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2022 True Temper HZRDUS BBCOR Bat Review

Today, we take a look at a truly unique bat. The True Temper HZRDUS is a one-piece hybrid model. It’s designed with an alloy barrel and a composite handle, but it doesn’t have the typical collar or connection point that we’re used to seeing.

We’ll take a look at what that means and how it impacts the bat itself. We’ll also look at how this model compares to the competition.

True Temper HZRDUS BBCOR bat review
HZRDUS BBCOR baseball bat | Image credit: True Temper Sports

Our Verdict on the True Temper HZRDUS 4.5

Overall, the True Temper HZRDUS is a great BBCOR model. It’s new to market which means it comes with some questions, but it will perform as well as most of the competition.

This model is slightly end-loaded which means it’s designed for players who are developing power but, in reality, any player should be able to handle this bat.

Build 4.5

This bat is a bit of a science experiment in the fact that it fuses the two hybrid materials together without any collar. As far as we can tell, it’s the only bat on the market that does that, though the Victus Vandal does share some similarities.

This bat is designed to maximize energy transfer and combine the best of both models. It takes the energy transfer that a two-piece model has and offers most of the stiffness that a one-piece model has. The players and testers we’ve talked to say it’s the perfect blend of the two.

Comfort 4.25

The True Temper HZRDUS does a great job of minimizing vibration and sting on mishits. The handle was inspired by MLB prospect Blaze Jordan. Players say that the taper is great. The bat feels natural in a hitter’s hands.

When comparing to some of our two-piece models like The Goods, players say that The Goods is a bit more forgiving. So, again, it falls right in place between a one-piece and two-piece model.

Durability 4.75

With the 2022 model being the first BBCOR that True Temper has made, we’re still learning about the durability.

We haven’t heard any complaints about how the bat performs over time, but we’re hesitant to give it the full 5 out of 5 because it lacks that track record.

Overall, we haven’t seen anything that makes us doubt this bat’s ability to make it through a full season and continue to perform.

Pop 4.6

This bat is known for its ability to blend a one-piece and a two-piece model. The good is that you’re getting the best of both worlds. The bad is that the HZRDUS can’t maximize its performance while balancing both models.

This bat offers a lot of pop but falls short of our favorite bats on the market. In the variety of tests that we’ve seen run some players were able to get a higher max exit velocity or max distance on a hit. However, the average exit velocity and distance were a bit lower.

Pricing 4.4

Knowing that the True Temper HZRDUS is designed to compete with the top of the market, we think the $350 price tag is reasonable.

That’s the same price as the Victus Vandal and The Goods One-Piece. It’s cheaper than most of the elite two-piece models.

The key reason we can’t give this a 5 is that the bat is brand new to the market. We’d like to see it come with a bit of a discount as True Temper tries to build a reputation.

Compared to Other BBCOR Bats

Here are a few alternatives to consider before settling on the True Temper HZRDUS BBCOR baseball bat.

True Temper HZRDUS vs. Victus Vandal

A few times throughout the article, we mentioned that the Victus Vandal is the most similar model to the HZRDUS. That’s because it’s the only other one-piece hybrid model on the market. The key difference is that the Vandal isn’t a composite.

With that in mind, the Vandal isn’t able to live up to the balance that the HZRDUS has. The HZRDUS has a bit more pop and offers better comfort than the Vandal.

Given that they have the same price tag, we’d opt for the HZRDUS.

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True Temper HZRDUS vs. DeMarini The Goods

One of the most popular ways to define the HZRDUS has been to compare it to both models of The Goods. Because they’re made from the same company, it’s a logical comparison.

The two-piece model of The Goods offers a bit more pop than the HZRDUS. It also kills vibration and sting just a bit more.

You could argue that the HZRDUS is a better deal because it’s $350. Ultimately, The Goods is the better option, but we think you’d be happy with your purchase either way.

What may push your hand is that The Goods is incredibly popular, so it may sell out quickly.

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True Temper HZRDUS vs. DeMarini The Goods One-Piece

The Goods One-Piece is another great bat. We believe the HZRDUS outperforms The Goods One.

The HZRDUS is able to reduce vibration because of its hybrid technology. That means that a hitter is going to feel more comfortable with this bat in his hands. The HZRDUS also offers a bit more pop than The Goods One.

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Who is the True Temper HZRDUS Best Suited for?

This is a great bat for any player. If you’re looking for premium quality but aren’t ready to pay $400 to $500, then this is a great option for you.

Likewise, if you have a young player who is becoming more of a power hitter, this may be a good bat for adjusting to a power-focused swing.

  • Perfect meld of a one-piece and two-piece.
  • Similar pop to some of the best two-piece models.
  • Reduces sting/vibration on bad hits.
  • Great price point.
  • It falls short of the best two-piece models on the market.


If you’re a fan of this bat, you could say it’s a great combination of one-piece and two-piece models. If you’re not a fan of this bat, you could say that it doesn’t have a true identity. Ultimately, this bat is a class of its own.

You could argue it’s the stiffest two-piece model and you’d technically be right. You could also argue that it has the least vibration of any one-piece model and you’d be right.

In the end, take it for what it is – an in-between model that will feel different but offer elite production. After all, you’re looking to swing the bat, not classify it. Enjoy what this bat does well.