bats and USSSA. It’s great if you play on multiple teams and need a bat you can take to every game.

It’s also worth mentioning that this is one of the cheapest slowpitch softball bats of 2022.

  • Arguably the best cheap slowpitch softball bat on the market in 2022.
  • A great option for players that need or want a single wall alloy bat.
  • End-loaded swing weight is perfect for power hitters that want extra barrel mass.
  • The stiff feel of an alloy bat creates extra bat sting, which may be uncomfortable to some.

The alloy, single wall, one-piece design of the 2022 Anderson Flex is more than enough reason to include it in our list. Oh, and did we mention that it packs a punch at the plate?

Our process: How do we find the best slowpitch bats?

To find the absolute best slowpitch softball bats, we look at several key factors that help us decide which to include on our list.


The price of a new softball bat can vary greatly. You can easily spend several hundred dollars on a new model.

Since that’s not in everyone’s price range, we also include a number of budget slowpitch softball bats.

League certification

There are many different league associations for slowpitch softball. The two biggest are USSSA and USA (also referred to as ASA).

There are many models that are certified for one league but not the other. We’ve included options for both, as well as dual stamp models that can be used in all leagues.

Contact vs. power hitting

Some hitters want a slowpitch bat that’s the best for home runs, while others need a lighter bat for getting base hits. We include options for all different types of hitter preferences.


That’s the end of our reviews for the best slowpitch softball bats of 2022. We hope you found a model or two that’s got you excited for the 2022 season!

Happy hitting!