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2022 Axe Avenge Pro Composite BBCOR bat review + Power Handle

The Axe Avenge Pro is a three-piece, all composite BBCOR baseball bat. This is more of a contact hitter’s bat. It has a lot of barrel and a reasonably large sweet spot, but it just doesn’t have the pop that some of its competitors do.

A key note here is that if you’re looking online, you’ll find two different models. The Avenge Pro and the Avenge Pro Power Handle are the same bat outside of the handle.

They have the same features, but the Power Handle has a handle designed to increase power. We’ll dive into that a bit more later in the article.

2022 Axe Avenge Pro Composite BBCOR bat review
2022 Avenge Pro Composite BBCOR baseball bat | Image credit: AxeBat

Our verdict on the 2022 Avenge Pro Composite BBCOR 4.41

Overall, the Axe Avenge Pro is another great BBCOR model that a lot of players really enjoy swinging. It’s able to compete with most of the other quality BBCOR bats that we reviewed.

In the end, you have to decide if you’re comfortable swinging the axe handle, using a model that is made for contact hitters, and if you’re willing to pay $450 for those qualities.

Build 4.7

We’ve been big fans of the axe handle for years now. We love the natural feel of swinging the handle. Axe has updated their 2022 Avenge line with a new shock suspension that should minimize vibration in your hands.

They return with an extremely light end cap, ACR Blastwall and Endogrid technology. All of this is designed for premium durability without losing the light swing weight.

Comfort 4.8

This year’s shock suspension technology was designed to make this bat feel more comfortable in a hitter’s hands. That shock suspension decreases negative feedback on bat hits. The natural feel of an axe handle makes this a great option. Some players have said that it takes time to adjust to the handle.

The Axe Power Handle is largely the same. There is a slight change in the shape of the bat and the knob, but we don’t think that it changes the comfort at all.

Durability 5.0

Axe has developed a reputation for providing great durability. Their charged carbon composite material is able to hold up to a full season of competition.

We’ve been consistently happy with the quality and durability over the years. You’ll find that the Avenge Pro won’t disappoint in 2022.

Pop 3.5

If there’s any space that the Avenge Pro is lacking, it’s in its pop. Players who tested this out felt confident as they were hitting, but found that the bat just didn’t provide the same power that you’ll find with the competition. Even watching players take BP, we could see a clear difference in exit velocity with the Avenge Pro.

The Power Handle does improve power a bit. But, realistically, it changes the mechanics of a swing, not the material of the bat. Because of that, we’d still only give a 3.9 in pop to the Avenge Pro Power Handle.

Pricing 4.0

We don’t love the $450 price tag when you’re looking at a bat that is designed for contact. Realistically, you still need power and exit velocity to get hits whether they’re going over the fence or into the gap. Because of that, we can’t give this a 5.0 in pricing.

The unfortunate reality is that bat prices are way up, so the Axe Avenge Pro is priced similarly to its competition.

Compared to other BBCOR bats

The 2022 Avenge Pro is a great bat, but we like to do our due diligence. Here are a few alternatives to consider.

Axe Avenge Pro vs. Louisville Slugger Meta

This seems like a perfect comparison. Both bats are three-piece, all-composite models that are designed to help contact hitters more than power hitters and both have a power-focused alternative model.

Both have their advantages, and we do love the axe handle, but if we’re offering neutral scoring, the LS Meta wins by a hair.

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Axe Avenge Pro vs. Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid

To really throw you guys a curveball, we wanted to add in the hybrid version of this model. The hybrid model has a similar feel, but we significantly prefer the hybrid model over the composite. The hybrid has a bit more of a versatile profile to it.

The hybrid model consistently outperformed the composite model when looking at distance, exit velocity, and quality hits. It’s a significant increase in power. Players consistently said they preferred the hybrid model.

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Axe Avenge Pro vs. DeMarini CF

The CF is a two-piece, all-composite model so these are in the same category. The CF has a ton of flex in on contact. It’s a very forgiving model. We found that the CF also had a bit more pop than the Avenge.

Both of these models come in at $450. So, overall, we’d take the DeMarini CF.

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Who is the 2022 Axe Avenge Pro best suited for?

This is another quality bat, but it’s not made for everyone. It’s definitely designed for contact hitters.

The Avenge Pro is also an excellent option if you’re a player who has a history of hand injuries. The axe handle allows you to swing with a more natural motion which means you’re less likely to get hurt.

  • Great bat control.
  • Light swing weight.
  • Axe handle.
  • The pop is missing.
  • It may take time to adjust to the axe handle.


This is absolutely a contact hitter’s bat. If you’re focused on a safer swing, then Axe is the company for you. If you’re a power hitter or aren’t willing to spend $450, you may want to look elsewhere. Overall, this is a quality model, but it won’t help you hit any homeruns.

It’s a top of the lineup bat this is going to beef up your batting average. So, if you’re looking to improve your power, this isn’t the bat for you.