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The 7 best cheap 2022 fastpitch softball bats under $100

Welcome to our round-up of the best cheap fastpitch softball bats under $100 you can buy in 2022. This page includes reviews for the best, most durable 2022 models under the $100 mark.

best cheap fastpitch softball bats

These are the best cheap fastpitch softball bats you can buy under $100:

1. 2022 Rawlings Ombre

The best overall bat for under $100

2022 Rawlings Ombre fastpitch softball bat Image credit: Rawlings Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The heavier Rawlings Ombre (-11) is great for older youth players or young hitters with extra strength and power. That said, this is not an end-loaded bat; it has an extremely balanced swing.

One notable feature of this one-piece, all-alloy bat is the X-Tended Sweet Spot. With a larger sweet spot, you’ll more consistently make solid contact.

Not only will this be a tremendous confidence boost, but the performance at the plate will speak for itself!

The all-alloy design of this bat gives it a very stiff feel on contact. However, this could lead to additional bat sting.

  • X-Tended Sweet Spot produces consistent hitting performance at the plate.
  • A heavier, stiff bat ideal for youth players that want extra power.
  • Durable alloy material will continue to perform for seasons to come.
  • All-alloy design leads to added bat sting.
  • -11 drop weight may be too heavy for some youth players.

The 2022 Rawlings Ombre is one of the best fastpitch softball bats under $50, especially for older players or those with extra power.

2. 2022 Louisville Slugger Proven

The best composite bat around $100

2022 Louisville Slugger Proven (-13) fastpitch softball bat Image credit: Louisville Slugger Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

At around $100 (not including taxes and other fees), the 2022 Louisville Slugger Proven just misses the $100 mark.

With a -13 length-to-weight ratio and ultra-balanced swing, it’s a great starting option for youth players that are enthusiastic about playing.

This is a 100% composite bat, which many hitters prefer because these materials tend to be lighter than aluminum alloy options.

Plus, bat sting is less of an issue with composite bats, which means you can swing with full confidence at the plate.

This particular model features a notably large sweet spot for extra performance.

We particularly like the white and pink color scheme for this bat. It’s the perfect fastpitch softball bat for girls.

  • Composite materials offer consistent performance.
  • Louisville Slugger made the Proven barrel with a large sweet spot.
  • A beautiful color pattern for young girls starting out in softball.
  • The most expensive bat on the list.
  • An ultra-lightweight bat may be too light for some players.

The 2022 Louisville Slugger Proven is arguably the best youth fastpitch softball bat. However, it is just under $100.

3. 2022 Mizuno F22-Finch

The best bat for youth players on a budget

2022 Mizuno F22-Finch (-13) fastpitch softball bat Image credit: Mizuno Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Jennie Finch is one of the most decorated softball players of all time, including an Olympic Gold. The F22-Finch continues to honor this amazing legacy with its pro-inspired design.

This budget-friendly bat is made from Mizuno’s MZ-2200+ alloy, which offers exceptional durability and a light, balanced swing.

The handle of this one-piece bat features a cushioned grip, which improves comfort and swing control.

Similar to the 2022 LS Proven, this is another bat that features a really nice color pattern that any young girl will love.

  • A light, balanced swing weight that is ideal for youth players.
  • MZ-2200+ alloy will keep performing all season long (and beyond).
  • Cushioned grip improves comfort and hand stability.
  • A one-piece alloy bat will produce more bat sting than other models.
  • Older, bigger youth players may want a slightly heavier bat.

The 2022 Mizuno F22-Finch is one of the best low-cost youth fastpitch softball bats and has a great look.

4. 2022 Easton Ghost Youth

One of the cheapest models for 2022

2022 Easton Ghost Youth (-11) fastpitch softball bat Image credit: Easton Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The 2022 Easton Ghost Youth fastpitch softball Bbat is another model that is great for older players or new youth hitters that have some extra power.

While the heavier length-to-weight ratio may be too much for young players, the bat actually has a very balanced, lightweight swing, making it ideal for contact hitting.

The 100% ALX50 Aluminum Alloy material is durable and also responsive on contact. Paired with -11 drop weight, this generates some extraordinary pop.

Unfortunately, the thinner 29/32-inch handle will have a hard time reducing the increased bat sting produced by this all-alloy, one-piece bat.

  • A good balance of heavier drop weight with a balanced swing weight.
  • ALX50 Alloy is both durable and responsive.
  • A heavier drop weight may be hard to control in your swing path.
  • All-alloy bat and thin handle will create additional sting.

The 2022 Easton Ghost Youth is one of the cheapest fastpitch softball bats out this year. That alone makes it a promising product.

5. 2022 Easton Topaz

The best cheap bat for high school

2022 Easton Topaz (-10) fastpitch softball bat Image credit: Easton Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The 2022 Easton Topaz fastpitch softball bat features the heaviest drop weight of any bat under $100. Typically, heavier bats are designed for older players. With a drop weight of -10, this bat could serve you all the way to high school.

Typically, the law of sporting goods states that the older you are, the more expensive the equipment. The 2022 Easton Topaz and its -10 drop weight is counter to this relationship. It features the same ALX50 Alloy as the 2022 Easton Ghost Youth.

This bat features a Concave End Cap that reduces weight in the barrel’s end, creating a more balanced swing. Moreover, it produces better performance by optimizing the compression within the walls of the barrel.

An All-Sports Bat Grip ends this bat’s list of performance features.

  • ALX50 alloy is durable, performs well and has the stiff feel some hitters love.
  • Concave end cap reduces swing weight and improves pop.
  • With a -10 drop weight, this bat may be too heavy for younger hitters.
  • A one-piece alloy bat may create some painful feedback on mishits.

The durability and low price of the 2022 Easton Topaz, mixed with its heavier drop weight, makes it the best cheap fastpitch softball bat for players up to high school.

6. Marucci Echo Alloy

The best advanced youth bat for under $100

Marucci Echo Alloy (-12) fastpitch softball bat (MFPEA12) Image credit: Marucci Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

Marucci doesn’t always get the same attention as companies like Louisville Slugger or Easton, but their bats are high-quality. In fact, the company has a team of former pro players on their advisory board.

Thus, the 2022 Marucci Echo Alloy is a design inspired by some of the greatest players to take the field.

It’s a fairly straightforward design featuring a balanced swing weight and a 100% alloy construction. It’s very comparable to many of the other bats on our list.

The main difference is the -12 drop weight. It’s the only bat on this list (and one of the only on the market) that has this length-to-weight ratio.

It’s a good size for a new youth player that finds the -13 a little too light. It could also be a nice transition bat into older youth leagues.

  • The -12 drop weight is unique and a good size for many players.
  • Balanced swing weight is easy to control through the zone.
  • Alloy materials are durable and produce stiff contract.
  • Alloy bats produce more bat sting than composite.

7. 2022 Rawlings Storm

The coolest-looking budget bat

2022 Rawlings Storm fastpitch softball bat Image credit: Rawlings Check availability, prices, and deals: Amazon

The first thing you’ll notice about the 2022 Rawlings Storm is its appearance. The green and red camouflage pattern matches the black of the Rawlings and Storm logos perfectly. It is easily the coolest-looking fastpitch softball bat under $100.

Beyond its look, the 2022 Rawlings Storm also has a few notable performance features. It utilizes the same X-Tended Sweet Spot tech as the Rawlings Ombre. This leads to more consistent hitting for youth players, which can be a great confidence builder.

This is a one-piece bat made from aluminum alloy. With its light drop weight and design, it provides an extremely balanced swing weight that’s perfect for young hitters.

  • X-Tended Sweet Spot makes it easier to consistently make solid contact.
  • An awesome aesthetic design that is sure to stand out on the team.
  • Aluminum alloy is responsive and durable.
  • On the higher end of the price spectrum for cheap bats.
  • Alloy materials will perform well, but also create added sting on mishits.

The 2022 Rawlings Storm fastpitch softball bat performs well and looks even better, especially for youth softball players.

How we picked the best cheap fastpitch bats for 2022?

Finding high-performing fastpitch softball bats under $100 isn’t easy. We consider several factors when selecting the best cheap fastpitch bats for our reviews.


Anyone searching for the best 2022 fastpitch softball bats under $100 is working on a tight budget. Aside from only including options under this price point, we also try to vary the cost of each bat as much as possible. Our list includes options as low as $40.


Cheaper fastpitch softball bats use lower quality materials, which means durability can be an issue.

There’s no sense buying a fastpitch softball bat for under $50 if it breaks in a week. Thus, we pay particular attention to the durability of each bat and only select the ones built to last.


Many inexpensive fastpitch softball bats fall into the youth category. We’ve made sure to include options for older softball players as well.


That’s the end of the list of the best cheap fastpitch softball bats under $100 for 2022. Hopefully, we’ve connected you to the perfect, affordable fastpitch softball bat!