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2022 DeMarini The Goods One-Piece BBCOR bat review

DeMarini continues to impress with every model they produce. The Goods One-Piece BBCOR is one of our favorite one-piece models. The 2022 maintains the best parts of last year’s model while upgrading the Seismic end cap.

2022 DeMarini The Goods One-Piece BBCOR bat review
2022 The Goods One-Piece BBCOR bat | Image credit: DeMarini

Our verdict on the 2022 The Goods One-Piece BBCOR 4.46

This end-loaded one-piece alloy model is a great offering. We trust DeMarini implicitly as every bat that they produce seems to be premium quality.

If you’re willing to pay the $350 that DeMarini is charging, you won’t be disappointed.

Build 4.8

Once again, DeMarini is sticking with what works. This single-piece alloy model kept all of its best features from last year.

DeMarini did opt to update the paint job and upgrade the end cap. The X14 alloy barrel and Tremor end cap allow for an extremely stiff feel. That X14 alloy also guarantees durability.

You’ll want to take note that this bat is a bit end-loaded, so it’s not built for everyone.

Comfort 4.1

The Tremor end cap is able to minimize vibration in the hand. The grip tape isn’t going to earn any rave reviews but does everything that you need.

It’s comfortable in your hand, but doesn’t add much padding.

Durability 5.0

DeMarini is known for high-quality products. While the bat hasn’t been out long enough to put it in dozens of games yet, we can tell you that it’s been able to live up to hundreds of hits during testing.

This bat should easily make it through your entire season and could live long enough to see 2023.

Pop 4.5

This bat is a somewhat end-loaded model that is designed with power hitters in mind.

The stiff build allows a strong hitter to transfer that energy into the ball and showcases the damage a quality hitter can do.

Pricing 3.9

This is a high-quality bat with a reasonable price. Its cost is fairly middle of the pack at $350, so we can’t really fault DeMarini for its pricing.

Maybe we’re splitting hairs, but we did lower their score because this year’s model cost more than last year’s model did.

While we love the bat, it’s tough to justify DeMarini didn’t make any large-scale changes which makes it difficult to justify increasing the price by about 15%.

It’s easy to question if the new end cap is worth the $50 increase.

Compared to other BBCOR bats

Here are a few alternatives to consider before settling on the 2022 DeMarini The Goods One-Piece BBCOR bat.

The Goods One-Piece vs. Victus Vandal

The Victus Vandal is one of the higher rated one-piece alloy models on the market. It’s more balanced than The Goods One. With its super lightweight design, the Vandal is accessible to more players.

Early indications are that The Goods One-Piece is a better model than the Victus, but it’s closer than we expected.

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The Goods One-Piece vs. Louisville Slugger Solo

The Louisville Slugger Solo is another great one-piece BBCOR bat. It’s more balanced than The Goods which, like the Victus Vandal, makes it a bit more accessible for most players.

Its lightweight swing profile is designed to allow for great bat speed through the zone.

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The Goods One-Piece vs. Easton Alpha ALX

The New Easton ALX combines the Alpha Fuze and the Alpha ALX to find one quality bat. It’s a lightweight one-piece alloy.

The price has increased by about $50 from last season, but it’s combining some of the best features of both Alpha models from 2021, so we can’t fault Easton for increasing the price.

Ultimately, we’ll take The Goods over the Alpha ALX every time.

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Who is the 2022 The Goods One-Piece best suited for?

This bat is designed for older players who have already developed power in their game. It’s probably best for players 16 years or older. It’s a great option for those players preparing to go to the college level.

If you’re not generating your own power already, we’d consider looking for another model.

  • Pop.
  • Durability.
  • Reduced vibration.
  • Price.


In the end, The Goods One-Piece is one of the best one-piece BBCOR bats on the market. We’re impressed with its stiffness and pop.

However, it is definitely a power hitter’s bat. With its end-loaded weight, it’s important to keep in mind that this bat isn’t made for everyone.