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Fungo bats 101: What are they and what are they for?

Fungo bats are lightweight bats that are specifically used by coaches. They typically have a different shape than a bat that players would use. The taper of the barrel starts much earlier, meaning that there isn’t a large sweet spot. Because of the shorter barrel and smaller sweet spot, a fungo bat is definitely not a bat that players would want to use in game.

what are fungo bats

What are fungo bats used for?

Fungos are used for fielding practice. The bat isn’t designed to handle live pitching. With how small the barrel is, the bat is likely to break when facing a pitcher. With that in mind, a coach should simply toss the ball into the air and hit it into the field.

The bat’s large taper allows for a much lighter swing so that a coach isn’t worn down when hitting the ball repeatedly. Despite having a small barrel, you don’t have to worry about the bat holding up to full practice. A fungo can handle hitting fly balls to the outfield without any issue.

It’s worth noting that a fungo bat won’t come with the bells and whistles that a USA or BBCOR bat would include. Because this bat is designed for coaches, it’s a pretty generic model. The good news is that fungo bats are significantly cheaper than their USA or BBCOR counterparts.

How to use a fungo?

As mentioned above, it’s best to “self-toss” when using a fungo. The bat works the same as any other model that you might purchase, but it’s not designed to handle live pitching. So, toss the ball into the air, hit it and watch how your fielders go to work.


Fungo bats are generally made from wood or aluminum. Both are readily available from most competitive companies.


To sum this up quickly, fungo bats are a tool for coaches to use. You don’t need to purchase a fungo to become a coach. It’s designed to make things easier when you’re hitting dozens of balls out to your fielders.

A new fungo bat will typically cost about $50-$80 depending on which company you use. For more information, make sure to check out our recommendations for the best fungo bats.