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The 10 best catcher’s mitts for 2022

There are plenty of products to choose from for the best catcher’s mitts of 2022. If you’re behind the dish for your team, then you need the best catcher’s mitt on your hand to make sure that you make all of the tough plays. This means that you need to effectively navigate the many catcher’s mitt reviews for the top 2022 options and find the mitt that best suits you and your unique play style.

This guide is designed to help you find that perfect catcher’s mitt that will improve your play and elevate your game. You’ll find 10 reviews of the top catcher’s mitts in 2022, as well as a breakdown of each glove’s advantages and disadvantages.

Without delaying any further, here are the 10 reviews of the best catcher’s mitts for the 2022 season. This list of catcher’s mitt reviews is designed to include options for all types of players and budgets. Each mitt is given a special award to showcase its standout quality compared to the other products.

These are the best catcher’s mitt for 2022:

  1. Rawlings HOH Hyper Shell 34″ Mitt
  2. Wilson A2000 Pudge 32.5″ Mitt
  3. Wilson A2K M1D 33.5″ Mitt
  4. All-Star Pro-Elite 33.5″ Mitt
  5. All-Star Pro Advanced 3.5″ Mitt
  6. Rawlings Gold Glove 34″ Mitt
  7. Easton Pro Collection Hybrid 33.5″ Mitt
  8. Marucci Capitol Series 235C1 33.5″ Mitt
  9. Mizuno Pro Series 33.5″ Mitt
  10. Mizuno Prospect Series 32.5″ Mitt

1. Rawlings HOH Hyper Shell 34″ Mitt

The overall best catcher’s mitt in 2022

If you’re unfamiliar with the Rawlings Heart Of The Hide (HOH) series, let us catch you up to speed. Heart of Hide gloves are built from only the top percentage of leathers that the Rawling company receives. Glove experts hand-pick the Heart of the Hide leathers, which guarantees superb quality and integrity of every product in this lineup, including the Hyper Shell 34-inch baseball catcher’s mitt.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Hyper Shell 34-Inch Catcher's Mitt (PROCM41BCF) Image credit: Rawlings Check Amazon

The leather itself is predominantly premium steerhide leather. However, pro grade laces and deer-tanned cowhide lining (interior) are also used. Overall, the leather is very stiff and has only a 30% factory break-in, which means the player is responsible for the majority of the work. It may take a few hundred balls to prep the leathers for game time.

While quality is important, so is performance and this mitt brings it! The best feature of this catcher’s mitt is the ultra-lightweight Carbon Fiber Hyper Shell. This reduces the weight of the mitt so that it is 3.5 ounces lighter than the typical catcher’s glove. When you have to quickly flash the leather to apply a tag at home or gun down a runner on the basepaths, those 3.5 ounces may be the difference!

Other features of this exceptional catcher’s mitt are a one-piece, solid webbing that is perfect for handling tough, hard-throwing pitchers. And, the thumb loop is further reinforced for protection and player comfort. The 34-inch pattern produces a large target for pitchers and is more than enough leather for the catcher. Lastly, thermo-formed wrist lining wicks sweat and provides supreme comfort in all conditions.

What we like (and don’t like) about the HOH Hyper Shell 34-inch mitt:

  • Only the best leathers are used in this high-quality catcher’s mitt.
  • 15% lighter than other catcher’s mitts for faster movements behind the dish.
  • Sizeable 34-inch pattern is large enough to help the catcher and their pitchers.
  • Not every catcher is used to a 34-inch mitt.
  • A new mitt that has yet to prove itself in terms of long-term durability and performance.
  • Right hand throwing mitt only.

The Rawlings Heart Of The Hide Hyper Shell 34-inch baseball catcher’s mitt is the lightest and possibly best catcher’s mitt on the market. Runners won’t dare to swipe a bag when they see how fast your glove hand moves!

2. Wilson A2000 Pudge 32.5″ Mitt

A pro-inspired design at an affordable price

When it comes to baseball gloves and mitts, there are few companies as accomplished as Wilson. When it comes to playing the catcher position, there are few players as accomplished as Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez. The Wilson A2000 Pudge 32.5-inch baseball catcher’s mitt combines the two into one awesome option.

Wilson A2000 32.5-Inch Catcher's Mitt (WTA20RB17PUDGE) Image credit: Wilson Check Amazon

This top-rated catcher’s mitt starts with Pro Stock Leather designed to produce a durable, long-lasting shape with a smooth break-in. You can really shape this stiff mitt the way you want during the breaking in process.

This is Wilson’s most popular mitt pattern and inspired by Pudge Rodriguez’s preferred mitt design. It features a 32.5-inch circumference, extended palm, widened, “half moon” webbing and stiff thumb stall. You can’t beat a pro-inspired design like this one!

The pocket of this best Wilson catcher’s mitt undergoes the dual welting process. This is typical of baseball gloves, especially catcher’s mitts, because it adds durability and shape retention.

The inside of the mitt uses a Dri-Lex lining to wick sweat away and protect the inside from moisture. This is yet another way that the Wilson A2000 Pudge 32.5-inch catcher’s mitt ensures long-lasting performance.

What we like (and don’t like) about the A2000 Pudge 32.5-inch mitt:

  • A popular, pro-inspired design that caters to the special needs of catchers.
  • An incredibly durable catcher’s mitt that will stand the test of time.
  • Dri-Lex Liner offers sweat control and enhanced comfort.
  • A stiff glove that will require breaking in before it is ready for live games.
  • Not available for left handed throwers.

There’s not much to complain about when you have a top glove maker and a top catcher coming together and that’s exactly what you have with the Wilson A2000 Pudge 32.5-inch catcher’s mitt. And, did we mention it’s not even that expensive compared to other options?

3. Wilson A2K M1D 33.5″ Mitt

The best, newest catcher’s mitt

The Wilson A2000 Pudge is still very much a relevant option in 2022, but some players don’t like to live in the past. For you, there is the Wilson A2K M1D 33.5-inch mitt. This brand new model has so much to offer; it’s enough to make a catcher drool!

Wilson A2K M1D 33.5-Inch Catcher's Mitt (WBW100071335) Image credit: Wilson Check Amazon

This mitt uses the same Pro Stock Leather as the Pudge model. The main difference is that this mitt uses Wilson’s Black SnakeSkin shell for a sleek look. Furthermore, it features a new logo pattern that will allow this to stand out from previous Wilson A2000 mitts and gloves.

Aesthetics aside, there are some key design changes here that will improve performance behind the plate. For instance, an extended palm and deep pocket work together to keep rebounds close, which will freeze runners on the basepaths. Plus, the Double Palm design produces a more stable pocket that will improve your ability to secure the ball in the pocket.

The extra shaping of this mitt means that you’ll spend less time breaking in the leathers and getting them game-ready. And, you won’t sacrifice any of that long-lasting durability that was mentioned in the Wilson A2000 Pudge.

This glove also has the 33.5-inch size and is only for right hand throwers.

What we like (and don’t like) about the A2K M1D 33.5-inch mitt:

  • A brand new glove with a totally fresh look and awesome features.
  • Larger palm profile and deeper pocket limits rebounds and keeps the ball close.
  • Break this stiff mitt in even faster because of the shaping process.
  • As a new glove, there are very few consumer reviews available.
  • Not available for left hand throwers.

Wilson boasts that this is “the best ball glove in the world.” When you consider the long and successful track record of the A2K lineup, they are probably right. If you want the newest, best catcher’s mitt, then look no further than the Wilson A2K M1D.

4. All-Star Pro-Elite 33.5″ Mitt

The most versatile baseball catcher’s mitt

Unlike companies like Mizuno that offer everything from bats to gloves, All-Star is one of those companies that caters to only a specific part of the game. In this case, All-Star is best known for their catcher’s equipment and mitts. The All-Star Pro-Elite CM3000SBT catcher’s mitt is their top offering.

All-Star Pro-Elite 33.5-Inch Catcher’s Mitt (CM3000SBT) Image credit: All-Star Check Amazon

This high-quality catcher’s mitt starts with even higher quality materials, such as Japanese Tanned US Steerhide. This exceptional leather is stiff and long-lasting. You will have to spend some time breaking in the All-Star Pro-Elite catcher’s mitt before it is ready for game time.

Once broken in, however, this mitt will feel like a dream on your hand. The open-back design and finger hood fits snug and can be adjusted with a durable, velcro wrist strap. There is also an outside index finger hood for catcher’s that like to keep this finger outside of the glove.

The All-Star Pro-Elite catcher’s mitt doesn’t just bring comfort and quality, but also performance. With an extended pocket and precisely profiled toe, you’ll heighten your ability to keep balls in front of you, even when you need to scoop those low and in the dirt pitches.

The CM3000SBT model has a 33.5-inch circumference and reinforced closed web. If you want a smaller or larger size, All-Star also offers a 32-inch option (model XSBT) and 35-inch (model BT).

What we like (and don’t like) about the Pro-Elite CM3000 catcher’s mitt:

  • Exceptional quality that is used even at the Major League level.
  • Multiple size options to suit any catcher’s hand and preference.
  • Extended pocket and profiled toe design makes it easier to wrangle wild pitches.
  • A significant break-in period; this mitt is not ready when it arrives.
  • An elite-level glove with a stiff price point.

If you’re playing at the high school level or above, then you really should invest in an elite catcher’s mitt. The All-Star CM3000 catcher’s mitt has all of the qualities and options that pro-level catchers need from their mitt.

5. All-Star Pro Advanced 33.5″ Mitt

The best catcher’s mitt for left-handed players

If you like the sound of the All-Star Pro-Elite catcher’s mitt, but are worried about the price, or you are a left-handed catcher, then the All-Star Pro Advanced CM3100SBT catcher’s mitt is a nice alternative. You get much of the same quality and design features, but at a lower price and with model options to fit lefties.

All-Star Pro Advanced CM3100SBT 33.5-Inch Catcher's Mitt Image credit: All-Star Check Amazon

You get the same Japanese Tanned US Steerhide, as well as sturdy, rawhide laces, which makes for an exceptionally durable, stiff mitt. Like the Elite, this model will also require some serious practice time before it is fully broken in. That said, this mitt undergoes a pre-oiled treatment, so it should break in a little faster.

The Pro Advanced catcher’s mitt from All-Star also features the extended pocket and profiled toe for easier defenses behind the plate. This model even has an added feature: the Flex-Action Crease. This is great for younger players that need a little assistance closing the glove down tight.

This feature, and the price of the mitt, suggest that this is best suited as an intermediate option between a youth mitt and an elite-level mitt.

What we like (and don’t like) about the Pro Advanced CM3100 catcher’s mitt:

  • An affordable alternative to the All-Star Pro Elite.
  • A lot of the same features as a pro-level glove, but easier to close.
  • Stiff, but the pre-oiled treatment makes for a shorter break-in period.
  • Not the same high-level design as the All-Star CM3000.
  • Opening is not suited for larger hands, even at 35-inch pattern.

The All-Star Pro Advanced CM3100SBT catcher’s mitt is a nice alternative to its more expensive Pro Elite counterpart. It’s a great glove for intermediate catchers and lefties.

6. Rawlings Gold Glove 34″ Mitt

A high-end mitt for ultimate luxury and comfort

The Rawlings Gold Glove award is given to the best defensive player at each position in the American and National Leagues. When it comes to fielding, there is no award greater than the Gold Glove. Alongside the trophy, players also receive a custom Rawlings glove with golden threading.

Rawlings Gold Glove 34-Inch Catcher's Mitt (RGGCM43MO) Image credit: Rawlings Check Amazon

This year, Rawlings is offering replica Gold Gloves for every position and style with this illustrious gold threading. The Rawlings Gold Glove 34-inch catcher’s mitt is made from premium Kip Leather, which has an incredibly soft and comfortable feel, but without sacrificing any of the durability you need from a catcher’s mitt.

Similar to the Heart Of The Hide mitt, this option also has a stiff, out-of-the-box feel that requires at least a 70% break-in on the player’s side. The good news is that you’ll love wearing the mitt during this session and any future games thanks to the ultra-premium lining and 100% wool padding. When it comes to luxury and comfort, this mitt is unmatched!

While the gold stitching is a nice aesthetic feature, it does have some performance applications as well. Against the mocha-colored leather, the gold really shines and your pitcher has a great outline of their target.

The real drawback to this glove is its price. This is by far the most expensive catcher’s mitt on the market. The company certainly makes you pay for the gold stitching!

What we like (and don’t like) about the Gold Glove 34-inch mitt:

  • Premium Kip Leather is some of the best in the world for baseball gloves and mitts.
  • Arguably the most comfortable catcher’s mitt on the market.
  • Gold thread makes a great target for pitchers.
  • The most expensive catcher’s mitt on the market by a large margin.
  • Requires the player to break 70% of the mitt in.

If you’re a defensive wizard behind the plate, then you deserve the recognition of the Rawlings Gold Glove. However, you’ll really need to dip into the piggy bank to afford this top-rated catcher’s mitt.

7. Easton Pro Collection Hybrid 33.5″ Mitt

The best value catcher’s mitt for the money

The Easton Professional series is brand new in 2022 and has already attracted attention from some of MLB’s top talent, including Marlins’ Francisco Cervelli. The Easton Profession Collection Hybrid 33.5-inch baseball catcher’s mitt is a great option for high schoolers, pros and anyone in between.

Easton Professional Collection Hybrid 33.5-Inch Catcher's Mitt (PCH-H35) Image credit: Easton Check Amazon

The “Hybrid” nature of this mitt is because it is built from two different types of leathers: USA Horween steer leather and Japanese Reserve Steerhide. The palm-side of the mitt features the USA Horween leather, which has that rugged durability that catcher’s need. The Japanese Reserve Steerhide creates the backside of the mitt and is a little lighter to eliminate any unnecessary weight.

Collectively, these steerhide leathers have an ideal stiffness, although they require a decent amount of player break-in. The leathers are bound and undergo a rolled welting process in the palm. This allows them to retain their shape much better and gives the pocket that stability and structure that you need. Lastly, pro-grade rawhide laces tie it all together, literally!

With a super soft sheep wool wrist liner, this 33.5-inch mitt is very comfortable. Compared to some of the other catcher’s mitts reviews, this is an affordable option that will fit into most budgets.

What we like (and don’t like) about the Pro Collection Hybrid 33.5-inch mitt:

  • An overall exceptional option that is used even by big league catchers.
  • An affordable baseball catcher’s mitt with high-quality materials.
  • Hybrid leather design gives you a lightweight, but durable design.
  • Not available for left-handed catchers.
  • Only available in one size.

The Easton Professional Collection Hybrid 33.5-inch baseball catcher’s mitt has professional-grade quality and an overall great design at an affordable price. It is arguably the best catcher’s mitt for the money.

8. Marucci Capitol Series 235C1 33.5″ Mitt

The best catcher’s mitt for high school baseball

The designers behind the Marucci Capitol Series 235C1 33.5-inch mitt had a very simple approach: if it isn’t broken, don’t try and fix it. Thus, they created a high-quality catcher’s mitt that is straightforward and doesn’t try to break the mold.

Marucci Capitol Series 235C1 33.5-Inch Catcher's Mitt (MFGCP235C1) Image credit: Marucci Check Amazon

It has a neutral shape and medium-sized pocket; both are common to your typical catcher’s mitts. The medium pocket is preferred by many players over deeper ones because it is easier to transfer the ball to the throwing hand and fire a quick strike to get a base stealer out.

Don’t let the simple design of this pro catcher’s mitt fool you. This is a top-quality baseball mitt built primarily from Japanese-tanned, USA Kip leather. This is a durable, stiff material that isn’t too heavy. You can still flash the leather when you need to! Plus, it has an incredible, velvet-like feel to the touch.

The interior of this mitt is also made from premium materials, including top-notch sheepskin finger lines coupled with comfy padding around the thumb loop. And, there is a moisture-wicking wrist liner to ensure that sweat stays outside of your mitt.

This is arguably one of the best catcher’s mitts for high school baseball because it is a standard catcher’s mitt design with quality materials that will last for multiple seasons. That said, it is a relatively expensive catcher’s mitt.

What we like (and don’t like) about the Capitol Series 235C1 33.5-inch mitt:

  • Lightweight, stiff leathers are exactly what a catcher needs.
  • High-quality materials will keep this mitt intact for years.
  • Luxurious interior for supreme player comfort.
  • A fairly expensive catcher’s mitt.
  • Only available for right hand throwers.
  • Some catcher’s may prefer a deeper pocket.

As mentioned, the Marucci Capitol Series 235C1 33.5-inch baseball catcher’s mitt is one of the best catcher’s mitts for high school baseball because it has a typical design and great, long-lasting materials.

9. Mizuno Pro Series 33.5″ Mitt

The best catcher’s mitt for college

Mizuno is known for its impressive, but simple design approach to all products, which stands true for the Mizuno Pro 33.5-inch catcher’s mitt. Even the name lacks any frills or pizzazz! It’s very comparable to the Marucci Captiol Series in that it is a straightforward, high-quality catcher’s mitt.

Mizuno Pro 33.5-Inch Baseball Catcher's Mitt (GMP2-335C) Image credit: Mizuno Check Amazon

The Mizuno Pro is built from the same, premium USA Kip Leather that we’ve seen in other models. This is a durable, quality material that will preserve this mitt for seasons to come. It’s the perfect type of leather for a catcher’s mitt. The liner and back-of-hand shell have a great feel to them that players are sure to love.

As a pro-model glove, this option has the thick, cushy padding around the thumb and index finger that top-level catcher’s need. The pocket of the mitt is also noteworthy for a few reasons. First, Mizuno engineers pay very meticulous attention to the shaping of the pocket to ensure that it is optimized to handle all of the responsibilities of the catcher.

Second, because of the stiff nature of this mitt and its leathers, you can really customize the break-in and shape of the pocket. The only drawback is that this ultra-stiff glove will require some significant work to get loose enough for game time.

Due to the premium quality of the materials used in this 33.5-inch mitt, it is a high-end, expensive option.

What we like (and don’t like) about the Mizuno Pro 33.5-inch mitt:

  • High-quality materials make for a durable mitt with excellent feel.
  • Stiff leathers offer a pocket that you can really shape to be your own.
  • A conventional design that doesn’t stray from what catcher’s love.
  • A pro-level mitt has a pro-level price tag.
  • Extremely stiff and will require a lengthy break-in.

The Mizuno Pro 33.5-inch mitt is a top-of-the-line option for any player that can afford it. Premium materials will last for many seasons to come and you can shape the pocket exactly how you like it.

10. Mizuno Prospect Series 32.5″ Mitt

The best catcher’s mitt for youth baseball

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum compared to the Mizuno Pro is the Mizuno Prospect youth catcher’s mitt. There are a number of features that make this the best youth catcher’s mitt on the market. Plus, you know you’re getting a quality, straightforward mitt, which is exactly what you want at the youth level!

Mizuno Prospect Series 32.5-Inch Youth Catcher's Mitt (GXC105) Image credit: Mizuno Check Amazon

Perhaps the best feature of this youth catcher’s mitt is Mizuno’s PowerClose Technology. It’s no secret that younger players struggle with closing their gloves securely and tightly. As a catcher, this is one of your main responsibilities! Thus, Mizuno made it very effortless to close this youth baseball catcher’s mitt.

They even removed two lace loops on the webbing to increase flexibility and further help the easy-close design. And, once the mitt is closed, the PowerLock feature makes sure that the young player’s hold on the ball is tight and secure.

The mitt itself is made from full grain pigskin leather, which has plenty of durability for the youth level. Plus, it has a soft, comfortable feel that young players enjoy. For even more comfort and feel, the liner is made from a polyurethane “ButterSoft” material that is incredibly soft, without sacrificing any protection.

You can buy this affordable youth baseball mitt for a left or right hand thrower.

What we like (and don’t like) about the Prospect Series 32.5-inch mitt:

  • PowerClose and PowerLock features help youth catchers a great deal.
  • ButterSoft liner has an incredible feel for supreme comfort.
  • Plenty of durability to last the span of a young catcher’s youth career.
  • Only found in a 32.5-inch size.
  • No color variations or personalization options, which young players love.

With PowerClose Technology and a straightforward design, the Mizuno Prospect youth catcher’s mitt is the best baseball catcher’s mitt for those just starting out in the game.


We understand that shopping for a new catcher’s mitt can be challenging, especially with how many options are available on the market in 2022. Whether you’re at the top of the game, a youth player just getting their first start, or somewhere in between, this list of reviews for the top 10 catcher’s mitts has you covered. With this selection of the best catcher’s mitts for 2022, you’re sure to find something that fits your preferences and your budget!