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2022 DeMarini The Goods BBCOR bat review

DeMarini produces fantastic bats for both baseball and softball. The Goods has become one of our favorite bats year after year. It provides outstanding pop and durability and focuses on quality over visual appeal.

2022 DeMarini The Goods BBCOR bat review
2022 The Goods BBCOR baseball bat | Image credit: DeMarini

Our verdict on the 2022 DeMarini The Goods BBCOR 4.74

It’s going to be tough to de-throne The Goods. DeMarini is one of the best companies on the market and they continue to maintain the best parts of The Goods while making small improvements where they can.

Build 4.8

The Goods is a two-piece hybrid model BBCOR. It features an end-loaded swing weight.

The X14 Alloy Barrel and Tremor End Cap provide quality durability. The Paraflex Plus handle and Direct Connection make for a comfortable swing.

Comfort 4.5

The Paraflex Plus Composite Handle is designed to cut down on vibration and negative feedback.

The Direct Connection system is designed to minimize vibration without losing any of the energy transport.

Durability 5.0

Durability is a key factor in DeMarini keeping the reputation they’ve developed. The X14 Alloy Barrel is engineered for performance, swing speed, and durability.

This barrel offers some of the most consistent barrel walls on the market. Simply put, the bat is engineered for consistent performance.

The Tremor End Cap pushes that goal forward, helping to preserve the barrels integrity over time.

Pop 4.7

Pop is what made DeMarini famous. The bat has an end-loaded weight distribution which means it was designed for power hitters.

The Direct Connection system allows for the bat to feel stiff, like a one-piece model would.

Pricing 4.7

We’re still waiting on pricing from some of the top models, but The Goods looks like it will score pretty well in the pricing department. While a $400 price tag seems a bit high, some of the competition is $500 or more.

We still consider The Goods at the top of the market, so coming in at $100 or less than some of its top competitors is a great sign.

Compared to other BBCOR bats

Here are a few alternatives to consider before settling on the 2022 DeMarini The Goods BBCOR baseball bat.

The Goods vs. True Temper HZRDUS

True Temper is a brand that most people aren’t familiar with. The HZRDUS is one of the most comparable models on the market. This is one of the few bats identified, on some sites, as a “half and half” meaning that it has an alloy barrel and composite handle.

They’ve developed a one-piece hybrid that can compete with The Goods. The one-piece design offers a stiff barrel that should improve the power and performance of this bat. True Temper is using unique technology that allows the barrel to be connected to the handle from the inside out.

With both bats being somewhat comparable, we’re going to stick with The Goods because of the reputation that DeMarini has earned over the years.

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The Goods vs. Axe Avenge Pro Power Handle

We’ve been big fans of Axe’s handle for years. The Avenge Pro is another “half and half” model which can be confusing. It’s considered a 3-piece model that is made up of an alloy barrel, composite handle, and a connection.

Ultimately, it’s a great comparison but we’ll take The Goods every time.

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The Goods vs. Marucci CAT9 Composite Pastime

Last year, the Marucci CAT9 was one of the best comparisons we could offer, but this model has dropped a bit this year. That has more to do with the improvements of the competition than the quality of the CAT9.

The CAT9 is a two-piece, all-composite model that has a slightly end-loaded feel. Its swing profile is comparable to The Goods’ profile. However, it is a little more balanced which makes it accessible to a larger number of players.

The unfortunate reality is that Marucci has priced themselves out of the game for most players. Currently, the CAT9 sets the mark for highest price at $550 which just isn’t plausible for most families.

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Modest upgrades

DeMarini knows a good thing when they’ve got it. They didn’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel. You’ll find that they’ve upgraded the end cap to improve durability.

Who is the 2022 DeMarini The Goods BBCOR best suited for?

The Goods is a great model but it’s built for power hitters. We’d argue that it’s one of the best BBCOR baseball bats for 16 to 18 year olds.

This bat depends on the ability for a hitter to develop some of their own power through increased bat speed. Younger players or players who aren’t already known for their power may struggle to get the most out of this model.

  • Great pop.
  • Great durability.
  • Trusted brand.
  • Reduced vibration.
  • Pricing is higher than some can afford.
  • Pretty similar to the 2021 model.


Once again, the 2022 DeMarini The Goods BBCOR baseball bat is an elite product that should make any hitter happy.

If you’re used to the previous model, you should know exactly what you’re getting. The 2022 model is going to give you everything that you’ve become accustomed to. It’s reasonably priced compared to its competition.