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2022 Easton ADV Hype BBCOR baseball bat review

Today, we continue to make our way through the BBCOR lineup for 2022 with the Easton ADV Hype.

The ADV Hype is a two-piece all-composite bat that is already known for its comfort, stiff feel, and soft grip. Most batters that we’ve talked to really like this bat. It has solid pop and feels great in a hitter’s hands.

2022 Easton ADV Hype BBCOR bat review
2022 ADV Hype BBCOR baseball bat | Image credit: Easton

Our verdict on the 2022 Easton ADV Hype BBCOR 4.4

This is another great bat that is able to compete with all of our favorite models. It’s slightly end-loaded but not enough that it’s going to be an issue.

It really stands out for its focus on comfort. Lacking any negative feedback while having a cushioned handle and knob really sets it apart from the competition.

Build 4.7

Easton has brought out all the stops to create their next great bat. They’ve combined a Pro-Stiff Carbon Handle with their ConneXion Max collar to create an incredibly stiff bat.

Easton has updated their Thermo Composite Technology this year. They call it new, but the TCT was used in the old Mako models.

Comfort 5.0

This bat is one of the most comfortable bats that hitters tested out. The tape on the handle is fairly similar to lizard skin. There is a cushion under that tape that most other bats don’t have.

The quick taper in to the knob also seems to naturally fit players’ hands. The knob is soft as well, so you won’t develop any blisters or calluses from swinging this bat.

Looking at the other end of this bat, you’ll find that the barrel provides almost no negative feedback. Whether you get jammed or hit the ball at the end of the bat, it’s a comfortable swing that doesn’t hurt your hands.

We’ve been really impressed and we’ve seen close to a thousand swings from this bat.

Durability 4.0

The ADV Hype is considered a new model this year, so it doesn’t have a track record of its own.

We can tell you that this bat has handled almost 1,000 swings without any issue in tests that we’ve seen. Easton is known for their quality and durability.

Pop 4.5

This bat has a large sweet spot that provides a good amount of pop.

What’s really impressive is that this bat seems to be hot out of the wrapper. While it’s still recommended that you break the bat in, we’re impressed with how well it performs right away.

You’ll find that this bat can compete pretty favorably with the best bats on the market. It falls a bit short of The Goods, but there’s a reason that The Goods is our favorite model.

Pricing 4.0

As usual, we struggle to offer good reviews on pricing when a bat is $500. It’s a great bat, but you can’t expect a great grade when you’re near the top of the market.

This is a different bat than the LS Meta, but they grade out to almost the exact same. Because of that, we’ll give them the same value grade.

Compared to other BBCOR bats

Here’re a few other models to consider in comparison to the ADV Hype.

Easton ADV Hype vs. Louisville Slugger Select PWR

Louisville Slugger has two versions of the Select. The PWR is a bit more end-weighted and it makes a pretty significant difference. The Select PWR can compete with the ADV Hype.

These two bats are almost neck and neck, but we’d have to give the advantage to the ADV Hype because there have been some concerns over the PWR’s durability.

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Easton ADV Hype vs. Rawlings Quatro Pro

Rawlings is one of the most well-known companies on the market. They consistently offer great bats.

This year’s Quatro Pro has an ultra-light end cap, a stiffer handle, and a re-imagined F2 collar that is supposed to cut down on the vibration.

While we like the adjustments Rawlings made, the Quatro Pro still doesn’t live up to the ADV Hype. Even with the additional $50 in cost, we’d much rather buy the Hype.

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Easton ADV Hype vs. Louisville Slugger Meta

We couldn’t complete this article without comparing the Hype to the Meta. They literally finished with the same rating. Both come in at a 4.44.

Both bats are a two-piece, all-composite model. Both models come in at $500. So, we have to call this a draw.

What it comes down to is your hitting style. Both of these bats are made with contact hitters in mind. The ADV has a bit more barrel and will offer some pop that you won’t find with the Meta.

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Who is the 2022 Easton ADV Hype BBCOR best suited for?

If you’re a player who needs to have something that is at the top of the market, this is a great option. We don’t love the $500 price tag, but it performs as well as most of the competition.

This is definitely designed for a player who prefers contact but does have some power to their game. It’s a good option if you’re in a bind and need a bat that will perform right away.

  • Comfortable grip tape and knob.
  • Almost no negative feedback on mishits.
  • Hot out of the wrapper.
  • Provides a good amount of pop.
  • $500 price tag is tough to swallow.


Overall, this is among the best baseball bats on the market. We don’t like recommending a $500 model, but this bat will perform as well as the LS Meta at the same price point. It easily out performs the Zoa and the CAT9.

This is considered more of a contact bat, but it has just enough end weight to provide some barrel for you.