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The 7 Best Youth Softball Gloves for 2022

Finding the best youth softball gloves for young players can be a challenge. With so many models, features, brands and other factors to consider in youth softball glove reviews, how do you get all your options down to just one top-rated softball glove for kids?

This guide is your answer. We’ve compiled 7 of the best youth softball gloves of 2022. Each glove is selected with a specific age and preference in mind, which makes it easy to select the right one for your needs.

best youth softball gloves for kids

It’s worth noting that our age recommendations are based on average sizes. If your son or daughter is big or small for their age, you may want to look for a glove from a different age range.

These are the best youth softball gloves to buy:

1. Wilson A2000 SuperSkin P12 12″

The best glove for 12-year-olds

If you’ve spent even one season in the baseball or softball world, you’re likely familiar with the Wilson A2000 gloves. It’s the most popular softball glove for youth and adult players.

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin 12-Inch Fastpitch Softball Glove (WTA20RF19P12) Image credit: Wilson Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The reason behind its popularity is in its impeccable design and long list of performance-enhancing features. It starts with rugged, Pro Stock Leather and ultra-lightweight SuperSkin Backing that remains just as tough as leather. Out of the box, the glove will have a stiffer feel and will require a break-in.

Inside this 12-inch glove is Dri-Lex Wrist Lining to remove moisture and a smaller opening that snugly fits a female hand, making it a great softball glove for girls. The glove is secured with a hook, loop and velcro system that can be adjusted as needed.

The P12 pattern of this Wilson A2000 SuperSkin uses a two-piece, closed weave webbing to help pitchers mask their pitches, along with other helpful features like the knotless backing. That said, this glove can be used at all positions comfortably.

  • One of the best-selling youth softball gloves on the market.
  • High-quality materials and design offer a lightweight, durable glove.
  • Two-piece, weaved webbing is ideal for pitchers.
  • May be too small for softball outfielders.
  • One of the most expensive youth softball gloves on the list.

This is possibly the best softball glove for 12-year-olds. Players at this age need a sturdy, high-performing glove, like the Wilson A2000 SuperSkin.

2. All-Star Vela Three FING3R 12″

The best glove for 11-year-olds

The All-Star Vela Three FING3R has a unique design for a youth glove. As its name suggests, it features only three finger stalls (plus a thumb stall). This interesting concept enables the glove to have a much larger pocket than normal, making catching a little easier.

All-Star Vela Three FING3R 12-Inch Fastpitch Glove (FGSBV-12) Image credit: All-Star Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The black and tan leather combination of this lightweight glove gives it a classic look. The 12-inch pattern is well-sized for older youth softball players. It’s a great utility model that can be used at any position in the field (minus catching and first base, of course).

Pro Guard Padding (PGP) protects your palm from the painful sting that players feel after a hard hit or thrown ball. This allows you to have complete confidence when catching.

  • Eliminate palm sting with the Pro Guard Padding feature.
  • Utility model that can be used at almost every position.
  • Three finger design creates a larger pocket.
  • Three finger stalls may take some getting used to.
  • Utility model lacks position-specific features.

With a utility design and 12-inch size, the All-Star Vela Three FING3R is the best youth softball glove for 11-year-olds.

3. Easton Professional Collection 11.5″

The best glove for 10-year-olds

The Easton Professional Collection 11.5-inch glove is one of the best youth infield softball gloves. It has a shallow, I-Web and 11.5-inch pattern. This combination makes it easy to quickly snag balls on the ground and transfer to your throwing hand to make those tough plays around the horn.

Easton Professional Collection 11.5-Inch Fastpitch Softball Glove Image credit: Easton Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

This high-quality youth softball glove is made from Premium Reserve USA Steer Hide. This is an extremely durable material that will keep your glove in shape for seasons to come. You won’t have to replace it any time soon! Pro Grade Rawhide Laces hold the glove together and are also notably long-lasting.

To keep your hands cool and dry, a moisture-wicking wrist lining and pad do the trick inside the glove. The opening for this glove is smaller and offers a tight fit for better glove control. It is a great softball glove for kids thanks to this size.

  • One of the most durable youth softball gloves out there.
  • An exceptional infield softball glove for youth players.
  • Professional style pattern with a hand opening designed specifically for kids.
  • USA Steer Hide construction is not very lightweight.
  • May not perform as well in the outfield.
  • Smaller hand opening may be too small for some players.

Whether you need the best youth infield softball glove, or the best softball glove for a 10-year-old, the Easton Professional Collection has you covered.

4. Shoeless Jane 11.25″

The best glove for 8 to 9-year-olds

Even youth players appreciate the classic, vintage look of Shoeless Jane products. These gloves are made from an aromatic Tobacco Tanned Steer Hide that’s aged to have an antique look. The leather is then rubbed with a special mix of ingredients to soften it and give it a distinct old-timey smell.

Shoeless Jane 11.25-Inch Fastpitch Softball Glove (1125FPCW) Image credit: Shoeless Joe Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

This isn’t just the best youth softball glove for its looks. It is a modern design with contemporary features, like XRD Extreme Impact Technology, which absorbs palm impact to reduce painful sting.

The 11.25-inch pattern is a nice size for younger players. The velcro wrist strap is easy to adjust, even in the midst of a game. Just pull it tight and secure it with the velcro. It’s worth mentioning that every Shoeless Jane glove is hand laced, cut and sewn. This gives every glove a unique, unstructured design.

  • An awesome, vintage aesthetic that’s hard to miss on the field.
  • XRD Extreme Impact Protection Technology weakens pesky ball sting on the palm.
  • You won’t find another handcrafted youth softball glove.
  • 11.25-inch pattern may be too small for some youth players.
  • Young players may not know how to properly shape an unstructured glove.

Not only is the Shoeless Jane 11.25-inch youth glove one of the coolest looking gloves, but it’s also arguably the best youth softball glove for 8-year-old players.

5. Mizuno Prospect Finch 11″

The best glove for 7-year-olds

Jennie Finch is one of the greatest softball players of all time. Mizuno leveraged her intimate and expert knowledge of the game to develop the best youth softball glove possible. The Mizuno Prospect Finch 11-inch glove is an ideal glove for anyone just starting to play softball.

Mizuno Prospect Finch 11-Inch Youth Fastpitch Glove (GPP1105F3) Image credit: Mizuno Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

With an 11-inch pattern made from a combination of full grain leather and pigskin, it’s the perfect youth size. PowerLock Adjustable Wrist Strap ensures a comfortable fit that’s enhanced by Less 2 Lacing technology for superior flexibility and ButterSoft Palm Liner.

This glove features Mizuno’s PowerClose Technology that actually makes catching easier. It will immediately boost the confidence of a young player to make more catches. Plus, ParaShock Palm Pad eliminates the fear of painful sting by absorbing shock on contact.

The Trident Webbing is designed for infield and pitchers, but any youth player can use this softball glove.

  • A design inspired by one of the game’s greatest players, Jennie Finch.
  • PowerClose Technology will snap the glove shut on the ball and ensure more catches.
  • Parashock Palm Pad stops young players from worrying about the sting of the ball.
  • 11-inch pattern may be too small for older youth softball players.
  • Requires a break-in period before it’s game ready.

Check out our article on how to break in a baseball or softball glove.

6. Rawlings R9 Series 12.5″

The best youth softball first base mitt

Rawlings is arguably the most recognized glove brand next to Wilson. The Rawlings R9 Series is a quality, affordable lineup of youth softball gloves and mitts. These gloves are made from soft, but durable full grain leather. Softer leathers mean a faster break-in!

Rawlings R9 Series 12.5-Inch First Base Mitt (R9SBFBM-17DB) Image credit: Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

A reinforced palm pad and index finger pad offer outstanding protection and some moderate comfort. This will minimize sting from hard throws across the diamond or sharp hits down the line.

The Rawlings R9 first base mitt features an overlapped backing that allows you to have a single finger out the back. This and the mitt’s modified Pro H Web are two features that many first basemen look for. The fit of this glove is snug to accommodate a smaller hand. It’s a great girls’ first base mitt.

  • An affordable youth softball first base mitt.
  • Reinforced palm and index padding protect a young player’s hand.
  • Little break-in required.
  • Softer leathers can sometimes have long-term durability issues.
  • Only usable at first base.

If you need a top-rated youth softball first base mitt, the Rawlings R9 Series is a great option that won’t cost you too much.

7. Shoeless Jane 32″

The best youth softball catcher’s mitt

For young catchers, Shoeless Jane makes an exceptional youth softball catcher’s mitt. This glove features that vintage, Golden Era look and the same aged Tobacco Leather as the 11.25-inch model. It also has handmade craftsmanship that guarantees a high-quality product.

Shoeless Jane 32-Inch Fastpitch Softball Catcher's Mitt (3200FPCM) Image credit: Shoeless Joe Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

This youth softball catcher’s mitt has a 32-inch pattern, which is a great size for behind the plate. It’ll give your pitcher a great target to aim for, while providing plenty of catching surface to protect against passballs.

Meanwhile, the XRD Extreme Impact Technology thoroughly protects the palm of the catcher and ensures that any sting is minimal. To ensure a long-lasting glove, the two-piece closed webbing is extra reinforced, maximizing this catcher’s mitt durability.

  • Shoeless Jane gloves have a unique, vintage look that can’t be matched.
  • XRD Extreme Impact Technology is ideal for catchers.
  • 32-inch mitt size has multiple benefits for behind the plate.
  • An expensive youth softball catcher’s mitt.
  • Unstructured gloves require shaping.

If you’re a youth softball catcher, the Shoeless Jane 32-inch mitt is perfect. It’s usable by all ages, whether you need the best softball glove for a 9-year-old catcher or older.


There you have it – the best youth softball gloves that 2022 has to offer. With this list, you should have no problem finding the right softball glove for your age and fielding position.

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