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The 10 best sunglasses for baseball and softball players 2022

The best baseball sunglasses can be the difference between a putout and a costly error. While this piece of equipment is often seen as an accessory, baseball sunglasses reviews tell another story.

Battling the sun is one of the hardest tasks for a fielder, or even a hitter, to manage. Understanding a baseball sunglasses review isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve never shopped for these products before.

best sunglasses for baseball and softball

This buyer’s guide will not only list a number of reviews for the best baseball and softball sunglasses, but it will also answer key questions to help you find the right product for your unique needs.

These questions will include:

Most of our audience members are experienced baseball and softball players that want to get right to the best baseball sunglasses reviews.

If this is your first time shopping for sunglasses for baseball and softball players, you may want to check out our buyer’s guide first. This will help alleviate some of the confusion that can come when reading a baseball sunglasses review.

We list our reviews in no particular order and try and include options for all player types, budgets and preferences.

These are the best sunglasses for baseball and softball:

  1. Oakley Flak 2.0 XL
  2. Rivbos RB831
  3. Ewin E11
  4. UA TUNED Changeup
  5. Marucci MV108
  6. Rawlings Pro Preferred
  7. Easton Ultra Lite Z-Bladz
  8. Oakley Radar EV XS Path
  9. Marucci Omero Lifestyle
  10. Nike Hyperforce Elite

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

The Flak is a long-time favorite in the Oakley lineup of baseball sunglasses. This new model is bigger and better than its predecessor. With a taller frame design than the normal Flak 2.0, the glasses hold larger lenses, so the player has more of their field of vision protected from distracting sunlight or glares.

Despite the bigger lenses, the Oakley Flak 2.0 XL’s use the same chassis, which means you don’t have any added weight (beyond the weight of the frames) or obstruction for having this larger field of vision. This chassis is built from Oakley’s “O-Matter’ material, which provides long-lasting durability, with a lightweight design to enhance comfort.

To improve fit and further enhance comfort, these top Oakley baseball sunglasses have Unobtainium earsocks and nose pads, along with the brand’s 3-point fit system. Together, these features offer unbeatable fit that will stay secure on your face longer, even when you starting sweating during the heat of a day game.

You can equip these Oakley Flak 2.0 XL sunglasses with prescription lenses, if needed, which makes them some of the best baseball prescription glasses. Otherwise, Oakley has a number of sport-specific lenses.

Their PRIZM lenses are particularly powerful for baseball players because they are designed to help the wearer track motion in the sky, even while battling the sun. Oakley lenses are interchangeable and each pair comes with a carrying case to protect the products during travel.

The Flak 2.0 XL glasses are part of Oakley’s MLB Signature Series. They can be customized with various colors, lens styles and other style/design options. You can even put your favorite team logo or your own name on the lens.

Oakley Men's Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses
  • High lens height creates an awesome field of view behind the sunglasses.
  • Designed for comfort, fit, appearance and function.
  • PRIZM lenses are specially engineered for baseball players.
  • Moderate price means they are not the cheapest baseball sunglasses around.
  • Large frames may be too bulky on a small head.

The Oakley Flak 2.0 XL baseball sunglasses are arguably the best sunglasses for softball outfielders or baseball outfielders because of their expansive lens size and PRISM technology for tracking pop flies in the sky.

Rivbos RB831

If you’re prone to losing sunglasses, or don’t want to worry about keeping track of the best baseball sunglasses for $200, then the Rivbos RB831 polarized sports sunglasses are a great option. These good, cheap baseball sunglasses will get the job done in the field and won’t break your bank.

These sunglasses are designed for all sports, but have grey coated, rainbow REVO lenses that are designed for high-glare sports, like baseball. For their price, these lenses have exceptional clarity and have 100% protection against UVA, UVB, UVC and blue light.

The wrap-around construction of the glasses is ideal for sports because the fit is snug and secure. They won’t slip off while you move to make that great play in the field.

Cheap baseball sunglasses are known to have durability problems, but the Rivbos RB831 sunglasses are made from a sturdy TR90 material that flexes under pressure, rather than snapping. This ensures that these glasses last all season long.

The look of the Rivbos RB831 sunglasses is sleek and low-profile. Unlike other top baseball sunglasses, these are stylish enough to be worn off the field, which gives the wearer a lot more use out of the glasses.

Each pair of Rivbos sunglasses are packed and shipped in a hard case and basic cleaning kit, which makes them easy to travel with and protect.

Rivbos RB831 Polarized Sports Sunglasses
  • A quality pair of baseball sunglasses at an extremely affordable price.
  • Sports lenses help eliminate glare and protect the eyes from sunlight and harmful rays.
  • Sleek design makes them one of the coolest baseball sunglasses on and off the field.
  • Not specifically designed for baseball.
  • There are only 5 lens types to choose from.
  • Some baseball sunglasses reviews suggest that the rubber earsocks have a tendency to fall off.

The Rivbos RB831 polarized sports sunglasses are the best baseball sunglasses under $50 and may be one of the best pairs on the market period.

Ewin E11

Similar to the Rivbos RB831 glasses, the Ewin E11 sports polarized sunglasses are designed for all athletes and sports. While they lack the speciality of being designed specifically for baseball, they do pack a lot of good features that many players may find appealing.

Plus, their universal design appeals to both men and women, which means they are one of the best sunglasses for softball and baseball players.

One of the best features of the Ewin E11 sunglasses is their three interchangeable lenses. Each lens has a unique purpose and strength.

  • Polarized Black Lens: designed to remove glare and provide protection against UV400; these are the lenses that Ewin claims to be best for sports.
  • REVO Multicolor Lens: these lenses shield the wearer for UV, infrared and other damaging lights and may be better suited for baseball players battling extreme sun.
  • Yellow Lens: in low-light situations, like an early-morning practice or overcast game, these “night vision” lenses may provide a little more clarity on the field than the others.

The lenses are easy to remove and the glasses come with a pouch for the unused lenses, to ensure they don’t become damaged during storage or transportation.

Ewin constructs each lens with nine different layers. Each layer is designed for either strengthening the lenses, to ensure that these are shatterproof sunglasses, or for better UV400 filtering and protection.

The frames are built from TR90 material. As we saw with other examples for the best polarized sunglasses for baseball, this is a flexible material that is lightweight and easy to wear. This allows the glasses to bend beyond the normal limits without breaking.

The wide temple design helps keep pressure off the temples for a more comfortable wear, but it may make the fit a little less snug, which could be a drawback for active players.

Ewin E11 Polarized Sports Sunglasses
  • Affordable price tag that won’t have you worrying about losing or damaging the glasses.
  • TR90 material provides high flex for great durability.
  • 3 available lenses for all types of preferences and needs in the field.
  • Wide temple design may create a fit that is not as snug as players hope for.
  • Doesn’t have the wide customization options that Oakley and other top brands provide.
  • Not directly made for baseball players.

If you want a cheap pair of baseball sunglasses, or want the best youth baseball sunglasses that you don’t have to worry about your child losing or breaking, the Ewin E11 polarized sports sunglasses are a great option.

Under Armour TUNED Changeup

Under Armour’s baseball eyewear is known for their exceptional ability to provide clear vision of the field, even during the toughest of conditions. The UA TUNED Changeup sunglasses are no exception; they are one of the best baseball sunglasses for picking up movement in the sun, thanks to ArmourSight lenses. These lenses are built to protect the player’s ayes from UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

The TUNED Changeup baseball sunglasses have ArmourFusion Frames that are engineered with quality materials and then injected with polyamide. This nylon-like polymer allows the frames to bend more freely and it cuts needless weight. Not only does this add durability, for long-lasting wear, but also comfort on the player’s face.

With a one-size-fits-all design, anyone can wear these sunglasses comfortably. This design implements a similar 3-point fit to guarantee a game-long fit that is both comfortable and resilient. You won’t find yourself readjusting the glasses. To improve this fit further, Under Armour added a screwless cam-lock hinge on each side to generate a more secure fit around the temples.

The one drawback to the Under Armour TUNED Changeup sunglasses, aside from the slightly inflated price, is the lack of color and design options.

Under Armour TUNED Baseball Changeup Sunglasses
  • Multiple features supporting a secure, comfortable fit.
  • ArmourSight technology in each lens yields impeccable eye protection and vision.
  • Made specifically for baseball players.
  • Price is a concern here, with these baseball sunglasses costing around $150.
  • Limited options for lenses and color options.
  • One-size-fits-all doesn’t guarantee a perfect fit on all heads.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the most popular Oakley sunglasses for baseball players, the Under Armour TUNED Changeup sunglasses are a great option and provide many of the same performance-enhancing features.

Marucci MV108

The Marucci MV108 performance sunglasses are another pair of sports glasses specifically designed for baseball and softball. Their on-field lenses are made by Carl Zeiss Vision, an esteemed name in the world of optometry and eyewear. This is aligned with the Marucci company philosophy of using professional insights to make all of their products.

The lenses are carefully crafted to promote visibility, color perception and movement-tracking, especially against sunlight or blue sky. There are multiple lens options, each with a use specific to the game of baseball:

  • Green: optimal “true color recognition,” particularly when measuring the trajectory of the ball against grass or sky.
  • Violet: max color contrasting for pure, clear vision on the field during all lighting conditions.
  • Orange: the best ability to track balls in extreme sunlight and glare.

Additionally, Marucci protects the lenses (and the eyes behind them) with Ri-Pel Technology. This polycarbonate shielding is resistant to scratches, dirt, oil and even water. Their ability to resist all types of danger and harm means players can focus directly on making plays and winning the game.

Since Marucci is a company of baseball people, they know that baseball players need glasses that fit snugly under a ball cap and can be placed on the brim, if light conditions change. The baseball-focused frame, made from the flexible TR90 material, is sculpted specifically for these challenges.

The rubber components of the Marucci MV108 sunglasses, like the nose pieces and earsocks, are adjustable for a more customizable fit and wear.

Marucci MV108 Performance Sunglasses
  • Baseball-specific sunglasses with an affordable price.
  • Multiple lens colors for various field and sun conditions.
  • TR90 frames are flexible and fit smoothly alongside the shape of a baseball hat.
  • Only three lens styles.
  • Uncertain if these baseball glasses can be used with prescription lenses.

When you consider the price, baseball-rich features and Carl Zeiss Vision design, the Marucci MV108 performance sunglasses are easily the best baseball sunglasses under $100 and possibly the best men’s baseball sunglasses on the list.

Rawlings Pro Preferred

The Rawlings Pro Preferred sunglasses are simple, yet effective baseball sunglasses. They focus on the key areas that baseball players care about, while providing comparative eye protection. This protection isn’t just from UVA/UVB rays (shields 100%, by the way), but also scratches and impacts that would otherwise damage the lenses.

The lenses themselves are high-definition photochromic. This means that they adapt to all different lighting environments and even adjust as the lighting changes throughout a single game. You’ll never be without that vital, unobstructed vision on the field that ballplayers absolutely need.

The frames of these best Rawlings’ baseball sunglasses are built from the TR90 material to give flexibility and durability. They’re more damage-resistant and maneuverable than typical, polycarbonate glasses.

The Rawlings Pro Preferred sunglasses have various models with different frame colors and lens style combinations. These options provide a lot of different style choices for baseball players to choose from.

Rawlings Pro Preferred Adult Sunglasses (10225725)
  • High-def, photochromic lenses adjust to various light levels and conditions.
  • Resists scratches and impacts to protect the eyes of wearers.
  • Simple, yet effective design that is reflected in a lower-than-average cost.
  • A simple design may not have all the features that the best players want.
  • No indication that these baseball sunglasses can be used with prescription lenses.

If you’re looking for the best baseball sunglasses for men, and you don’t want to break your budget buying the best Oakley sunglasses for baseball, then the Rawlings Pro Preferred sunglasses are a perfect fit.

Easton Ultra Lite Z-Bladz

For parents that need the best kids baseball sunglasses for their young players, the Easton Ultra Lite Z-Bladz youth sunglasses are a top option. They don’t have many of the features of the adult sunglasses, but they’ll do the job for younger players. Not to mention, your young player will feel pretty cool wearing these!

They have two, neutral design choices: gray frames with smoke lenses and black frames paired with orange lenses. The orange lenses could be the best sunglasses for softball outfielders in youth leagues, because this color is great at eliminating sun glare.

Both of these designs offer 100% UV protection and are made from shatterproof polycarbonate, so there’s no potential danger for your son or daughter’s eyes.

The ergonomic fit is supported with cushiony, rubber nose and ear pieces, which shouldn’t cause any discomfort on these key areas.

Easton Ultra Lite Z-Bladz Junior Baseball Sunglasses
  • Affordable, lightweight glasses for boys and girls.
  • Great at all positions, whether you need the best sunglasses for infielder, catcher or otherwise, at the youth level.
  • 100% UV shielding and shatter-resistant lenses for ultimate protection.
  • May be too small and fit too tightly for older, youth athletes.
  • Only two color/style choices available to choose from.

Whether you need the best softball sunglasses for girls or boys baseball glasses, the Easton Ultra Lite Z-Bladz youth sunglasses are a good, affordable option.

Oakley Radar Ev XS Path

If you want the excellence of the Oakley brand for you son or daughter, the Radar Ev XS Path youth sunglasses are the obvious pick. These have many of the same features as the adult models, which easily makes them the best youth baseball sunglasses available.

For example, the Oakley Radar Ev XS glasses have the cutting-edge PRIZM lenses. As we saw in previous Oakley models, there are specially designed to track movement against the sky, even under the worst sun glare.

It’s a perfect design for baseball or softball players, even at the youth level. You can also buy these youth glasses with polarized or HD polarized lenses, for an added cost.

Each lens is created from Plutonite, which filters 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC and blue light. And, Oakley’s patented High Definition Optics further support these lenses by creating incredible clarity.

These sunglasses also have the three points of fit, which help maintain a snug wear for the player. They’ll never have to worry that the glasses are shifting on the face or slipping from sweat. While these may be cheap Oakley baseball glasses, compared to their adult counterparts, they are high-end, expensive youth glasses.

Oakley Radar Ev XS Path Youth Sunglasses
  • Plutonite filters all different types of UV rays and blue light.
  • Immense clarity and ball-tracking against sunny backdrops.
  • Fit system affixes these glasses firmly and securely to the player’s head and face.
  • Very high price tag for a pair of youth baseball glasses.
  • Lacks the customization options of the adult Oakley sunglasses.

It’s no question that these are the best baseball sunglasses for kids that are serious about playing at the highest level.

Marucci Omero Lifestyle

For casual ball players that want the ability to wear their sunglasses on and off the field, the Marucci Omero Lifestyle models are great. They may not have the sleek, baseball-focused design of the Marucci MV108 sunglasses, but they provide some helpful features and look very stylish.

Beyond their looks, they have a lightweight, comfortable design supported by a full frame. Other key touchpoints of these frames are the rubber temple tips and nose pads. These will eliminate any potential pinching or pain points in these strategic spots.

When it comes to the lenses, the Marucci Omero Lifestyle sunglasses don’t hold back. They are designed by Carl Zeiss Vision, which nearly guarantees optical perfection. And, with a polarized lens, there’s no annoyance from glare that distracts from play or day-to-day activities.

These Marucci sunglasses also have the Ri-Pel Technology to defend against scratches, dirt, water, oils and everything in between. The tint colors of the glasses each have their own unique advantages.

  • Gray lenses: easy to see in high-lighting conditions, as the dark color neutralizes the brightness and glare.
  • Brown lenses: best color for protecting against blue light and helps see details clearly in high-light conditions.
  • Rose lenses: optimal in low-lighting settings because they help brighten the wearer’s vision.
Marucci Omero Lifestyle Sunglasses
  • Exceptional look that can be worn fashionably anywhere.
  • A number of features focused on delivering a secure, comfortable fit.
  • Polarized, Carl Zeiss Vision lenses are top-quality and offer excellent clarity.
  • Not true baseball or softball sunglasses.
  • Moderate-to-high price point isn’t going to be in everyone’s desired budget.

If you’re a casual baseball player, or just want a pair of glasses you can wear on and off the field, then the Marucci Omero Lifestyle sunglasses are an optimal choice that pair fashion and practicality.

Nike Hyperforce Elite

The Nike Hyperforce Elite sunglasses are designed with a one-piece lens, which is a fairly unique design. With this full lens, the player has a more complete and unimpeded field of view.

This also creates an overall lighter pair of baseball sunglasses. By removing some of this excess weight, the glasses rest easily on the ears and nose and cause little-to-no discomfort. Plus, the player doesn’t feel weighed down by clunky sunglasses.

The one-piece lens is further enhanced with Nike MAX optics. It is carefully curved and angled to maximize that already-huge field of view. You can really see balls coming in from all angles and trajectories.

The other impressive quality of the Nike Hyperforce Elite sunglasses is their ventilation features. There are airways and channels in the temple arms and nose pads. These help remove sweat and produce cooling airflow through the glasses. By eliminating sweat, the glasses hold their fit and grip the face better.

Nike builds their baseball sunglasses with interchangeable lenses, so you can swap to different lens colors, depending on the sunlight or conditions.

Nike Hyperforce Elite Baseball Sunglasses (EV1027)
  • One-piece lens produces a massive field of view that is great for the baseball diamond.
  • Ventilation helps the glasses battle sweat and gives the player nice, cool air flow.
  • Multiple lens options for all different types of conditions.
  • The most expensive baseball sunglasses on the list.
  • One-piece lens may not be preferred by all baseball and softball players.

Nike never disappoints in their athletic gear and the Hyperforce Elite sunglasses only continue this trend with huge field of view, clarity and other notable qualities.

Buying Guide for the Best Sunglasses for Baseball and Softball Players

This section supports the above list of baseball sunglasses reviews. We’re going to answer some of the key questions that come up when shopping for the best baseball sunglasses. Some of the jargon included in each baseball sunglasses review may be confusing without this information.

Parts Of Baseball Sunglasses

Dissecting the different parts of the best baseball and softball sunglasses helps us understand what qualities to look for when shopping for the right product.


This is the largest piece of the sunglasses. All of the other parts are attached, in some way, to the frames. When reading baseball sunglasses reviews, you need to look for frames built from sturdy materials. If the frames break, the rest of the glasses are more or less useless.


For performance, baseball players need the right lenses in their sunglasses. Not only are the lenses responsible for protecting the eyes from the sun and harmful ultraviolet light, but they also aid the player’s ability to pick up the movement of the ball against the sky, clouds, sunlight and grass.

Lens Colors

This ability to eliminate the distraction of the sun and glare and find the ball against the sky and clouds is largely determined by the color of the lenses.

Some of the best softball sunglasses and baseball sunglasses have interchangeable lenses, which allows a player to swap lens colors depending on the lighting conditions.

Temple Arms

These are the sides of the glasses that extend past the side of the face, across the temples (hence the name), and ultimately resting on the ears. Arms are either curved or straight.

When it comes to baseball, straight temple arms are generally preferred because they form a tighter fit. That said, some players may like the curved design because they don’t pinch the face as much.

Nose Pads

These rest on either side of the player’s nose. When it comes to baseball sunglasses, they are typically made of rubber, to keep them from sliding or moving too much, especially when tracking down a fly ball. Rubber is also a little more comfortable than plastic or other materials.


Another rubberized piece of baseball sunglasses. These are affixed to the end of each temple arm. They make the arms rest more comfortably on the ears. Most sunglasses have adjustable, even removable earsocks.


Most of the best baseball sunglasses include various accessories, like a protective hard case, cleaning cloth, extra lenses, etc. These are nice add-on perks that are worth looking at as you shop.

What Are the Best Sunglasses Brands for Baseball and Softball?

Now that you know what to look for, the next step is knowing who to purchase from. There are a number of brands in the industry. Some of these companies you may not have heard of before. This list will talk about each company and what you can expect.


When it comes to sports and athletic sunglasses, Oakley is a top option. They have a lot of great technologies and materials incorporated into their designs, especially in the lenses. The biggest drawback to Oakley is their products are usually some of the most expensive on the market.


Nike is the most recognizable sports brand in the world. Their eyewear for baseball is worn by top athletes, like Giancarlo Stanton. Nike is known for one-piece lenses, which create a larger, more complete line of sight on the field. Similar to Oakley, they can get pricey.


When it comes to youth and intermediate baseball and softball leagues, Easton is a mammoth company. They are best known for their high end baseball bats, but they incorporate some of their innovative design capabilities in their sunglasses.


This is another big name for baseball brands. Their signature series of baseball glasses feature models for both adult and youth players. In terms of pricing, their products are reasonably valued and can fit into most budgets.


While they don’t specifically make baseball sunglasses, Rivbos manufacturers sports sunglasses that are designed for athletes in all sports.

Rivbos glasses are durable and super affordable, which makes them one of the best value buys in the market. The glasses will last a long time and are easy to replace if they are lost or eventually damaged.


This is a very similar company to Rivbos. They make sports sunglasses that are effective, yet cheap. It’s a nice option for someone that commonly loses glasses and doesn’t want to worry about protecting and remembering a very expensive pair of baseball sunglasses.

Are There Any Rules Prohibiting Players From Wearing Sunglasses?

A lot of professional baseball players wear sunglasses in the field, and even sometimes while they bat. Younger players often want to emulate what these pros do. As a parent, you may be wondering if youth baseball players are allowed to wear sunglasses. The answer should always be yes. However, there are some cases where an umpire or league official may prohibit the use of sunglasses:

  • If the player is a pitcher and their sunglasses have a particularly bright lens color, the umpire may find it too distracting for the batter and other players.
  • Sunglasses that are not specifically designed for sports may not have shatterproof lenses, which can be very dangerous. If a ball or other object makes contact with the lenses and they shatter, it could cause serious damage to the player’s eyes.

Otherwise, you should have no issues wearing baseball or softball sunglasses, even at the youth levels.

What Are the Best Baseball and Softball Sunglasses for Each Position?

Baseball and softball glasses are fairly universal to all positions. However, some lens colors may benefit different positions more than others.


You want large lenses, even a one-piece lens, because this maximizes your field of vision. An orange lens color is ideal in the outfield because it works well with locating the ball against a sunny backdrop.


A green lens color will help track the ball’s movement in the infield grass. A gray or black lens is also a good pick and is very versatile for all infield positions.

As far as the design of the glasses themselves, you want something secure and lightweight, so it won’t slip off your face as you turn two or bend down to scoop a grounder.


A green or black lens also works well for batters. You’ll be able to read the path of incoming pitches better, especially when the field is covered half in shade. Clarity is super important when looking at baseball sunglasses for batting.


It’s rare to see a pitcher wearing sunglasses, because they really need unimpeded vision. If the sun is a both on the mound, the best option is gray or black. These colors are best at eliminating glare.


The best baseball sunglasses for catchers typically have blue or dark lens colors. When balls are popped up at the plate, the blue helps the catcher find the ball in the sky. Black, on the other hand, is universally good and may be great when making that throw down to second.


With all of our buying guides, our hope is that they help baseball players find the right equipment to get the job done on the field.

This guide for the best baseball sunglasses, along with out selection of baseball sunglasses reviews, is designed to connect you with the perfect pair of sunglasses to conquer the sun and continue making great plays in the field.

Oh, and looking stylish while you do it!