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2022 Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR bat review + PWR

The 2022 LS Meta is an outstanding three-piece all-composite BBCOR bat. It offers a surprisingly stiff feel for composite model.

We really like the bat. It doesn’t quite reach the heyday of the ’19 and 2’20 models. It’s a bat designed for top of the order hitters; it’s not known as a true power hitters’ model.

2022 DeMarini The Goods BBCOR bat review

DeMarini produces fantastic bats for both baseball and softball. The Goods has become one of our favorite bats year after year. It provides outstanding pop and durability and focuses on quality over visual appeal.

2021 Warstic Bonesaber BBCOR Review

The 2021 Warstic Bonesaber may have the most unique appearance of any BBCOR model on the market. NCAA regulations don’t allow white bats in game play. The Warstic is as close as you’ll find to a true white color. They’ve also opted for a taper that runs to the end of the bat rather than having a traditional knob.

Stinger Nuke BBCOR review

Stinger is known for their wooden bats. They’ve made their way into the BBCOR game and the Nuke has become a social media staple. Players seem to love this one-piece alloy bat. Players rave about the grip and claim that it has great pop.

2021 Easton B5 BBCOR Review

Easton decided to bring back a classic this year. The B5 (fondly referred to as “The Green Easton”) was first introduced in 1978. It was the bat of choice for guys like Bonds, Gwynn, McGwire, and Bo Jackson when they were still amateurs. The B5 is an end-loaded, one-piece aluminum bat.