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Victus Nox BBCOR review

Victus has been working on the Nox for nearly a decade. It’s a hybrid model which puts it in a pretty small group on the BBCOR market. It’s designed to be a slightly end-loaded bat with a large sweet spot. It has a sleek design that is eye-catching and offers a smooth swing.

Victus Nox BBCOR bat review
Nox BBCOR / Image credit: Victus

Table of contents:

Nox BBCOR: general impression

The Nox is unique because of its status as a hybrid. It is the first hybrid BBCOR model that Victus has ever made. Players consistently tell us that they’re impressed by how much pop this bat has.

What have they changed?

This model is brand new. So to say they’ve changed something wouldn’t be fully accurate. What they’ve done is dive into a market that Victus has never been a part of. The Nox has an alloy barrel and a composite handle. They’ve added a 2SIX connection point.

Victus has essentially taken what players love about the Vandal model and given it a new handle. The composite handle allows for much more power.

Victus Nox BBCOR overview

Build 5.0

The build is as impressive as it is unique. Its alloy barrel is designed with military grade aluminum. The 2SIX connection point has 2 rings that is designed to minimize vibration in the handle. The added weight at the end completely changes the swing profile from the Vandal that Victus normally puts out.

Comfort 5.0

The 2SIX connection point seems to significantly decrease vibration and sting in a batter’s hands. Players have said that it can handle mishits and balls hit off the end of the bat quite well. We’ve also been told that the grip tape and pro-taper are comfortable. They’re not quite lizard skin tape, but they work quite well.

Durability 5.0

This bat seems to be holding up really well. I haven’t heard of any defects or issues. Some players have even mentioned letting their teammates use this during tournaments without issue. It’s impressive to think that this bat can live up to hundreds of at-bats in such a short time and still come through without any problems.

Pricing 5.0

The Nox is priced in line with most of its competition. At $350, you won’t hear us complain. Comparing to other hybrid models, the Nox is $50 cheaper than The Goods and the CAT9 Connect. Despite outperforming the Victus Vandal, they have the same price. So, it’s safe to say we think this offers great value.

Pop 5.0

The pop from the Nox is elite. The end-load design mixing with the hybrid build really give this some incredible power. It outperforms most of the hybrid models on the market. Players have told us that they’re able to see a consistent increase in distance on their hits. One player specifically mentioned switching from a 2018 model Voodoo and claimed that his average distance went up by about 25-30 feet.

We’ve told you that The Goods is the best model on the market and we’ll stand by that statement. That being said, the Nox is able to compete with it. For a first year model, we’ve been incredibly impressed with what we’ve seen.

Compared to other BBCOR bats

The Nox is a great bat, but it’s in a small category. The other hybrids you’ll find are the Vandal, The Goods, and the CAT9 Connect.

Nox vs. DeMarini The Goods

The Nox can’t compete with our favorite bat on the market. The Goods offers more pop and a better feel. It does comes with a price point that is $50 higher at $400. It falls a bit short, but it’s definitely worth considering. Check out our The Goods BBCOR review

Nox vs. Victus Vandal

Comparing the Nox and the Vandal is like comparing a hamburger to a cheeseburger. They’re largely the same thing, but you’ve added something to make it better. Nox took the Vandal barrel and added to it. In doing so, they’ve created better bat speed, more power, and less vibration or sting. It’s more comfortable. For some reason, Victus has decided that they’d make those improvements and still keep the same price point. For us, the Nox easily beats out the Vandal.

Nox vs. Marucci CAT9 Connect

The CAT9 Connect is more end-loaded and may have a sweet spot that is a bit larger. We still prefer the Nox over the CAT9 Connect. The response that we’ve heard from hitters points to the fact that the Nox offers much more pop than the Connect. Add in that the Nox is $50 cheaper.

Final verdict on the Victus Nox BBCOR

The Nox is an outstanding option for those looking for a new bat this year. Its $350 price point is pretty reasonable. The players that we’ve talked to have had nothing but positive reviews. There’s no doubt that this bat belongs on every top 10 list that you read.

If we’re being honest, the biggest con that we can offer is that it’s a brand new model. There haven’t been any performance issues, but we aren’t comfortable making this a top 2-3 bat on the market until we can see its durability last through an entire season. It looks like it won’t have any issues, but we want to be sure.

While we aren’t comfortable with this being at the top of the list, it’s a guarantee that the Victus Nox will be the 2021 rookie of the year model. It’s one of the most popular bats on the market for facilities that offer the chance to test bats out. It’s living up to the hype and it’s outperforming some of the most respected models in the league.