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The 8 best turf shoes for baseball and softball 2022

If you’re a serious, dedicated player, then you need the best turf shoes for baseball or softball. Read any baseball turf shoes reviews and you’ll see that these products champion the “No Days Off” mentality that has been inspired by many of the game’s top sluggers.

With good turf shoes for baseball or softball, there’s never an excuse to take a day off because of snow, storms or anything else. If you can find an indoor field, you’ve got a pair of top baseball turf shoes ready to go.

This guide will answer all of the questions that frequently crop up when shopping for the best baseball turf shoes, such as:

These are the best turf shoes for baseball and softball:

  1. Under Armour Deception – Best Turf Shoes for Speed
  2. Adidas Speed Trainer 4 – Best Turf Shoes for Wide Feet
  3. Nike Force Zoom Trout 6 – Best New Baseball Turf Shoes
  4. Adidas Freak X Carbon – Most Versatile Turf Shoes
  5. Mizuno Players – Overall Best Men’s Turf Shoes
  6. Ringor Dynasty – Best Turf Shoes for Pitchers
  7. Boombah Frenzy – Overall Best Turf Shoes for Women
  8. New Balance Men’s 3000v4 – Most Color Options

Under Armour Deception – Best Turf Shoes for Speed

The Under Armour Deception turf trainers are built for speed and agility. With a low slung design, there’s no added weight from extra materials, as is the case in high top trainers.

Also cutting the weight of these shoes is the strategic placement of mesh materials, which also add a high level of breathability to the player’s feet.

Despite being a low cut shoe, the Deception turf trainer provides ample support thanks to Under Armour’s ClutchFit technology. This “second skin” feature produces a customized fit that forms around the shape of the player’s foot and ankle.

This delivers exceptional support and a really comfortable feel while wearing. The high-quality leather of these top baseball turf shoes also adds to the support and durability of the shoes.

For performance, Under Armour brings the Charged Cushioning midsole to the table. This material reacts to how the player is moving. For instance, when the player is stationary or moving slowly, the midsole is soft. During moments of fast movement, however, the midsole reacts by firming up and delivering the right experience that the player needs to make the play.

The Under Armour Deception shoe has a rubber outsole that offers good traction on any number of surfaces. These high-end men’s turf shoes come in five different color options: red, blue, navy, black and white/black.

Under Armour Deception Trainer Baseball Shoe
  • Reactive midsole creates the support and comfort that a player needs at every turn of the game.
  • Lightweight design and materials help keep the player speedy and unrestricted.
  • Excellent comfort and fit thanks to the customized ClutchFit technology.
  • Only a few color options to choose from.
  • Low cut style of shoes don’t provide great ankle support.
  • Some reviews suggest that the Deception shoes are narrow and tightly fitting.

If you like good low top turf shoes, then the Under Armour Deception turf trainers are a great fit that offers ample speed to any player.

Adidas Speed Trainer 4 – Best Turf Shoes for Wide Feet

The Adidas Speed Trainer series has seen good success over the years. The Speed Trainer 4 shoes are the next version in the series and they’ve done a good job in improving over past models.

These turf trainers are made predominantly from textile materials. This helps produce a lightweight and breathable shoe that is extremely comfortable to wear. That said, these shoes do offer moderate support to the ankle thanks to their 3D molded collar.

An Ironskin Toe Cap feature adds some additional support and injury prevention by encasing the player’s toes in protection, particularly against abrasions that can be caused from toe drag while running and throwing.

To top off these cool turf shoes for baseball, Adidas implemented a heel counter system that is designed to limit heel slip and provide better support, especially when breaking to either side. This is a great performance-enhancing feature that helps players get a more explosive jump on the ball or base.

Adidas equips these shoes with a versatile outsole that can be used in other sports, but is designed for the wear and tear of baseball. With multiple different color and style options, including a model for wide feet, there’s an option for everyone.

Adidas Speed Trainer 4 Shoes
  • 3D molded collar offers decent support to the ankles.
  • Various models make these good softball turf shoes or baseball shoes.
  • Heel counter system helps a player accelerate and change directions.
  • Moderate to high price tag, depending on where you buy.
  • Some reviews suggest buying half a size up to ensure the best fit.

The Adidas Speed Trainer 4 shoes bring a lot of versatility to the table and are an especially great choice for players with wide feet.

Nike Force Zoom Trout 6 – Best New Baseball Turf Shoes

Mike Trout is one of the greatest players to rise the Majors in the last decade. A yearly all-star and a common name for most valuable player accolades, it’s no wonder that Nike has dedicated footwear to Trout.

The Force Zoom Trout 6 turf baseball trainers are one of the newest high-end turfs for baseball. They’ve improved over previous years models.

The first notable change is that these shoes are 10% lighter than previous models. Removing excess weight helps the player move with ease; you don’t want to buy high-quality training shoes that weigh you down!

Eliminating this weight comes as a result of a number of other features and design choices. First, Nike created a new Flyweave upper, which weighs less and has a cool, textured style, without sacrificing any durability in this key part of the shoe.

To ensure a secure fit, the Zoom Trout 6’s have an over the top strap system. This was a design element that Trout himself asked. It is an ode to Nike’s Huarache baseball shoes. The end of the strap has Trout’s number on a design of an arrowhead, which is inspired by his love of hunting.

The outsole of these top men’s baseball turf shoes is carefully designed by computers and data to yield ultimate traction and power. This is the same pattern that was used in the Trout 5’s.

The bottom line is that these shoes have a professionally inspired design with great, performance features and an absolutely unbeatable style. There’s also a red, white and blue “premium” style of the Trout 6’s that is absolutely one of the coolest turf shoes for baseball.

Nike Force Zoom Trout 6 Turf Premium Turf Shoes
  • A stunning shoe designed with inspiration from one of the game’s future Hall of Famers.
  • Lightweight model with little-to-no extra weight.
  • Secure strapping system for a superb fit and added comfort.
  • Top-rated baseball turf shoes comes at a high price tag.
  • A brand new model that just came out at the start of July, still too early to tell how these shoes hold up.

Mike Trout is one of the best baseball players and he knows exactly what you need from the best baseball turf shoes: Nike Force Zoom Trout 6 baseball trainers.

Adidas Freak X Carbon – Most Versatile Turf Shoes

The Adidas Freak X Carbon mid cross trainers are an unassuming but versatile pair of shoes.

The concept of a cross trainer baseball shoe is to have one piece of footwear for your on-field workout and your gym workout. Not only does this save money, but it also means less equipment to clean, transport and maintain.

We call these Adidas training shoes unassuming because of their look and design. With a low-to-mid-cut shape and mostly neutral color options, these shoes have the performance of trainers, with the appearance of normal sneakers. You could really get away with wearing these shoes outside your baseball workouts.

With a breathable mesh upper, you don’t have to worry about sweat and odor ruining your baseball turf shoes. Moisture control is an important feature for these products, as it is one of the common complaints of baseball players.

The Adidas Freak X Carbon Mid Cross Trainers also deliver on comfort thanks to an EVA foam midsole. This cushiony material helps manage the player’s movements by compressing on heavy foot falls, before releasing again as the foot lifts off.

While these shoes are designed as cross trainers, they do have an outsole pattern that is optimized for the movements and needs of a baseball player.

Adidas Freak X Carbon Mid Cross Trainer
  • A very versatile shoe that is usable in multiple different capacities.
  • EVA foam helps create a secure, comfortable and performance-enhancing fit.
  • Breathable shoes that strike back at odor and sweat.
  • Possibly not a great buy if you’re not going to use these shoes beyond the turf.
  • Not a lot of color options to choose from.
  • Lower slung shoes don’t yield as much ankle support as high-top turf trainers.

The Adidas Freak X Carbon mid cross trainers offer baseball athletes a lot of uses for these shoes, which can help save on equipment costs.

Mizuno Players – Overall Best Men’s Turf Shoes

The Mizuno Players trainer turf shoes are carefully engineered to deliver on the three areas of performance that ball players absolutely need from their footwear: acceleration, grip and stability.

These are the qualities that allow players to explode on a jump, change directions and come to a halt, whenever needed.

Mizuno first brings these qualities out in the outsole. The pattern is very carefully laid out to create the perfect player experience on the field. You’ll have no problem finding traction and speed as you break for a ball or hustle around the bases.

In terms of stability, the Players turf shoes utilize a synthetic leather and mesh upper. These two materials deliver exceptional support, while also allowing the player’s feet to breathe.

This upper is just soft and flexible enough to not restrict movement, but not overly so that it compromises that much-needed stability, or the overall fit of the turf shoes.

For more acceleration and even some comfort, Mizuno incorporates their U4ic midsole. This is a lightweight material that is both cushiony and durable, for long-lasting wear. It helps a player accelerate by responding to their movements and providing an almost spring-like effect to those first crucial steps.

Mizuno Players Turf Training Shoes
  • Fast and stable men’s baseball turf shoes with ample traction.
  • Upper provides a lot of stability, even for a mid-top shoe.
  • Cushiony, responsive material helps alleviate foot discomfort and improve play.
  • Limited color options to pick from.

It is hard to find flaws in the Mizuno Players trainer turf shoes; they deliver on all of the aspects that players need most.

Ringor Dynasty 2.0 – Best Turf Shoes for Pitchers

The Ringor Dynasty turf shoes are a must-have on the list for a couple of reasons.

First, they are some of the best women’s turf shoes and men’s shoes. Thus, they are great options no matter if you need turf shoes for baseball or good turfs for softball. Secondly, the Ringor Dynasty model has design features that specifically enhance performance as a pitcher!

For example, the Pitching Toe element at the front of the shoes helps eliminate abrasions and discomfort felt from dragging the toes across the turf, which is a necessary motion during any player’s windup and delivery.

This feature is made to be extremely durable, as it is common to see the toes wear quickly for pitchers. Creating an extra resilient toe area really goes a long way in keeping these shoes on the field for longer.

The other notable feature of these shoes is the studded rubber turf outsole. While these trainers are built for the turf, these small studs can actually grip any number of surfaces, including the dirt of an outdoor field, or the gym.

A full, all leather upper produces a really stable feel for this mid-to-high top shoe. This is another great design choice that especially helps pitchers who absolutely need a stable footing to deliver strike after strike.

Lastly, the insole can be removed, which is really handy when you want to air out the shoes or refresh an odorous interior.

Ringor Dynasty 2.0 Pitching Turf Shoes
  • Pitching Toe creates a longer lasting turf shoe that elevates performance on the mound.
  • Available in both men’s and women’s sizes for universal wear.
  • Leather upper secures the fit for the player and offers good stability around the ankle.
  • Sizes run a little tight, so you may want to order a half size higher than normal.
  • Higher price range compared to other shoes.

The Ringor Dynasty are the best turf shoes for baseball and softball for players on the mound or in the circle.

Boombah Frenzy – Overall Best Turf Shoes for Women

These top-rated women’s turf shoes are packed with features that make them a strong candidate as the best overall turf shoes for softball.

Starting with the bottom of the shoes, the Boombah Frenzy turf shoes use an interesting chevron shape pattern along the edges of the tread. These blade-like studs are carefully angled to produce acceleration, while the heel chevrons face the opposite direction to help anchor the feet to the ground as you try and slow down or change directions.

Next, the upper on these top high-end turf shoes undergoes a special heat sealing process. This procedure generates a unique feel around the foot, as well as a secure, glove-like fit. With this snug fit and feel, the Frenzy turf shoes are able to generate a secure firmly around the player’s ankle and foot.

The collar and tongue of these comfortable women’s turf shoes is made from a lightweight, breathable material that controls moisture inside the sneakers. The purpose of this feature is to help reduce sweat and odor inside the turf shoes. In turn, this helps preserve the integrity and overall durability of the product.

To further support the moisture and odor control technologies of these shoes, the Boombah Frenzy utilize Recoil Foam in the midsole. This material enhances the breathability of the shoes, while also providing a cushioned surface on the bottom of the feet.

The final feature of these candidates for the best women’s turf softball shoes is the toecap. Protecting the front of the trainers, this part of the shoe is great for battling against toe drag.

This is a common area of wear for baseball shoes, as well as abrasive on the toes themselves. The toecap shields against this and ensures that this key area of the baseball shoes is durable.

The Frenzy turf shoes have 11 color options, which gives a lot of style choices to players. You can even match with your team colors!

Boombah Women’s Frenzy Turf Shoes
  • Chevron pattern provides excellent acceleration and the ability to stop on a dime.
  • Recoil Foam and mesh collar deliver lots of moisture wicking capabilities.
  • Heat-treated upper creatures a unique, stable fit.
  • Eleven color options.
  • Not designed for men’s feet and may even run narrow on most women.
  • Chevron treads are built for artificial surfaces and grass, but might not grip dirt.

The Boombah Frenzy turf shoes are hands down the best mid top turf shoes for softball. They are packed with all of the features that the best softball turf shoes need.

New Balance Men’s 3000v4 – Most Color Options

There’s two major selling points for the New Balance 3000v4 turf baseball shoes. The first in the 14 different color options, which makes it one of the best baseball turf shoes on the market when it comes to style. You’re almost guaranteed to find a style to match your team colors and uniform.

Saving the best for second, the New Balance 300v4’s are also one of the most comfortable turf shoes available. Reaching this accolade is thanks to two key features. One, the Fresh Foam interior makes for a comfortable, pain-reducing cushion for the player’s feet to land on.

Next, the TPU mesh upper generates an incredibly secure, “locked-in” fit that has just enough stretch to match the natural movements of a ball player. The end result is the flexibility and stability that every player wants from a good baseball turf shoe.

The outsole of these top baseball turf shoes has a very similar stud pattern to the on-field cleats made by New Balance. Yet, these smaller, rubberized cleats don’t damage artificial fields, while still offering decent grip, traction and movement.

An interesting and unique feature of the New Balance 3000v4 is the lace cage. The purpose of this design element is to eliminate any distraction or hazard caused by unruly shoe laces. The player can easily tuck away the laces, so even if they become undone, they aren’t getting in the way.

New Balance 3000v4 Turf Baseball Shoes
  • Lots of color options to choose from for the style-conscious player.
  • Innovative lace cage eliminates tripping risk.
  • TPU upper produces extra comfort and stability in the ankle and foot.
  • Some reviews suggest these best-rated turf shoes are too tight over the toes and cause lots of discomfort.
  • High price point, especially for a shoe that focuses on comfort and style over performance.

When it comes to style and comfort, the New Balance Men’s 3000V4 turf baseball shoes are unmatched.

Best Turf Shoes for Baseball and Softball Buyer’s Guide

After establishing the best baseball turf shoes reviews, we turn our attention towards answering the other common questions associated with shopping for the best-rated turf shoes. This buyer’s guide is designed to cover all angles of buying and choosing the right pair of baseball trainers.

What are the Best Brands of Baseball and Softball Turf Shoes?

Sometimes, knowing who to buy from is just as valuable as knowing what to buy. These are the best manufacturers of baseball and softball turf shoes and what they bring to the market.

New Balance

This company makes all sorts of athletic footwear. This means they have a lot of experience in the market. This experience translates into great, comfortable products. They may not have the baseball-specific expertise of other brands, but they definitely understand footwear!


The engineers at Mizuno focus solely on the performance of their products. While this sacrifices some style and color options, it does guarantee that you’re receiving a high-quality product that is rich in performance-enhancing features.


When it comes to footwear, there’s few companies with the level of recognition that Nike has around the world. It is easily one of the most respected and recognized companies. Beyond this reputation for style, Nike does produce some quality athletic footwear.

Under Armour

In the space of athletic wear and equipment, Under Armour is a titan. Their high-quality shoes and apparel are known for moisture wicking technology.


Another footwear brand with a lot of experience and great reputation. You can’t go wrong buying from one of the best baseball footwear manufacturers. Adidas products are known to stand the test of time and look great doing it.

Where Do You Buy the Best Turf Trainers on the Market?

It’s best to shop for baseball or softball turf shoes in person, as fit is incredibly important. A lot of these products run small or large, compared to normal shoe size measurements. Unfortunately, sports stores don’t have the selection or prices of online vendors, so you may have fewer options to choose from.

If you prefer shopping online or don’t have a good store nearby, make sure that you buy your pick for the best baseball turf shoes ahead of time. You never know if you’ll have to return them and order a different size.

Alternatively, you could find the right fit in-person, and then order online to guarantee a wider color variety and better prices.

What to Look for From a Pair of Top-Quality Turf Shoes?

There’s a number of features and qualities that you should look for from high-end turf trainers. This will help you understand the reviews for the best turf shoes and what to expect from high-end baseball turfs.

1. Fit

Of course you need your baseball trainers to fit. This is predominantly controlled by getting the right sized shoes. However, some products implement additional features to help deliver that snug, comfortable fit that players need.

2. Tread and Traction

Even a cheap pair of turfs for baseball should provide good traction on an artificial surface. More advanced products have scientifically perfected stud patterns to optimize the grip.

3. Breathability

Even in an indoor field, heat and sweat management is a concern. Sweat is not only uncomfortable and odorous, but it can also wear the interior of the indoor cleats down. Mesh and other materials can be great for helping the shoes and feet breathe.

4. Ankle Support

Turf shoes typically have an upper that is made from leather or another material. It is designed to provide some stability and support to the ankle to limit the propensity for injury.

5. Cushioning

Naturally, comfort is an area of concern when buying any pair of shoes, including baseball and softball turf trainers. You want ample cushioning inside the shoes to help keep your feet comfortable.

6. Performance

Not all softball and baseball turf shoes are made the same. High-end models have features that can positively impact a player’s performance. These features generate added acceleration and stopping power, allowing players to start and stop more effectively.

7. Colors

Some turf shoes have more color options than others. While this doesn’t impact performance, having extra style choices is a nice quality, especially if you’re trying to match a uniform color.

What Are the Different Types/Styles of Turf Shoes?

In terms of different design types, you really have three major styles of baseball and softball turf shoes. Each style caters to different types of players and footwear needs.

Mid Top Turf Shoes

This is the most popular style of cleats and turf trainers. It is the midway point between low top and high top, which means it has some of the benefits of both types. You get moderate stability, without too much added weight slowing you down.

Low Top Turf Shoes

The low profile design of this style is built for speed. Without the excess material used in mid and high-top trainers, these shoes have far less weight. The drawback is that they provide less support to the ankle region.

High Top Turf Shoes

These turf shoes offer the maximum amount of ankle support and stability. They are especially favored by players that have prior injuries to the ankle. Unfortunately, the extra material does weigh these shoes down more.


Shopping for the best turf shoes for baseball and softball means sifting through a lot of different products and finding the one that best fits your play style, budget and other needs.

The purpose of this guide, and our selection of baseball turf shoes reviews, was to give you all of the information and advice that you need to find this perfect model and get you to the height of your game.

We’ve covered all of the frequently asked questions regarding baseball and softball indoor trainers, as well as a great selection of reviews to start your search.

Hopefully, the information included in this guide will help make that decision easier and get the best pair of turf shoes on your feet quicker.