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The 7 best baseball board games for 2022

When you aren’t capable of making it to the field to play nine innings of baseball, what’s the next best thing? Playing one of the best baseball board games!

Baseball simulation board games have been around for decades. They are great ways to learn about baseball and “play” a game right from your coffee table.

best baseball board games

This list includes some of the best tabletop baseball games on the market. Many of these games are strategic simulators, while others are more for fun.

These are the best baseball board games you can buy:

  1. What About Baseball
  2. Bottom Of The 9th
  3. Pocket Sports Baseball Game
  4. Firebubbles Hook & Ring
  5. Across The Board Baseball Game
  6. MLB Fanzy Dice Game
  7. Merchant Ambassador Pinball Baseball

What About Baseball

The best classic baseball simulator board game

Grandma Smiley's What About Baseball board game Image credit: Grandma Smiley’s

Of all of the baseball simulation board games, Grandma Smiley’s What About Baseball is one of the best representations of the classic pen-and-paper simulators that have been popular for decades.

The game board has a great vintage board game feel to it and you get plenty of score sheets and other pieces to help you track what’s happening in your game.

Parents really love this non-electronic board game because it’s an easy way to distract kids from devices and video games.

The basic game play option is ideal for younger kids that may not have a full grasp on all of the rules of baseball. Over time, you can switch to a more detailed “advanced” mode that includes more rules.

The What About Baseball game is made in the USA and has a very reasonable price tag. It makes a great gift for a baseball fan of any age, or as the newest baseball board game to add to your collection.

  • Vintage look of the board really helps you get into the nostalgia of baseball.
  • Multiple game modes designed for new and returning players to keep game play fresh.
  • An affordable baseball board game made in the USA.
  • There are a lot of rules, even in the basic mode, making it hard for children to learn without the help of an adult.
  • Many small pieces that could present choking hazards.

If you love classic baseball game simulators, Grandma Smiley’s What About Baseball board game is a great way to bring this style to the whole family.

Bottom Of The 9th

The best board game with a twist

Bottom Of The 9th baseball tabletop card game Image credit: Greater Than Games

Bottom Of The 9th pulls elements from the classic baseball simulation board games we’ve seen, but it adds cards to the mix as well.

These cards are fictional baseball players that you can use to fill your team. Each player adds new rules (for example, re-rolling certain dice) that keep the gameplay fresh each time you play.

We really enjoy the silly names of the card players and the art style. It really adds a fun element to the regular baseball simulator dice games.

Most baseball simulator games have a large playing board. While it looks nice and enhances gameplay, it’s harder to transport. Meanwhile, Bottom Of The 9th’s collapsible board fits inside the game’s small box.

It is one of the best baseball board games to take on vacation or bring to a friend’s house.

  • A portable version that feels like many other baseball simulation board games.
  • Adds exciting new elements and gameplay to typical dice-based baseball games.
  • Art and style of the game’s cards are fun and engaging.
  • The board itself and some of the pieces are very small and hard to read.
  • Lovers of classic baseball simulation games may not like the quirky player cards’ rules.

Bottom Of The 9th delivers a portable, fun baseball board game that includes lots of classic strategy elements, but adds some of its own rules and gameplay to the mix.

Pocket Sports Baseball Game

The best baseball board game for traveling

Pocket Sports Baseball Game Image credit: Pocket Sports

You can walk around with a full nine innings of baseball in your pocket thanks to the Pocket Sports Baseball Game.

This game includes a set of custom dice that help you determine the outcomes in the game, whether you’re pitching, batting or fielding. You also receive player tokens to help you keep track of base runners.

The entire game fits in a small pouch, making this the best baseball board game to take on the road. Plus, since there is no game board, you need very little space to begin playing.

That said, you need to pay close attention to the dice and game tokens. You don’t want to lose one of these crucial pieces!

The Pocket Sports Baseball Game is also the cheapest on the list. It is easily the best baseball board game for under $20. It’s a great, inexpensive gift for any baseball or board game lover you know.

  • An exceptionally affordable and transportable baseball board game.
  • Easy-to-understand rules and gameplay; just roll the dice and read your outcome!
  • Comes in a mesh bag to ensure that all of the parts and dice stay together.
  • There are no score sheets or game board to use.
  • You don’t want to lose one of the pieces or dice!

The Pocket Sports Baseball Game requires very little space or setup to start playing. Plus, it is the cheapest baseball board game on our list, making it a great gift for baseball lovers.

Firebubbles Hook & Ring

The best board game for parties

Firebubbles Hook & Ring toss baseball game Image credit: Firebubbles

The Firebubbles Hook & Ring toss game is not your typical tabletop baseball game. The board is designed to hang on a wall or door. Then, you take turns tossing colored rings at the board.

If you manage to get the ring on one of the board’s many hooks, you follow the corresponding action (out, foul, hit).

This easy ring toss game can be played and enjoyed by most ages. However, you may have to move the board to accommodate shorter players.

The other benefit to this game is it’s fun to play with teams, where you alternate who throws the ring, kind of like the batting order in a real baseball game!

The makers behind this baseball game include a number of game modes you can try. Not only does this add variety to the game and keep it fresh, but the different modes allow you to play simple or more advanced versions.

There’s even an adult mode variety that incorporates drinking into the game.

  • A versatile baseball board game that everyone can enjoy and quickly learn.
  • Play with another person, by yourself or with an entire party of people!
  • The gameboard is well-made, colorful and easy to hang up.
  • Some game modes may be too complex for younger audiences.
  • Small children may have a hard time hooking the rings.

The Hook & Ring is a great game to hang up in an entertainment space or a mancave. It’s varied modes and simple gameplay make it one of the most popular baseball games for all ages.

Across The Board Baseball Game

The coolest-looking board game

Across The Board Baseball Game Image credit: Across The Board

Across The Board’s maple wood baseball game looks and plays a lot like some of the other best baseball board games we’ve reviewed.

What makes it stand out compared to What About Baseball is the beautifully designed board and pieces.

The all-wood board is shaped like a baseball diamond and could easily become a center-piece on your coffee table.

You use chrome and brass pegs to mark baserunners and scoring, which is another way that this product delivers the best looking baseball board game.

There’s also a dry-erase scoreboard with a marker to help you track scores in each inning.

Even the box is shaped like a home plate!

  • A beautifully made baseball board game that’s worth the extra cost.
  • Your standard dice baseball simulator that’s easy to learn and start playing.
  • Dry-erase scoreboard to easily track your runs.
  • The chrome and brass pegs used for scoring are hard to distinguish from one another.
  • The board is not entirely made from maple.
  • You’re paying more for the look and quality of the board.

If you’re already a fan of baseball simulation board games, the Across The Board Baseball Game is the perfect choice. The high-quality wooden board and metal pegs are really worth it.

MLB Fanzy Dice Game

The most unique baseball board game

Masterpieces MLB Fanzy Dice Game Image credit: Masterpieces

There are lots of tabletop baseball games that use dice, but none of them are quite like the MLB Fanzy dice game. This MLB licensed game includes 24 dice that include different combinations of team logos.

You’re then given a challenge card detailing which teams you need to roll. The objective is to be the first to complete your challenge card objectives by rolling dice.

While many of the other best baseball board games are slow-paced, the MLB Fanzy is more of a race to see who can finish their objectives first. Gameplay only lasts a few minutes, which means you can quickly play several games in one sitting.

This also means that gameplay is very quick to learn. It can be a fun matching game for young children, where they have to compare their dice rolls to the teams on their card.

  • An MLB officially licensed product that uses the logos and names of real baseball teams.
  • Fast-paced action keeps everyone engaged and wanting to play again and again.
  • Multiple game modes available for even more gameplay value.
  • It’s a lot of individual dice to keep track of!
  • Some of the MLB logos are slightly outdated.

The Masterpieces MLB Fanzy dice baseball game is one of the most unique board games on our list and also the most fast-paced. If you want a quick, easy baseball game, this is your pick.

Merchant Ambassador Pinball Baseball

The best arcade baseball board game

Merchant Ambassador MLB Wooden Pinball Baseball Game Image credit: Merchant Ambassador

The Merchant Ambassador MLB Wooden Pinball Baseball is an officially licensed product, meaning they can use real team logos and other small details.

For a young kid, this small detail makes a huge difference when they see their favorite team represented!

Overall, the game itself is made mostly from wood, with a few plastic and cardboard details. This keeps it fairly sturdy.

However, there is a concern for the small parts of this tabletop baseball game. These pieces can present choking hazards and are very easy to lose, especially the small balls.

The gameplay is a lot like what you would expect from a baseball pinball game. You want to use the bat-like flipper to shoot the balls towards favorable outcomes (home run, double, triple, etc.), while avoiding “out” and “strike” holes.

  • Pinball and baseball collide in this easy-to-play tabletop baseball game.
  • Includes real MLB team logos for a professional feel.
  • Very colorful details that really help all the small elements stand out.
  • Losing the small pieces of the game may happen and you’ll need to replace these bits.
  • The cardboard back of the stadium might not last as long as the wood components.

There’s a lot to love about the Merchant Ambassador Pinball Baseball. You can enjoy a baseball-theme pinball game and it doesn’t take up any space.


That completes our list of the best baseball board games of 2022. Whether you’re looking to buy a game for yourself or as a gift for someone that loves baseball, all of these products will be a great pick.

The only thing you have to think about is the age of the players to determine the best baseball board game for their skill level.