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2022 DeMarini CF BBCOR baseball bat review

The DeMarini CF is a two-piece composite bat that provides light-weight material for improved bat speed and control on contact.

The composite material means there is little to no sting in a hitter’s hands; even on a mishit.

2022 DeMarini CF BBCOR baseball bat review
2022 CF BBCOR baseball bat | Image credit: DeMarini

Our verdict on the 2022 DeMarini CF BBCOR 4.38

The DeMarini CF is a solid bat that is purely focused on contact. You could say that we downgrade bats when they’re focused on contact instead of power, and you might have a point. But, overall, this bat just isn’t doing enough for the hitter.

It will provide solid contact response and good bat control. But ultimately, you still need a little extra pop to increase your batting average. This bat doesn’t really seem to offer much in the way of additional power.

Build 4.6

The 2022 version of the CF is DeMarini’s standard roll out for this model. They brought back the 3Fusion technology that limits vibration.

The ReAction end cap has returned to provide a light swing weight. DeMarini claims that it’s been improved to make it a stronger material, but we don’t see this as a bat that is designed for great pop.

Comfort 4.4

The CF is known for being a contact bat which means that the focus is on bat control and comfort in your hands.

While DeMarini makes a comfortable bat, it seems lacking. We’d like to see a bit more comfort in the knob or the handle. They don’t have padded tape or a soft knob.

What the bat does do really well is minimize the vibration in your hands. It’s not going to win any awards for ‘best in class’ but it’s a quality bat.

Durability 4.9

The DeMarini CF has developed a reputation for being highly durable over the years. Like any other quality BBCOR, you can expect this bat to make it through the season. The Paraflex composite has shown a longevity piece that we’re really happy with.

Pop 3.8

If there’s one place that the CF struggles, it’s in its pop. There’s no doubt, this bat was made for contact and control. Even DeMarini makes this clear.

When looking at their ‘player suggestion’ they say this bat is made for plays “aiming for the gaps” and “seeing great bat speed”.

When a company markets a bat for “the gaps” and doesn’t take aim at the fence, you should realize that it isn’t going to put many out of the park.

Pricing 4.2

Generally, the pricing is fairly reasonable, but we had to deduct points because of the competition.

Of all of the composite bats that you’ll find, the DeMarini CF is tied for the third highest price. Coming in at $450, we just don’t think it performs well enough to compete with the other models.

The Axe Avenge Pro grades slightly higher for the same price. The Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid is actually $50 cheaper and grades out significantly better.

While $450 isn’t completely outrageous in the composite BBCOR market, we couldn’t give it a great grade when it is outperformed by its comparables.

Compared to other BBCOR bats

Here are a few other BBCOR models that you should consider before making your choice.

DeMarini CF vs. Louisville Slugger Meta

Both of these bats are composite models. The CF is a two-piece model while the Meta is a three-piece model. They’re both created with contact and control in mind.

Given that they’re designed with the same goal in mind, they grade out pretty evenly. The CF scored a 4.38 while the Meta scored a 4.44 overall.

A lot of that has to do with pricing as the Meta is $500. When we take pricing out of the equation, the Meta wins 4.55 to 4.4.

Overall, the difference lies in in the build and comfort of the Meta. Players just seem to be happier with the Meta in their hands.

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DeMarini CF vs. Axe Avenge Pro

The Axe Avenge Pro is another three-piece composite model. It has lower exit velocities meaning that it has even less pop than the CF. Once again, it stands out because it seems to be more comfortable than the CF.

Our final score gave the Avenge Pro a 4.41 and the CF a 4.38. But we realize that the ultimate decision for this may lie with whether you’re comfortable using an axe handle or not.

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DeMarini CF vs. Easton ADV Hype

Both of these are two-piece composite models that lean toward contact hitters. The Hype offers a more comfortable grip and knob.

Both of these bats are good at reducing vibration. However, the ADV Hype provides significantly more power.

What really brings these bats close is their pricing. The Hype is $500 while the CF is $450.

If you’re willing to live in that market, we’d prefer the Hype. But we couldn’t blame you for choosing the CF because you wanted to save money.

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Who is the 2022 DeMarini CF BBCOR best suited for?

DeMarini says it best. This bat is made for contact hitters who are happy putting the ball in the gap. This is also a great model for players who are moving up to BBCOR for the first time and players who are a bit undersized.

If you’re looking for power, this isn’t the model for you. But if you simply want an advantage that will help you get on base, this is a great option.

  • Size of sweet spot.
  • Contact.
  • Bat control.
  • Price is a bit high for a contact model.
  • Lacks pop.


When you look at all of the options, you’ll find that this is a solid bat that is priced like a great bat. If you’re OK with that, then this is a good choice for you. If you’re looking for something that’s going to provide power or great value, this isn’t the model that you should be looking for.